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So fans wants me to blog or for a radio host to come out and tell them “yeah, your team is great” pfft, it’s all hype really. Like I mean, if you go look at the city of New York for example and take a look at the last 12 big free agents that have been signed by all their professional sports teams – from Randy Johnson to C.C Sabathia to Carmelo Anthony, Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, Jason Bay etc – look at the last 10-12 big free agent signings in New York…only 1 is a superstar worth every penny of it, C.C. Sabathia.

I mean, Mark Teixeira has been pretty good, but you didn’t pay that kind of money for a .240 hitter, you paid it for a .288 hitter. But he’s good, hits a lot, works for the Yankees – and they’re loaded. But like, all the Met players have been nightmares – I mean, Stephon Marbury was a disaster, Carmelo is good not great and the reality is, people just love the headlines and they want guys in the media to tell them “man, you hit a bunch of home runs and your awesome” Yet check this out, want to know who hit a home run this past week in free agency that nobody is talking about? The Houston Texans! But that won’t get talked about today because they’re not sexy.

They went out and paid half of what they were going to have to pay for Nnamdi Asomugha, they went out and paid $8 million dollars a year, not the $15 million a year Nnamdi wanted, and they got a kid – Jonathan Joseph from Cincinnati who is a great corner, 3 years younger than Nnamdi, who’s had 9 picks in 2 years in a good division….yet that doesn’t make any headlines. So they get a guy that is 90% of Nnamdi for half the price – this league is built on value.

I’ll give you another team that stole somebody this past week. Andy Reid basically went to the Arizona Cardinals and said to them “give me your best player and I’ll give you a guy on our team that carries a clipboard…oh and by the way, give me a great draft pick too”. That’s stealing… that’s why Andy Reid is the best coach in the NFC…that is stealing!! They should arrest Andy Reid – for burglary! That’s unbelievable!! Andy Reid goes out and says to Arizona to give him their best player and gives them a guy that would hold a clipboard for them and asks the Cards to give them a 2nd round pick. Oh by the way, the Eagles draft too well with 2nd round draft picks, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Kevin Kolb. I mean please, somebody arrest Andy Reid for stealing…that is how you run this league!

Running this league is what Bill Belicheck did this week by basically saying “I’m going to take a guy with 67 catches – OchoCinco, who will catch 88 at our place” I mean…it’s unbelievable! He got Randy Moss for a salt and pepper shaker, get’s Ocho Cinco for a globe and a road map of Oregon…it’s just unbelievable! That’s how you do it though, because you don’t do it by paying Nnamdi Asomugha so much money that you gotta let go of Brad Smith, though you may let go of Braylon Edwards, you gotta redo L.T’s contract…that’s not the league!

The Patriots needed speed on the outside and a defensive lineman and they got both and paid nothing! Gave up crappy draft picks…honestly, it’s absolutely amazing. By the way, I’m not anti Kevin Kolb – I think Kevin Kolb works in that division. Kevin Kolb is a real splashy headline and yet people are saying “oh my gosh, what did you pay for Kevin Kolb…” you only paid $21 million and after 2 years if he stinks than you cut him – it’s the NFL, it’s not the NBA… you’re not locked into these guys forever. It’s not a Mike Hampton contract or a Barry Zito. You just shave the guy…see yah!  So they pay Kevin Kolb $63 million – he won’t see $63 million if he stinks? He’ll get $25 million of that. Is a QB worth $10-$12 million a year if he can provide you with a division title? Of course!!

You have $120-$125 million dollars to work with – I’ll pay a QB $10-$12 million if he can provide me with division titles. Again, you watch the video on Kevin Kolb…he’s doesn’t look l like Aaron Rogers nor Drew Breese…but he looks okay, and the feeling is with Kevin Kolb that if you can put Kolb, with a good coach like Whisenhunt + Larry Fitzgerald + a weak conference…they can fight for a division title that fills the stadium and that pays Kevin Kolb.

