Roger Clemens – Just Like Casey Anthony, Needs Reasonable Doubt And He’s A Free Man…Why It Will Happen!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in MLB

So I’m not really interested in this Roger Clemens trial – other than to see Roger go down in flames. I’ve said this before, I try to be objective – he’s my least favourite American athlete. I mean, there’s probably some French cyclist that I like less, but there is nobody in America right now I’m rooting against harder than Roger Clemens. He’s delusional, he’s bizarre – it’s not even arrogance, he really believes everything he says, he points fingers at you “I’m right, your wrong…I never took steroids” Even though teammates like Andy Pettite and A-rod admitted they used steroids with the same trainer and admitted that Roger told them that he used steroids. But Roger defiantly “I didn’t take them” is his claim.

Roger Clemens by the way should not be in this trial. He walked and talked himself into it and now he could go to prison. He’s being charged with perjury – look that one up, it’s not good!  And for obstructing Congress, that’s not good either. But he wasn’t under subpoena, he didn’t have to testify, he didn’t have to go on 60 minutes but he was just one of those guys surrounded by too many “yes men” and nobody went up and said “Roger, shut up and take the media hit! Stay away from cameras…don’t talk to Congress”

But Clemens got into one of those weird psychological situations where ego and vanity override common sense and Clemens now is going on trial and could go spend a lot of time in the can. I’ve seen Shawshank Redemption – you don’t want to end up in the can, because that’s just what prison’s like. Now we all know that he absolutely took steroids – I mean allegedly. In his prime, his 1st prime that is he struck out 7 ½ batters for every 9 innings. In his mysterious 2nd prime (mainly when he was with the Blue Jays) he struck out 10 ½ …5 years later.

To give you an idea of how absurd that is, Bob Gibson – a similar type power pitcher in 1970, he struck out 8.4…5 years later he struck out 5. That’s the way the body is suppose to work if you’re not taking HGH smoothies for breakfast – but of course, those are all allegations right? Now Clemens’ defense – good luck with this – is that Brian McNamee, his trainer, basically thought Clemens would get him fired…so he tainted syringes with Clemens’ DNA to blackmail him, although he didn’t do it with the other Yankees – they [Clemens’ defense] feels they just did it to Clemens.

But you know what? Casey Anthony got off last week and my gut feeling, as I ranted before, is that Roger Clemens is going to get off because jury’s get starstruck – they’re often easy to manipulate and all you need, just ask Casey Anthony, is reasonable doubt – it’s that little slice of legal pie that you can slip through. That’s why jury selection is soo important and it’s why jury consultants make big 6 figures and often 7 figure salaries.

You’ve got to remember about Roger Clemens – though he did not commit a crime nearly as bad as the one O.J. Simpson allegedly did, O.J. was a lot like Roger Clemens. Good looking, American hero, on television, attractive woman to his side, from big popular school’s (O.J. from USC and Clemens from Texas), both American hero’s, one had the nickname “The Juice” and this one’s got the nickname “The Rocket”.  I mean, Roger Clemens went to the University of Texas, is square jawed, has a pretty wife, former Yankee, is a baseball hero….Roger Clemens is basically the American flag, but with eyes! He should wear a Chevy hat, a Ford hat and eat apple-pie during the testimony and play Lee Greenwood in the background.

Roger Clemens – the maximum sentence is 30 years, he’s not going away for 30 years. Barry Bonds wasn’t even likable, acknowledged that he used it but didn’t know what it was…and he got a slap on the wrist. Casey Anthony got 0 jail time last week. You think Roger Clemens is going to have a long reservation in the grey bar hotel? Doubtful! “The Rocket”, square jawed, pretty wife, American hero with a celebrity high price defense attorney…the guy is not going to spend much time behind the metal.

This was Clemens – and McNamee is no day at the beach, but never forget Sammy “The Bulldog” Gravano put Gotti away. As they say in the business…to catch a theft, you hire a theft! And to put away steroid users, you gotta get steroid peddlers – Brian Namee, not a quality guy and is certainly not somebody you’d want to date or to be your brother, but he had access. Here is what Clemens said about his a couple of years back “I’m not saying that Senator Mitchell’s report is not entire wrong, I am saying that Brian McNamees’ statements about me are wrong. Let me be clear, I’ve never taken steroids or HGH” wink wink, nudge nudge.

Now again, Clemens’ best defense is that Brian McNamee a no good guy. Never forget what Casey Anthony’s attorney’s said “she’s a horrible mom, she’s a terrible person, but that doesn’t mean she committed murder” and Roger Clemens – somehow, high priced attorney, American hero, will slither his way out of this. His big argument “Brian McNamee is a bad guy” Brian McNamee doesn’t look great, not a lot of hair, wear’s those glasses – boy I wouldn’t trust him, you start banging on him because he sold steroids and pretty soon, people start to side with Clemens…that’s just the way it is!

By the way, I may be in the minority here…but you know how things change? Like you grow up loving a sport like Boxing and then like 10 years later it’s a mismanaged sport and you no longer care. I, emotionally, use to love boxing and I’m just not emotionally connected to boxing anymore. Now for those of you who have moved around the country, I haven’t but from those who have, it’s my understanding that it takes them about a year and a half to be in the city and start really liking the team (Dan, you ain’t a die-hard Fulham FC fan yet til 2013) because you watch them on the local news, you read about them in the local paper. Had a friend who moved to Tampa – within 2 years he loved the Buc’s and was a diehard Redskins when in Toronto. Another moved to Las Vegas – in 2 years, he loved the Rebel’s and the Tark’s. Another one from Vancouver moved to Oregon and within a couple of years, he was really into the Ducks. A lot of it is, I think, the inundation of information pouring over your head.

I have to tell you something, I’ve been watching the woman’s World Cup and I really like it! And I know I’m in the minority here and it’s not because I ever loved soccer or because I was in love with all woman sports. But it’s been on constantly and I get tired of changing the channel, because there is nothing else on right now in the middle of the afternoon. On Saturday I sat there for an hour and watched the woman’s World Cup and I actually liked it a lot! Except for that god awful officiating where that one chick held the ball in her hands for 5 seconds, lobbed it to her goalkeeper and there was no call!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, they won’t book someone who perjured themselves for sports, I don’t think. Plus, like you said, he is the so-called American hero to a lot of journalists and people in the media.

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