Derek Jeter Hits #3,000…Why Doesn’t Yankee Fan Take Money In Exchange For The Histroic Ball?

Posted: July 14, 2011 in MLB

So Derek Jeter got his 3,000th hit over the weekend – and I thought the coolest part of it, was that the kid who caught the baseball – Christian Lopez, 23 years old, didn’t want any money! He didn’t want a penny. He basically said here’s the ball – the guy could probably make high 6 figures, maybe 7 and said he doesn’t want it. I’ve got a theory that might help to explain why the kid didn’t want the money. I might be wrong, but this is my theory – and I’ll give you an example.

Southwest Airlines got the fewest complaints last year, from you the consumer, of any domestic airline in the U.S. a grand total of 37. Now, they fly $10 million people and only 37 Americans called to complain about Southwest Airlines. Yet, they’re departure time was worse than United Airlines, worse than Delta and worse than Continental. Yet those Airlines got 4x more the complaints…why is that? It’s because Americans like Southwest Airlines. They wear kakis, they tell jokes, you don’t sue people you like…it’s harder to sue somebody you like, it’s hard to fire somebody you like.

We like Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds hits it into the stands – we don’t like Barry Bonds “Barry, give me a million bucks!” or I’m not giving you the ball. Mark McGuire – distant aloof hit’s it into the stands “give us a million bucks”. When A-rod hit’s it into the stands for home runs #700 “hey, let’s negotiate”. But we like Derek Jeter so much; it would be unbecoming to negotiate with Derek Jeter. It’s like Southwest Airlines – you can’t call and complain. They make jokes over the loudspeaker, they wear kaki’s, they don’t feel corporate “they’re one of us” being liked goes a long long way!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I wonder if it’s just a case of that particular guy having that mindset. Maybe if it were another fan, he’d want cash for the ball. You make a good point about not suing people you like, though. I’ve heard that the biggest factor in a patient’s family not suing a physician after a medical error killed the patient is if the physician spoke to the family during the treatment. Absentee physicians are more likely to be sued than physician’s who communicated with the family during the care phase.

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