Let’s face it, in that division it’s about location, location, location! In that division, he’ll go up against Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, Sam Bradford and Alex Smith. Kevin Kolb is just fine. David Garrard, Matt Cassel, Kevin Kolb can win that division. I’m not going to spend that money on Kevin Kolb if it’s the NFC East where he has to face Michael Vick twice, Andy Reid twice, Eli Manning twice, Tom Coughlin twice or Tony Romo twice. Then Kevin Kolb is not worth the money! It’s like houses! If my house can cost this…it would cost 5x as much if it was in the middle of downtown Toronto, its location!! I’m willing to pay a lot of money for a house in Califorina yet wouldn’t pay that amount of money for that same house in Michigan.

Kevin Kolb, in the location of Arizona and in that division, is worth the risk. As long as you can go up for division titles, you can sell out your stadium. Derek Anderson…you’re getting 41,000 people, with Kevin Kolb? Your getting 59,000 – 18,000 x $50 a ticket + parking + programs….he pays for himself. As well, you were also signing Larry Fitzgerald because you’re showing Larry Fitzgerald – still maybe the best receiver in the league “we love you, we care about you and we want to get you help!”

So, I don’t think every single one of these signings is great, I think they make splashy headlines. In review, I totally get the Kevin Kolb deal…I think he’s worth the risk – I don’t think he’s great, I think he’s Matt Cassel, David Garrard. I think OchoCInco – I mean, look at what Bill Belicheck and Brady did to Wes Welker and Randy Moss’ career. Randy Moss was past his prime slightly, still had skills and malcontent. Ocho Cinco is also past his prime – I don’t see him as a malcontent, I just see him as kinda of a twitter crazy, paying attention to stuff that doesn’t matter type of guy. He’ll go from 65 catches to 85 catches and they’ll finally have what they haven’t had in a couple of years since Randy moss went sideways – they’ll have elite outside threat. They’ve already got 2 great tight ends, already got a great slot receiver, a hall of fame QB and a hall of fame coach and a good offensive line but what they didn’t have was a great speed guy. Somebody that forces Darrelle Revis to work hard and they went out and got him!


Whenever you’re on the wrong side of an argument…you sound ridiculous! A buddy of my emailed me and says “Andrew, baseball’s a sport that’s been around for a hundred years…they must be doing something right! Not being up to date doesn’t always translate to being wrong” dude, the computer has been around for like 50 years, should they not update it? You’ve gotta evolve bud! It’s called continuing education, it’s called evolving in business. The NFL tweaks constantly. I mean God, baseball has evolved a lot – that’s why I always laugh about Major League Baseball…they’ve raised the mound, they’ve lowered the mound, they brought the DH in the early 70’s, they’ve made wildcard additions…baseball changes all the time! They’ve been semi-progressive…why now are they afraid of instant replay?

This idea that baseball never changes…it actually changes constantly and has historically. Think about this, for people that argue…the argument that it’ll slow down baseball is so laughably wrong. I mean what? It’s going to be slower than 2 fat guys jogging out to the umpire and arguing for 8 minutes? That doesn’t take time? By the time the managers come out and argue their point for 90 seconds to 2 minutes…you’ve got the play call!

Secondly, baseball lasted 2 hours and 29 minutes in 1970, it now lasts 3 hours. It’s been slowed down and it has nothing to do with replay. You’ve got finicky high price players who want their at-bats, the Yankee/Red Sox games last year average about 3 hours and 38 minutes. That’s over an hour longer – over an hour longer than baseball games lasted in the 70’s. High price guys, out of the box, kind of elitist guys, entitled guys, you’re A-Rod’s, your David Ortiz’s stepping out of the box. So this idea that baseball – that it’ll slow it down, Yankee/Red Sox’s…the only rivalry in baseball that truly exists nationally…they play 3 hour and 40 minute games…without reply! What’s another 5 minutes going to be for a call that could decide the game?

The other thing is – in the automotive industry, engines got bigger and heavier. So when engines got bigger and heavier…did the automotive industry suddenly say “we’re just not going to use them?”  No! They said “alright, let’s bring our engineers in and let’s lighten the rest of the car. Let’s eliminate parts, let’s use lighter materials, so that the heavy engine doesn’t burden the car. So we’ll lighten up the rest of the car, around the engine.” That what they did in the automotive industry.

