We Bang On Jeter For Making The All-Star Team And Then Bang Him For Not Showing Up, Huh?

Posted: July 14, 2011 in MLB

We are now really a “now” society, we are really a “what have you done for me lately” society – that Derek Jeter has been a role model and a model citizen for years, like 15 years or so. The guy was the most eligible bachelor in New York City – you’ve never seen one inappropriate picture. A-rod was married and you saw 30 pictures, Jeter was single – and he kept it private. I don’t know if he’s paying off doorman, or paying off valait. There has never been a guy – that eligible and that single, who dated that many beautiful woman and you know nothing about it in this “twitter/facebook” world. I mean, he’s like the “invisible man”

Remember when you use to watch cartoons? And they’d take a picture of a ghost and he wouldn’t show up – that’s Jeter for you right there. You take a picture of Jeter and he’s not there. There is just a beautiful woman with an arm around her, whatever he has done is amazing. Now, he misses the All-Star game…and everybody is killing him. Remember, this has been a bizarre year for Jeter.

Jeter is one of those athletes who has always admitted – he admits this,” I surround myself with yes men, I surround myself with positive guys…I don’t want negativity.” I’ve seen Jeter twice out – once when we took a family trip to Florida in the Orlando area at a place called Ruth Krisp and once in New York City. He’s got his boys, they hang in a pack, they sorta surround him – it’s sorta of a Pied Piper thing, nobody gets in, he’s paying for every dinner and they sort of protect him.

Whatever “it” is, it works for Jeter. But this year – for a guy that’s had this great career, even in the off-season his owner ripped him, his GM ripped him. Then he starts the season slowly, the fans are ripping on him and the media rips him as well. You know how like in life you’re not allowed to be charged for the same crime twice? It’s called Double Jeopardy…we’re literally charging Jeter twice. We ripped him for making the All-Star team “you’re a bum” then he made it and we’re ripping him for not showing up. And it’s really sparked this big debate on the All-Star game.

If Jeter had shown up – this wouldn’t even be a story, but since Jeter didn’t show up, now the entire All-Star game was overshadowed by “man, nobody wants to be here” Now, Bobby Valentine – and by the way, Lance Berkman came out saying “personally, you have an obligation to be here” Lance Berkman said that! Carlos Beltran “I believe as a ballplayer, you should be here” A national league representative, a Major League representative “Derek Jeter is wrong on this one” Says Phillies Chariman Bill Giles “I think it’s a problem and think baseball should study it”

Now, I’m going to transcribe 3 bites for you. First is Bobby Valentine – I totally disagree with this, he says there should be a monetary reward for winners and a monetary reward to just show up “ I would get the big fund out there, you know, I’d make sure that the winners got a big chunk and the losers got zero. I’d say to the losers that you don’t have to donate money to charity nor their community you know, and I’d have the winner – hopefully, do due part in the same thing. But if you had a monetary reward, even though guys are making $10 million dollars and a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a couple of days on signing baseballs is pretty good…”

I totally disagree! Listen, the answer here is “give Jeter more money” pfft, that always reminds me – like whenever I hear this “just give people who are rich more money” argument, it reminds me of how some people say that to cure a hangover “hair of the dog that bit you”, yeah really…cause I’m going to have a rum and coke at 7:30am because I had 14 of them….9 hours ago. I’m not buying into this “hair of the dog that bit you” and I’m not buying into “let’s just give guys who are worth $100 million more money and then they’ll show up” money is clearly not the answer.

Now Peter Pasquarelli, ESPN MLB Analyst says that Major League Baseball tells us the game is important, yet the players don’t agree. “Major League Baseball says that this game means something – well it means less and less because of the fact that many players just bypass the oppourtunity – like legitimate injuries you can obviously understand. But when players just seem to come up with something last minute to prevent them from coming, you wonder about the whole liability of the game and whether they really need to crack down on it to a certain extent – perhaps require the players to declare before the start of the season starts, whether they’ll be willing to attend or not and if they’re not, then just take them off the list or something like that, so that fans aren’t disappointed.” I honestly don’t think that works – that doesn’t work because things happen over the course of a season, nagging injuries and players have no idea on what’s going to happen before the season. Finally, if you force players to say if they will show up or not – every player is going to say “of course I’m going to show up” that will be a complete waste of time.

The third person – Jason Starks, another smart guy says here is what bothers him “it still bothers me when we spend all this time, weeks and weeks and weeks on who should start. People vote and invest a lot of time, thought and emotion into that and then a guy who’s elected to start – not only does not play, but then decides that he should not even come. I just think that’s wrong” It is wrong, but this just goes to the heart of something I’ve preached to you since the beginning of my rants – love your family, like your sports! What Jason Starks is largely acknowledging is that this game is bigger for you and the media than it is for the players – and that sounds ridiculous and it is ridiculous. But how many times do we have to get burned as fans before we realize –it’s a business!


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