Even At 75% Of What He Was, Tiger Woods Will Still Beat Jack Nicholas’ Major Wins Record!

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Golf

Tiger Woods is no longer using crutches, not using a walking boot, but he hasn’t hit a full golf shot in about a month and a half…47 days to be precise – that’s according to the Associated Press. Probably not going to play in the British Open – that stars mid July, was in public for the 1st time yesterday…he had a full beard, sweet! Now Woods has gone through 4 knee surgeries since he was a freshman at Stanford. But for all the times Tiger Woods did that, he would play through them…he wouldn’t recover fully. But Tiger Woods this time is taking his dear sweet time.

But Tiger Woods – we would all admit, doesn’t have anything to prove! But there is that record still hanging out there. Jack Nicholas won 18 Majors – best all time, Tiger has got 14. Now listen, old timer’s think Jack is better because he had better peers. New golfers don’t want to hear about old guys, they like Tiger. Whatever side your on, here’s something that’s not really arguable.

In his prime, at his best – for a 10 year period, we’ve never seen anything like Tiger. From 1997 – 2007, 10 years, the dude won 14 Majors – about 1 ½ a year. Now Jack won 18, but it took him 2 ½ times as long – 24 years. Okay so Jack got to 18 in 2 ½ decades, Tiger got about 80% there in 1 decade. We’ve never seen anything like Tiger Woods – who was a meteor through Golf. Now Tiger Woods was asked yesterday about Jack Nicholas and that record and he basically said that he’s not worried about it “I mean, he won when he was 46 right? I still have some time. On top of that, we’re about the same pace I believe – years on tour, and majors won…so I feel pretty confident of what my future holds and very excited about it – excited about coming out here and being ready to go, instead of trying to patch it…which I have been for a while.”

Listen, the 2 things I’d almost bet my life on – that Tiger will never be as good as Tiger was in that decade, I’d bet anything on that…but Tiger is going to tie or surpass Jack. Bottom line, Jack has got 18 and Tiger’s got 14 and he’s 35. If you figure 45 years old is about the end of the time you can win a major. Mayer won a title at 45, Jack won one when he was 46, and Tom Watson almost won the British in his 50’s. But if you figure 45 years old – and Tiger’s in much better shape than Mayer or Jack physically, perhaps not his ligaments, but he’s in very good shape.

We now have nutritional advantages, training advantages that those guys didn’t use or have back then. So the bottom line…can Tiger win 4 majors in the next 10 years? That’s a major every 2 ½ years? I think your nuts to bet against it. I mean, statistically, Tiger at his best won a major every – he won 1 ½ a year, now we’re asking him to win 1 every 2 ½ years. Were asking Tiger to be about 28% of what he was and I think he’ll probably end up being 75% of what he was.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, I agree. He’s at a better pace and with today’s medical/nutritional advances, he *should* do it. Although I guess nothing is certain. He has the right to be confident, however.

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