So with baseball, find other ways to take 8 minutes off the game – pitching changes, mound conferences, in and out of the batter’s box, breaks between innings…shave, shave, shave and shave. Tell your umpires “loosen up the strike zone; if you don’t…you won’t be rewarded with post-season assignments.” That’s money for umpires by the way; they can make $30,000 bucks in a post-season. For a guy making $200,000 a year with $30,000 or $40,000 extra….that’s a lot of money! It’s a lot of money for anybody, but it’s a lot of money for that kind of income. You can quicken the game around it, 6 or 7 minutes a game, so that if you do go into one long replay, the game is not any longer.

The other argument I get – listen, if I was the MLB commissioner I’d lob out 40 games, I’d go down to 122 and I would really sit down with the umpires and say “loosen up the strike zone, pitching changes…we’re going to offer fines, suspensions…be on it or I won’t give you post-season assignments and I’ll give you lousy games. I’ll send you to Kansas City for a summer; I’ll send you to Texas in August. You won’t get a single Red Sox game; you’ll watch Padres baseball all year.” So you can eliminate 6 or 7 minutes a night and then replays won’t matter as much in terms of time.

The other thing that I hear is this “well Andrew, it’ll spoil great dramatic baseball moments”. Well, it’ll just be replaced by “the replay moment” you see that in football. “TOUCHDOWN Steelers!!” No? Let’s go to the replay! And the crowd sits and waits for the replay – you still have drama, you added drama in fact. You added another element of drama – the replay drama. But I don’t understand in this world we live in, not getting a call right…I just don’t get it!

One of the things we’ve learned from the NFL – and I think that’s a tougher sport to officiate simply because it’s faster compared to baseball and there’s more players jammed into one another, so some of the calls are covert or hidden….the ref’s in the NFL usually get the calls right! I mean in the NFL, they don’t overturn calls very often; the ref’s almost always get it right. MLB umpires usually get it right. So let go of the Hubertus, let go of the ego, bring in the replay…it is such a dis-service.

I mean Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said it Tuesday night; this is no way to end a baseball game “You like to see the game finish by the players…win or lose. So for it to end that way, is as disappointing as it gets in a game and for the game to end that way…that’s really too bad. The game tonight deserved way better than that” Clint Hurdle speaking to the media after the controversial call in the 19th inning of Tuesday’s game between the Braves and Pirates where the Pirates catcher had the ball in his glove upon tagging the Braves player sliding into home before touching home plate and was called safe.

So, it was so hot last Saturday that I watched the Mariners get spanked by the Red Sox’s and A’s and Yankees. What is unbelievable to me – now with all the drugs out of baseball, PED’s…nobody can hit! I mean, the Yankees, Red Sox’s, and the Rangers can hit a little bit – other than that, half of the sport is hitting under .250 and a lot of the sport is hitting under .240.

You don’t need Roy Halladay to get people out – you need Roy Halladay to win the World Series, but I’m watching the Mariners who have 2 ace’s and I’m watching the A’s  who also have 2 ace’s , yet their one of the 2 worst teams in baseball. Meanwhile every Red Sox pitcher has been hurt….they’re in 1st place. The Yankees have C.C Sabathia and cross your fingers…and they’re in 2nd. You don’t need great pitching to win your division – that doesn’t mean the Phillies won’t win their division, but nobody can hit in the sport outside of the Yankees, Red Sox’s and Rangers.

It is amazing to me that the Seattle Mariners, the team I grew up watching (my dad loved watching Randy Johnson in his heyday out West) they’re basically a triple A baseball team outside of their 2 ace’s…it’s a triple A baseball team! They don’t even look athletic. And Ichiro could quit in any season and retire – he’s got $100 million dollars, he’s about ready to retire. Why in the world Seattle wouldn’t go to the Yankees and say “give us your 2 best prospects, a Jesus Montero and Brandon Layaird” 2 starters for 5 years…the Mariner’s are un-watchable! It’s a triple A baseball team. Who gives a rip that you have King Felix, he’s every 5th day and in between that you’re a triple A baseball team.

