Yeah The NFL Is On A Lockout, But You Guys Have It Way Better Than The Average American!

Posted: July 11, 2011 in NFL

As I’ve ranted before, when it comes to the NFL lockout, I tend to side with the players because generally I’m going to side with employee’s over the big corporation, but I will say this. For a lot of NFL players – you have to remember, you’re being paid, 10 to 20 times more than the average American worker. I don’t want to hear you complain too loudly about your pension.

Name another industry where you can work 6 years and be taken care off for life! Even a president, after 4 years – do you know what George W. Bushs’ salary is now? $150,000 a year! If you’re a running back for the Titans 5 years in, you shouldn’t get that. So in no other industry, are you taken care off for life because of 6 years of service.

My dad loves his welding job he manages, but do you know what he got? A house plant and something to put on his lapel pin, which he lost on his way home, so when I hear the players complaining about pensions and benefits…it’s called your “salary” it’s called “a mutual fund” put your salary into a mutual fund, go golf…you’ll be fine! And the NFL also has an advantage that no other sport allows its athletes – because the NFL is so wildly popular and so insanely viewed in the U.S. – that if you were just a good player, not great, if you’re a starter and your gracious and your good to the fans and your reliable to the media and your bosses…you are set for life!

Forget your salary, forget your pension because you can be a broadcaster, a team employee, a casino host – just show up and smile and show off your jersey’s and rings. NBA players don’t have that and MLB players don’t have that. In the U.S., if you play in the NFL for an hour, everyone would take you in a second! Trent Dilfer, ESPN NFL analyst, wasn’t a star but he’s a gracious good guy, smart…set for life.

I mean it just doesn’t – that’s where NFL players have a huge advantage. Now, the downside to being an NFL player – because since the sport is so large, you are not nearly as valuable – individually, as an NBA player…you can’t replace Lebron, you just can’t replace Kobe at his prime. Tom Brady leaves…and Patriots win 11 games with Matt Cassell, who didn’t start a game in college as a QB!!! So the league’s best QB leaves – they put in a former USC tight end…they win 11 games and go to the playoffs! So that’s the downside to being a player.

I mean, like the league has no franchise in Los Angeles…they’ve got one in Buffalo and the sport is wildly popular!! But I do from time to time read from former players complaining about pensions and current players talking about pensions as well. But I want to say “hey, wait a minute. You play 6 years for the Titans as a tight end on goal line situations…what?  You should be set for life from that?” I mean, maybe I’m picking on the Titans, but you play 6 years in this league – unless you have the world’s worst agent, you probably male about $12 million bucks! After taxes you’ve got 7 million – any reasonable person can put a million and a half away in a mutual fund and that doesn’t even count your league’s 401k or your pension! And that doesn’t count – you know, in your late 30’s or early 40’s going to work a little. Nobody says you have to work a 40 hour week, you can work 6 months a year.

So I’m pro players, but they have some major advantages working in the NFL and we love the NFL and we’d die to work with people from the NFL and you can make $10,000 at a card show if you’re a backup tight end for the Colts for 6 years, like no other sport allows you that! I mean like, other than 4 guys in hockey (Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos and Perry) like take these 4 guys in hockey out – the biggest hockey star for 90% of them teams could walk through a mall (in the states of course) and you’d think he’s just a co-worker at your company…you don’t even know who he is!

I guess my biggest problem is that I don’t think long snappers should be set for life – but that’s just me!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    While the big guns and even the average guys are (or should I say *should be) set for life, the guys who the lockout really affects are the guys who are just on the cusp or the guys who are third stringers. And while Trent Dilfer can get a TV deal, a lot of that has to deal with the fact that he was a good college player (drafted 6th overall in the ;95 draft IIRC) and won a SB. Not every player can do that. There are only so many spots on TV. Still, if players managed their money correctly and took their college educations more seriously, there’d be less of a problem with money management. But I think it goes beyond taking ed seriously at the individual level. It’s a systemic/societal problem.

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