Pro Owners In The NBA, Pro Players In The NFL!

Posted: June 30, 2011 in NBA, NFL

Listen, I’m for the owners in the NBA because 22 teams are apparently not making money, Bashir your Lakers are doing just fine! But when it comes to the NFL, I tend to side with the players because even if everybody thinks that the players are greedy and the rookie payscale – only about 6 rookies make really really huge money in the draft, everybody after that is worth what you pay them if they come in and make an impact, yeah 1st round guys are paid a bit too much what they get paid but you can argue that everyone past the 3rd round is paid too little and they are locked into a contract for 3 or 4 years – it may be the only contract they ever get!

Green Bay Packers have plenty of guys who didn’t even get drafted – they’re being paid nothing! So, for everybody who thinks that in the NFL draft, everybody is getting rich…No, there’s about 6 guys at the top who are getting rich and making a ton of money and about 50% of them earning their money and 50% don’t, it’s up to you as an organization to draft better.

By the way, the Raiders draft poorly and they’ve been burned twice in the last five years in the top 5 or 6 picks, the Patriots trade out of that position. But there are also organizations that have benefited greatly from being in the top 10 NFL draft.

Now, I do believe that the current system needs to be tweaked – it’s like when you have these airlines, where employees are part owners of the airline…no thanks! I want the airlines to be owned and then have employee’s, the idea sounds great….like it always sounds great if it’s the “Ben and Jerry’s Model of Business”. It should be noted though, that Ben and Jerry’s is no longer owned by Ben and Jerry! It was bought by a big corporation.

Ben and Jerry, where the CEO only makes 4x more than the bottom guy’s that make ice cream earn…it sounds cute and they love that kinda living in Vermont, but it’s not realistic to run a major corporation like that, Ben and Jerry’s was sold! So the reality is that owners should make a lot more money than players do and they should make a large percentage of the profits or the viability of the league and you don’t want to become baseball – where they Yankee’s, they could if they wanted to, spend $300 million a year and the Royals are tapped out at $68 million, you don’t want that either.

You do have to protect the smaller markets, I totally understand that. But Green Bay is a smaller market and they make plenty of revenue. Like when you go look at these smaller markets, like Buffalo and Jacksonville and Cincinnati, let me ask you: is it because it’s a small market or is it because it’s not run very well?

  1. Mike Crack says:

    If it is indeed true that the NBA owners aren’t making much, then yeah, something needs to be done. I remember during the NHL’s labor unrest back in ’04’05, they had an independent auditor look at the team profits. I hope that happens in the NBA and I wish the owners in the NFL would agree to that.

    Anyway, you ask an interesting question regarding the small market NFL clubs. It’s true, the Bills and Bengals aren’t run very well, so that may be a problem. However, I do think GB is an extremely unique team in terms of their heritage and history, so they’re not representative of all of the small market teams.

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