And all the Yankees care about is winning the World Series – who cares about prospects! You go buy the best players. So to me the Yankees and the Mariners, who played against each other this past week, God, you both saw where you stand against each other…make a deal! Honestly Seattle, what in God’s name are you waiting for? You’re a triple A baseball team, who honestly gives a rip if you’ve got an ace. The other 4 day of the week you look like….Calgary or like Tacoma! I don’t get it – and nobody can hit, nobody can hit in the sport. There’s only like 3 teams that can hit! Get rid of your ace’s at the bottom of the American League West – the Yankees are a team that could use an ace – it’s irrelevant for you.

One of the reason’s as to why we’ve become a more football oriented society – both the NFL and college football, obviously the NFL is much bigger, is because society has gotten faster, people are busier so A) football is once a week and B) every game matters, there is a real sense of urgency. The 1st week of the NBA season – first 3 months for that matter are irrelevant, hockey’s irrelevant, 1st week of baseball is irrelevant. Yet look at the 1st week of the NFL and college football starting September 3rd 2011 where you’ve got Oregon @ LSU in Dallas (Arlington to be precise) which could decide the national title, Boise State at Georgia – I’ve penciled in Boise to play for the national title. Those 2 games could very well decide that national championship and then the next Saturday you’ve got Alabama @ Penn State, Notre Dame @ Michigan …absolutely huge games!!

Then the first week of the NFL – Saints @ Packers and that’s the kind of game that decides home field advantage later in the playoffs. You’ll back to say “remember Week 1? When the Saints beat the Packers on the last second field goal?”  Then you’ve got Steelers @ Ravens in the first week as well. That again, could end up deciding who gets home field advantage in the division game. Colts @ Texans  where many feel, especially last year, when they finally beat Indy in a game that this is the year where the Texans and the desperate staff sign Nnamdi (though rumours as of yesterday to be heading for the Jets), upgrade their secondary, Eerie Coubiak, Matt Shawb, put it together with a desperate staff…they finally beat the Colts. Then you’ve got the Cowboys and my Jets – that’s AFC/NFC, but it’s a big game for my Jets in a very tough division, likewise for the Dallas Cowboys. So there are 8 must-watch football games in the first 8 days…college and pro, God I can’t wait for football!!!!

Once again, Oregon @ LSU, Boise State @ Georgia, Alabama @ Penn State, Notre Dame @ Michigan in college. Then Saints @ Packers, Steelers @ Ravens, Colts @ Texans, and Cowboys @ Jets…you’ve got to watch those football games! I absolutely can’t wait…especially after last week , where it was like 120 degrees Fahrenheit , I’m dying for 79 degree, a cocktail, turn on the RedZone Channel, turn on football in September…I can’t wait!! It can’t come fast enough.

This is a huge day for me – much bigger for me than for you, so every year I spend a bloody fortune on today and tomorrow. Las Vegas this past Sunday released their over’s and under’s on about 30 college football teams. They basically predict how many games the teams will win. I have no idea and no explanation why this means a lot to me…I have no idea! I’ve clearly got no life, but I’ve been betting it since 2006 and have done pretty well.

Last year (for those of you who were already followers of this blog) you’ll remember that my two favourite picks were Auburn – Vegas had them at 7 ½ wins, I said they could be undefeated going up against Alabama…they played for the national title! I said Wisconsin was massively under-valued as well, Washington I also said was under-valued…they all covered. Now I did whiff on Michigan badly – I liked Michigan’s system…so without further to do, I’m going to give you my picks right now – and I love all of them! I’m going to give you 5 teams – 3 of them undervalued and 2 of them overvalued.

The best single bet to me is my boy Parthans’ Boise State! Vegas came out this past Sunday and posted them at 10 ½. Folks, they’re playing for the national title if not, they’re 11-1. They’re favoured in every game and even if they lost their opener against Georgia – and I don’t think they will, they’re running the table. They’ll be a 20 point favourite in virtually every game. They’re toughest games; outside of the Georgia game are all at home. I love Boise State at 10 ½  – to me they’re a 12-0 football team.

Texas A&M is at 9, Vegas put them at 9 wins. Do yourself a favour and bet them to top that. At worst, they’ll win 9 games. They return – remember, this is a program on the rise. They’re 3 toughest games, with one exception, are all at home. Oklahoma State, Arkansas and Texas – all at home. Even if they lost on the road to Oklahoma, probably will and they win one of those 3, at home, that’s a 10 win football team. It’s safe bet 9 on A&M, they are to me an 11 or 10 win team and Vegas has them at 9 wins…at worst they’re 9-3 and it’s a push.

