Roger Clemens Will Get A Slap On The Wrist And Walk!!

Posted: July 9, 2011 in MLB

I got an email about Roger Clemens – and you know, there are still a lot of Americans who think this, and I think they’re wrong. The emailer said “Roger Clemens will not go to jail because he’s a rich white guy…period! No other way of sugarcoat it” Oh dude, it has nothing to do with a white guy thing – it has everything to do with a rich guy thing.

O.J. Simpson – rich guy, beat the jury, beat the public defenders. The reality is rich matters a lot more than race. If you can get elite defensive attorneys – you’re going to have a significantly higher percentage of people getting off when you have a better representation in court. Now, I’m not saying race doesn’t play a factor – in fact, race really plays a factor in everything!

But the reality with Roger Clemens – the star part is bigger than the race part. The star part – you know, you could argue that race helped O.J. because in a jury of his peers – many African American woman in the jury did not connect beating Nicole Brown – which the 911 tapes validated. The African American woman did not connect “a woman being beaten” with “murdered” they thought that was too big of a leap.

In other court cases, you can make that leap. But according to other conversations later on, that helped O.J. So I’m not saying race doesn’t play a part – but the rich, you know Chris Rock the comedian always said it, if it was O.J. the mailman, O.J. the mailman is in the can! O.J. the former football star…is walking, or was.

So Roger Clemens to me walks eventually because he’s American hero Roger Clemens. I mean, I‘ve got news for you…Oprah Winfrey! If Oprah Winfrey goes to court, which she at one point did, she won not because she was black; she won because she was Oprah! Celebrity goes a long way in the U.S. and let me tell you something. Some of the most popular athlete’s within the last 50 years have been Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan …and throw Magic Johnson in there, 5 for 5 African Americans.

So this idea that race is a barrier to justice or popularity and that it’s just wrong in the U.S…overwhelmingly that’s not true! Michael Jordan is easily the most popular basketball player ever, 2nd I’d say is Magic, Barkley – post basketball, is kinda funny is probably 3rd. Nobody loved Danny Clark haha okay?? You gotta be good, Oprah…look who dominates American television…Oprah! Starts her own network.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I think the media sometimes does target people based on their colour/culture. I remember reading the book “Juiced”, and Jose was saying that the media would often give a pass to his “white, All-American” bash brother Mark McGwire because he had more in common with the beat writers that followed the A’s. Jose felt he didn’t receive the same benefits and the same blind eyes that the writers would afford to the McGwires and Ripkens, mostly because he was Cuban.

    So from a media standpoint, I do think there are differences, but it’s not so “black and white” (no pun intended) as you pointed out. We’ve seen black stars get vilified e.g. TO while others are given free passes Marvin Harrison. I guess how the media treats you is truly multifactorial. But you’re right, the justice system is a game and signing the biggest named ‘free agents’ to represent for you is the way to win. Being rich does indeed play a huge part in how things go for you. The Chris Rock reference is on point.

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