The Most Insane Minute In UFC History! 3 K.O’s In One Round….Amazing!!

Posted: June 29, 2011 in MMA

UFC has had plenty of crazy nights and wild fights but none quite like the Cheick Congo and Pat Barry in Pittsburgh last Saturday night – this is for all the haters who say that MMA lacks action and that its just a couple of dudes rolling around, hugging it out on the mat, this is the only fight I’ve ever seen that featured 3 knockouts…all in the same round!

Berry drops Congo with a big right to the melon – goodnight, goodbye, and thanks for coming! This cat was out cold on his knees right? Nope! Somehow he stays conscious and he keeps fighting only to get clocked again – should’ve just stayed down the first time and save him the additional punishment right? Nope!! Not only does Congo find his feet again, but his fist finds Barry’s jaw and he buys himself a winner by knockout.

The most insane minute of MMA that I’ve ever seen – you go limp (the way Congo did) and you don’t know your name…if it happens again seconds later, you think your name is Tuesday. Instead, he comes back to win a moment later by K.O. I have never seen that before…not in a street fight and not in a movie. One second he’s flopping around like a tuna on the deck then the next he’s the winner by K.O and calmly laying it all out in the post bite interview. He’s not dead and cant’ quit, I don’t know what Congo’s jaw is made off, but I can’t believe that Barry’s hand didn’t shatter when he hit it.


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