The other team which I think is undervalued is Michigan State at 7 ½. In the Big 10 this year, there’s very few returning QB’s. Kurt Cousins is one of them, they’ve got an excellent coach, a returning QB…this looks like a 9 win team to me. They have recruited very well in the last 2 years, with Michigan being down in recruiting, in-state. This year to me is a pop year for Michigan State; it’s a 10 win team. They get Ohio State early before the players come back – that Ohio State game was a loss guaranteed before the season but I think now it’s a potential win. So I think Boise State, Texas A&M and Michigan State will win more than Vegas predicts and I’ve been very good in the last several years doing this.

Now, the 2 teams that I think are massively overvalued …one of them is Penn State, Vegas has them at 8 wins. 4 of their last 5 games could be losses. They end their season @Northwestern, Nebraska, @Ohio State and @Wisconsin. Plus they have Alabama early at home – now Penn State was loads up with soft balls to begin with this season, they almost always start 4-0, but they certainly won’t beat Alabama at home. They’ve got brutal road games to end the year. Northwestern – in Chicago, it’s an ESPN night game and that’ll be a potential loss…this to me is a 7 win team, they’ve got 5 potential losses, brutal road games and they’re still mediocre at QB, good on defense, mediocre on QB.

The other team that I think is massively overvalued – based on the sources I read and use for research, including the College Today Special pullout from USA Today says that Vegas has the University of Arizona penciled in for 6 wins. I think Vegas massively massively overvalued them. The good QB is fooling people. They have to return all 5 offensive line starters, lost their 2 pass rushers to the NFL, they’re schedule is BRRUUTTAALL!!! @ Oklahoma State….loss, @USC…loss, @Oregon State…loss, @ Washington…loss, @ Arizona State…loss, and they’re home games – Stanford and Oregon? Are probably losses as well. That is a 5 win football team, it’s a rebuilding year even though they have a really good QB that is fooling people….So there you go!

Boise State, Texas A&M, Michigan State I’m calling to surpass Vegas’ prediction and Penn State and Arizona to go under it. Stay tune for tomorrow’s rant where I’ll hit you up with Vegas’ predictions for the NFL! Disagree or think I should’ve included a particular school? Drop your own rant in the comments!

This rant goes out to my really close friend – to the point where he’s pretty much a brother to me, Mike Crack…the infamous commenter on my blog. Happy Birthday Mike! I don’t think you could’ve asked for a better present than the one given today….the announcement that the NFL is officially back in business! Hope you enjoy this one bud, mad respects!!


Reportedly this morning, Brett Favre – you’ve probably heard the story, Favre and the Eagles…it’s reported that Favre called the NFL office this morning and asked them to send him his retirement papers and you can imagine the NFL offices reaction being something of a “Nooooooooo!!!!! God Please Nooooooo!!!!” I think the NFL speaks for the world! Actually, he’s a pretty good fit with the Eagles…that’s the sad part.

You know, you look at all these free agents – what’s the old saying “the grass is always greener?” we want what we can’t have…be very careful because there’s free agents out there – and there’s a lot of good  players and almost no great players available…Nnamdi Asomugha is a great player! Santonio Holmes is a very good player. But what have the Redskins been burned on for years? Spending on free agents!!!! Overpaying good guys and paying them with great money. On so many level’s, it’s a bad decision.

First of all, you bring in a good player into your locker room and suddenly he’s the highest paid – that doesn’t go over well. Secondly, you take a good player, you pay him great money and he then feels entitled. Thirdly, it limits what you can do down the road because the way it works in pro sports – you want your star players to be paid the most. You want Mark Texiera and CC Sabathia and A-Rod, you want those guys to make the most amount of money, and it’s nothing against Nick Swisher here. But you ultimately want your stars to make the most money – even when you have a big fat payroll. You still – in the NFL, It’s a salary cap league and you’ve got a bunch of guy’s available right now and one great player available in Nnamdi Asomugha. Even he plays cornerback and you could throw away from him! It is a QB, WR, Head Coach league right now….don’t forget that!Matt Hasselbeck, as a QB, could have as much value for a couple of years to a team than Nnamdi Asomugha could, even though Nnamdi right now is in the peak of his career.

