National League Win’s The All-Star Game…Brewer’s Get Home Field Advantage!!!

Posted: July 16, 2011 in MLB

So the National League won the All-Star game – all that means, my Brewers (still die-hard Astros guy) get home field advantage in the World Series. Actually the Milwaukee Brewers won twice – they get home field advantage WHEN they make the World Series (as predicted here) and they stole Francisco Rodriguez from the Mets for 2 no name players…it’s a great deal! They get a great quick start to the 2nd half of the season, are the co-leaders in the National League Central  and then half an hour after the All-Star game – one of the best relievers in the National League in the last few years – is now going to the Milwaukee Brewers, he’s only 29 years old has 23 saves, he would have problems with the Mets anyways cause they were on the hook for big money, the Mets are basically trading off a lot of stars and lowering the payroll, they’re already 11 back of the Phillies and 7 ½ out of the National League Wild Card race…what’s the point!

They may keep Reyes, Beltran and David Wright – it’s going to be a fire sale, they started it with this move, the winner? The Brewers! So now you’ve got two closers. The Milwaukee Brewers…isn’t it interesting? Small market Brewers are buyers and large market Mets are sellers…amazing! Barry Larkin, one of the great shortstops of all-time says he loves what Milwaukee pulled off right after the All-Star game “well, I think it’s nice that they will have options in Milwaukee because if K-rod is going well, then you know, they might ride him…if Axford (Canadian kid) is throwing well, they might ride him. The fact of the matter is they’re gonna have chances to win games simply because they’ve got the Rickie Weekes and the Ryan Bruans. They’ve got the pitching – the starting rotation is fabulous. But a question that’s always asked is “if we have a chance to win this game…can we close it down?” well now, they’ve got two options at the back of the bullpen” Unbelievable! Small market Milwaukee.

Now, you and I have been saying this for years – they should have an All-Star game for GM’s because Doug Melvin has done it again. He did it in Texas and now he’s doing it in Milwaukee – where he takes a team under the radar, with no real history of winning, and jams it full of great players. Doug Melvin was on the The Herd on ESPN radio about 3 weeks ago, listen 90% of the country…better yet, not even 90% of baseball fans know about Doug Melvin. Listen, he has created a roster that is jammed full of All-Star’s. Major markets like Dodgers and Angels and Houston don’t have this type of talent. Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, Cory Hart, now K-rod, Zack Greinke, Shaun Marcum…it’s unbelievable! It’s just like one All-Star after another. Bobby Valentine was quoted as saying that this is classic Doug Melvin “ Preemptively Doug Melvin grabs a hold of another bullpen relief pitcher that’s gonna help him with this pennant. He’s in it to win it! I’m sure he’s going to get a deal where he doesn’t have to be the closer. Like they’re probably sign him for next year – is my guess, but for something less and then let him contribute to a winning season this year and beyond”

If you combine the Angels and Dodgers today – they don’t have Milwaukee’s talent. We spend so much time paying attention to players yet this sport is a GM driven sport! I mean, Doug Melvin has created an All-Star team in Milwaukee yet in contrast the Cubs have all the glamor, have all the money, how are they doing in the National League Central? How’s Jim Henry done there? I know what Doug Melvin is doing…he’s got twice the talent of major market Chicago and the New York Mets!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    It would be interesting to see Milwaukee get to the Fall Classic. They’ve been a have not franchise for as long as I can remember. I remember when they were in the AL and stinking it up….I had never heard of Melvin and didn’t know he came from the Rangers, but that’s pretty cool what he’s doing, especially in an unbalanced economic system like Major League Baseball.

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