An Analysis Of “The Decision” A Year After…Was Lebron Right? Did The NBA Win?

Posted: July 13, 2011 in NBA

“The Decision” for all the media who thought it was bad…are clueless. The day of “The Decision” you got it and I got it, I said it…it’s not bad, it’s not even good, it is unbelievable!! Same with steroids in baseball. Publically everyone is saying “bad steroids” yet privately, Major League Baseball was in no hurry to pursue steroid use until Jose Canseco wrote a book and Congress got involved. Ask yourself this: During Derek Jeter’s pursuit – and I’m not in any way insinuating that Derek ever took steroids, because I don’t think he did – he’s one of the good guys, he and maybe Ken Griffey.

But if Derek was hitting .340 right now, wouldn’t it be better than slow dribblers to 3rd by an aging Shortstop hitting .254 – your damn right it would! If they make Spiderman 4 and he has no powers, it’s just not as interesting. Superman without a cape and powers is just a weird guy in tights. The reality is, we love our supermodel’s hot and our athlete’s amazing! The bigger, stronger and faster they are …the more we love them! And there are things like this all the time. Recession’s “bad” actually, for the upper crust, they’re very good! They can now buy more assets at 50% off. Even at your own job, if somebody above you gets fired “Man Frank, I feel terrible for you and Shirley” oh there’s a job opening…I think I’ll apply!

We do this all the time – we do it all the time! There was a line in Men in Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Remember the move about aliens? And Will Smith says “you can tell a person about what we know” and Tommy Lee says “yes, a person is smart. But people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals.” No question! There is a great book out called Wisdom of Crowds – we do things among groups, we would never do by ourselves. Give us a beer and surround us with 50 guys…we get brave, courageous and stupid! We say things to athlete’s at stadiums we’d never say to their face by ourselves.

“The Decision” was not good for the NBA…it was great for the NBA!!! Just like gambling is for the NFL. But you can’t tell the public – I can tell you my audience because I have an idea of the demographics of my audience. Most of you are university educated guys and gals! But you can’t say a message like that to the masses. Like the Head Coach of a college football team saying “I love this university, I’m committed!” An hour later he’s on a private plane to coach the Carolina Tar Heels. You can’t be totally honest!

For the record, Lebron or any star athlete – you can’t win because it’s a lose-lose proposition. If I was the PR guy for Lebron James a year ago I would’ve said “write the cheque for the boys and girls club of Akron, I’m sure they’ll love it! Just don’t go on television and maybe a day earlier tell Dan Gilbert” Is Lebron suppose to tell him during the regular season? Pfft oh yeah, that’d be great! Have him tell Dan during the playoff series? Pfft yeah, that’d be great! Season’s over and you’re a free agent – give Dan a day or two heads up or three or four, what does it matter? You can’t trade him anyways! He’s a free agent. Fans want their stars to stay forever – but for players it’s a business. A-rod – and I grew up liking the Mariners, got a $255 million dollar offer from the Texas Rangers…you wouldn’t leave? Yet Mariner fans were outraged! “But we’re offering…a $100 million and we’re the….Mariners! who doesn’t want to live in a….rainforest all year” haha!

But I get it, your fans! But if I was Lebron’s dude I would’ve virtually done the exact same thing – just not put it on television, don’t rub it in the face. Although if you go to the You Tube “The Decision” it’s really not that cocky and arrogant as the media sold it to be. He’s actually nervous, he’s licking his lips too often – you can tell, he’s a nervous kid who really struggled with “The Decision”


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