So basically the story is…we’re ready to go! The owners and players agreed early this morning to the terms of the deal. They worked through the weekend and through this morning. Under the tentative schedule, training camps open for a third of the teams this Wednesday, a third of the teams Thursday and a third of the teams on Friday. But, teams can now sign their own free agents – their own guys today!! Adam Schefter was on the Mike & Mike Show this morning on ESPN radio, I’m going to let him lay it all out for you with this free agent frenzy.

“Assuming the NFLPA takes this deal this afternoon or tomorrow – sometime after that, the NFL will send out a memo to teams and a memo to the media and it will explain that teams are allowed to start signing their own players, undrafted college players, free agents…today!! The will be allowed to start talking to un-restricted free agents, like Nnamdi Asomugha, today. Teams will be allowed to start talking about trades, like a Kevin Kolb. You cannot start signing un-restricted free agents, like Nnamdi, Santonio Holmes, and Jenkins until tomorrow at noon. However, teams and agents still don’t know the rules they are playing under – they don’t know how contracts would be structured because there is a lot of mystery and grey area. Those contracts cannot be approved until next Tuesday – August 2nd, which is the 10th to the start of the league year.”

So there we go folks! We’re all within the fence and all is rollin and we’re ready to go. You can sign your own guys today, big shots over the next couple of days, yet I’d be very very very weary of signing splashy free agents. I would spend my money on re-signing my own people. The problem with free agents in every sport – and we see this in baseball, you don’t know if they’re going to work in your system, you don’t know if they’re going to work in your city. Now you’re going to massively overpay for a good guy, not a great guy. There is one great player out there – I think DeAngelo Williams, the running back for Carolina is great, but it’s not a running back league.

Nnamdi is the star! Tampa Bay needs a corner, the Texans are desperate…he’s going to end up being super rich by the end of the week. In real estate its location, in free agency it’s timing! And his timing is great! You have a Houston Texans coaching staff that’s going to get run out if they don’t win this year and they are very good almost everywhere except the secondary, he will make a bloody fortune! And you’ve got 4 or 5 teams here – Tampa has got to spend about $50 million, Cincinnati $18 million, Carolina $30 million, Arizona $30 million, Philly close to $30 million, Oakland $20 million, San Diego $20 million, Kansas City $30 million and Jacksonville $30 million.

I would spend it myself on free agents that I have, my own guys. I think there are very few guys – like Seattle is a great example. You gotta sign Matt Hasselback, your absolutely outta your mind if you don’t sign him. Have you heard what’s going on in Seattle? Reportedly they’re interested in Tavaris Jackson, so Seattle’s QB will be Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst, that doesn’t win you the Grey Cup. You have Matt Hasselback – a veteran with a short camp, you lost 120 practises and you’re going to let him go? There are 3 teams right now that to me are on the precipice of a disaster…they’re all in big trouble potential.

Firstly, my Jets! You have to resign Santonio Holmes because at least when you overpay him – you’re overpaying one of your own, who’s got friends in the lock room. You let him go…this is a team that was like 22nd  offensively, you don’t have a go-to receiver and you’re not being the Patriots, the Steelers – you’re not beating those teams without Santonio Holmes…huge issue. You’re going to overspend on money…sign one of your own. The Colts have done that…resign your own, spend a little more on them and not on guys outta town that your bringing in. Secondly, the Seattle Seahawks! How in the world you don’t spend money on Matt Hasselback who threw for 3,000 yards with a bad offensive line and no star receiver…your nuts!! The Cowboys have real issues…I actually like Dallas this year, but they’re over the cap, they have to shred $16 million and then they’ve got to upgrade that secondary in my opinion. They think they’re secondary is okay…I’m not sure it is.

Be very weary, people lack perspective….lot of bling, lots of shiny stuff “oh my word, look at that guy…” this and that….slow down!! It’s still a QB driven league, Matt Hasselback – past his prime, a year or two left in this league…is still more valuable than 90% of the guys out there. Get your QB figured out, teams can sign their own free agents today.

