Who Calls Their Boss A “Dictator, The Devil And A Crook” And Thinks They Can Get Away With It?

Posted: July 22, 2011 in NFL

4 days? You agree to a 4 day interview? Like, fire your agent!! President Obama – as smart and articulate and compelling as anybody out there on TV, like he’s one of the greatest speaks ever! He gives the network like 30 minutes and then says “see yah” You gave them 4 days…4 days isn’t an interview, it’s an inquisition! You don’t give anybody 4 days – that’s a lot of digging. Go on a 4 day vacation and you’ll have a bad moment, forget a 4 day interview. So whoever set that up, you never give the media 4 days to follow you? Even reality TV cameras have to leave eventually…4 days!! They stayed at your house – you’re just not a smart enough guy to avoid a time bomb in 4 days…that is just unbelievable to me.

Secondly, he says “the words were taken out of context”. Okay James, in what context is calling your boss a “dictator, and the devil and a crook” okay? The answer is never!! I don’t even think James Harrison understands what “out of context” means! Does James Harrison think that a writer is supposed to follow him for 4 days and then, in the order spoken, write the quotes that he said? Umm football dude, it doesn’t work that way. They take the best stuff and they write around the best stuff. Now they can’t take a word and turn it upside down – like if you say “I love Ben Roethlisberger” they can’t put “I hate Ben Roethlisberger”, but they didn’t have to.  You called your boss a “dictator, the devil and a crook” and you called out all sorts of teammates and you called Brian Cushing a “juice monster” and you weren’t talking about Jumba Juice, so dude…it’s a “you” problem.

Drew Rosenhaus – whose client, Brian Cushing, was called out as a juicer said James Harrison should’ve known better “I think – you know listen, it’s a free country and you can say what you want, but you know he’s a professional football player and he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers and I think the Steelers have the ability – you know, you can fine players in this league for saying things that are detrimental. Right now, we’re in a lockout but it doesn’t make a difference in my mind. If you do something that is detrimental to your football team – you knocked your QB, your running back, and you’re still taking shots at the NFL, I mean I’m just not so sure that that’s the kind of thing we should and can condone”

Listen, it’s been a tough 2 years for the Roony’s – Roethlisberger with the whole sexual assault accusations, Santonio Holmes with legal issues. Jeff Reid with his ticker and bad publicity, Hines Ward with a DUI and now James Harrison calling the commissioner “the devil”. Even LaVar Arrington, former player, said it was a horrible example. Ervin Balwin, Bears player, “James Harrison…the dude is a goon” So it’s just no way around it – and by the way, Harrison can have his opinion but as Drew Rosenhaus says, doing it this way is wrong. “I don’t believe that anybody should go public and knock other people. If you have something negative to say about people, then you should do it in person. You should do it privately; you should do it face to face…eye to eye. Not a fan of using the media to rip on other people, the league should discipline players that just run their mouth and insult other people and take shots at people in a careless fashion and in a way that is uneducated”

I will say this as well – and it is uneducated. Don’t get personal….1st mistake, a 4 day interview. Fire your agent! That’s a horrible idea. The 2nd idea is you can’t make it personal – even in negotiations. We’ve seen like 10 examples of pro athletes in the NFL, 15-20 examples…dozens really, of guys coming out and name calling…stop! Just stop talking…don’t do it. I believe this about twitter and I’ve said it before – it’s a liability. Twitter for Bill Simmons is great…Bill Simmons is smart. But for most pro athlete’s it’s a liability. It’s great for Mark Cuban and it could be great for Barak Obama – there are a lot of people it could be great for, but for pro athlete’s twitter is a liability. Ochocinco will eventually make a big mistake.

If I was the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’d cut him! I’ve got enough issues…I’d cut him. Sorry! But Steeler fan doesn’t agree with that because Steeler fan cares about “W’s” and they’ll support anybody regarding anything, I totally get it…they’re no different than any other fan. But in this instance, I just think that James Harrison – this is like the 3rd time that he’s come out and ripped the commissioner and made it incredibly personal and has gone way over the line. For the record, I think it’s okay to be critical of corporate America, I’m sure if I worked in any corporation I’d be very critical of them. But when you start name calling “the devil, crook” you’ve crossed the line, heck you’ve not only crossed the line…you’ve blown through it!


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