The NFL is close…I feel like I bought the house, I had the inspection, I tested for lead paint, I passed the carbon monoxide test…I’m just waiting for the closing date and there might be one or two phone calls from my real estate agent – but this baby is done! What I love that is going to happen come Monday – as this thing gets signed today or tomorrow…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be unbelievable!! Teams are going to have 48 hours to 72 hours to sign free agents because here’s what’s happening. Every team now is mandated  to spend a minimum of 90% of the estimated $120 million dollar salary cap this year…and that’s now in cash expenditures as oppose to previous salary cap gimics. So everybody is going to have money to spend – except for like the Cowboys and Steelers, everybody is going to have big money to spend….and your going to HAVE TO spend it.

So now – even with the cheap teams that are poorly run, like the Bengals and the Raiders, they have to spend it! That’s like giving your teenage daughter a Nordstrom’s card – saying there is an $80,000 dollar limit on it and that she has to spend it all in 2 hours. Remember this equation for the coming week: Bad judgment + Lots of free spending = Comedy ensues immediately!! It’s going to be comedy!! Your going to see the Bengals overspend on somebody, your going to see 2 teams get into a bidding war over an overrated quarterback. Instead of the bucket list, let’s just call it the “stupid list”

The Redskins are going to be at the top of the “stupid list” I guarantee you!! They are going to spend way too much on Santonio Holmes, the Bengals…there’s got to be somebody out there with an arrest warrant to pursue…so the Bengals are on the stupid list. The Raiders? They’re own by the lady Evel Knievel – you know they’ll be stupid. The Redskins, Bengals and Raiders are going ridiculous. Now Drew Rosenhaus said that in this 3 or 4 day period, it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen “we’re just getting ready to do about 6 months’ worth of work in 3 or 4 days – its absolutely crazy because your taking the entire off-season, undrafted free agents, rookie negotiations, unrestricted free agents, veteran extensions, trades and are trying to condense it into a few day periods, right before training camp! This is absolutely nuts!!’

I had a buddy text me Thursday he said “Andrew, the Redskin’s owner Dan Synder is like the 400 pound dude waiting outside the “All You Can Eat Lobster” Saturday…camping out on Thursday!” You know the Redskins, the Bengals and the  Raiders …hilarity will ensue!! Arizona has got $37 million – they’ve got to spend a lot of it. Carolina has got to spend $20 million yet could spend up to $47 million and they’ve got 2 days to do it! Sal Paolantonio said it’s going to be wild! “ this is understating it – it will be unprecedented in the history of American professional sports. That’s a period…no exclamation points, no italics needed, no hyperbole added”

The one guy I’d absolutely sign – and it appears to be virtually a done deal…Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals. According to Sal Paolantonio, he’s already looking at Arizona real estate – he did not say that lightly or jokingly. There are also reports that Andy Reid has already agreed to trade Kevin Kolb for a star player and not a draft pick. So the Kevin Kolb to Arizona – there are several teams that are looking for a QB. Miami, maybe Tenessee, Seattle, San Francisco, maybe and absolutely Arizona. Sal  also said this and I’m just SMH I’m shaking my head! The Seahawks and Pete Carroll are said to be interested in Tavaris Jackson…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Pete Carroll knows better than anybody that when he was at USC, the one thing USC did better than anybody was that they had tremendous QB play – Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, John David Booty, Mark Sanchez….NFL, NFL, NFL and NFL.

He had better college QB’s then some of his NFL counterparts. He made a huge trade when he got to Seattle to get Charlie Whitehurst and now he wants Tavaris Jackson? It’s like Flavor Flay and Jose Canseco on surreal life. Do you want anymore B- actors? Why not just get Eric Estrada! Charlie Whitehurst and Tavaris Jackson? What in the world is going on with the Seachickens!! You wonder why Seattle fans are bitter about sports, and I spoke to a couple while out west recently – that’s their hometown. Everybody in the league is like “this Kevin Kolb guy can play” Seattle? “We want the guy who Minnesota dislikes so much; they’re going to start Christian Ponder – who is considered to be the most overvalued QB drafted in a decade…wow!!! It’s going to be wild…it is going to be incredibly wild!! The Redskins, the Bengals, the Raiders…get ready for it!