The NFL Is Officially Back In Business…And Favre Is Making Yet Another Comeback?

Posted: July 25, 2011 in NFL

This rant goes out to my really close friend – to the point where he’s pretty much a brother to me, Mike Crack…the infamous commenter on my blog. Happy Birthday Mike! I don’t think you could’ve asked for a better present than the one given today….the announcement that the NFL is officially back in business! Hope you enjoy this one bud, mad respects!!


Reportedly this morning, Brett Favre – you’ve probably heard the story, Favre and the Eagles…it’s reported that Favre called the NFL office this morning and asked them to send him his retirement papers and you can imagine the NFL offices reaction being something of a “Nooooooooo!!!!! God Please Nooooooo!!!!” I think the NFL speaks for the world! Actually, he’s a pretty good fit with the Eagles…that’s the sad part.

You know, you look at all these free agents – what’s the old saying “the grass is always greener?” we want what we can’t have…be very careful because there’s free agents out there – and there’s a lot of good  players and almost no great players available…Nnamdi Asomugha is a great player! Santonio Holmes is a very good player. But what have the Redskins been burned on for years? Spending on free agents!!!! Overpaying good guys and paying them with great money. On so many level’s, it’s a bad decision.

First of all, you bring in a good player into your locker room and suddenly he’s the highest paid – that doesn’t go over well. Secondly, you take a good player, you pay him great money and he then feels entitled. Thirdly, it limits what you can do down the road because the way it works in pro sports – you want your star players to be paid the most. You want Mark Texiera and CC Sabathia and A-Rod, you want those guys to make the most amount of money, and it’s nothing against Nick Swisher here. But you ultimately want your stars to make the most money – even when you have a big fat payroll. You still – in the NFL, It’s a salary cap league and you’ve got a bunch of guy’s available right now and one great player available in Nnamdi Asomugha. Even he plays cornerback and you could throw away from him! It is a QB, WR, Head Coach league right now….don’t forget that!Matt Hasselbeck, as a QB, could have as much value for a couple of years to a team than Nnamdi Asomugha could, even though Nnamdi right now is in the peak of his career.

So basically the story is…we’re ready to go! The owners and players agreed early this morning to the terms of the deal. They worked through the weekend and through this morning. Under the tentative schedule, training camps open for a third of the teams this Wednesday, a third of the teams Thursday and a third of the teams on Friday. But, teams can now sign their own free agents – their own guys today!! Adam Schefter was on the Mike & Mike Show this morning on ESPN radio, I’m going to let him lay it all out for you with this free agent frenzy.

“Assuming the NFLPA takes this deal this afternoon or tomorrow – sometime after that, the NFL will send out a memo to teams and a memo to the media and it will explain that teams are allowed to start signing their own players, undrafted college players, free agents…today!! The will be allowed to start talking to un-restricted free agents, like Nnamdi Asomugha, today. Teams will be allowed to start talking about trades, like a Kevin Kolb. You cannot start signing un-restricted free agents, like Nnamdi, Santonio Holmes, and Jenkins until tomorrow at noon. However, teams and agents still don’t know the rules they are playing under – they don’t know how contracts would be structured because there is a lot of mystery and grey area. Those contracts cannot be approved until next Tuesday – August 2nd, which is the 10th to the start of the league year.”

So there we go folks! We’re all within the fence and all is rollin and we’re ready to go. You can sign your own guys today, big shots over the next couple of days, yet I’d be very very very weary of signing splashy free agents. I would spend my money on re-signing my own people. The problem with free agents in every sport – and we see this in baseball, you don’t know if they’re going to work in your system, you don’t know if they’re going to work in your city. Now you’re going to massively overpay for a good guy, not a great guy. There is one great player out there – I think DeAngelo Williams, the running back for Carolina is great, but it’s not a running back league.

Nnamdi is the star! Tampa Bay needs a corner, the Texans are desperate…he’s going to end up being super rich by the end of the week. In real estate its location, in free agency it’s timing! And his timing is great! You have a Houston Texans coaching staff that’s going to get run out if they don’t win this year and they are very good almost everywhere except the secondary, he will make a bloody fortune! And you’ve got 4 or 5 teams here – Tampa has got to spend about $50 million, Cincinnati $18 million, Carolina $30 million, Arizona $30 million, Philly close to $30 million, Oakland $20 million, San Diego $20 million, Kansas City $30 million and Jacksonville $30 million.

I would spend it myself on free agents that I have, my own guys. I think there are very few guys – like Seattle is a great example. You gotta sign Matt Hasselback, your absolutely outta your mind if you don’t sign him. Have you heard what’s going on in Seattle? Reportedly they’re interested in Tavaris Jackson, so Seattle’s QB will be Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst, that doesn’t win you the Grey Cup. You have Matt Hasselback – a veteran with a short camp, you lost 120 practises and you’re going to let him go? There are 3 teams right now that to me are on the precipice of a disaster…they’re all in big trouble potential.

Firstly, my Jets! You have to resign Santonio Holmes because at least when you overpay him – you’re overpaying one of your own, who’s got friends in the lock room. You let him go…this is a team that was like 22nd  offensively, you don’t have a go-to receiver and you’re not being the Patriots, the Steelers – you’re not beating those teams without Santonio Holmes…huge issue. You’re going to overspend on money…sign one of your own. The Colts have done that…resign your own, spend a little more on them and not on guys outta town that your bringing in. Secondly, the Seattle Seahawks! How in the world you don’t spend money on Matt Hasselback who threw for 3,000 yards with a bad offensive line and no star receiver…your nuts!! The Cowboys have real issues…I actually like Dallas this year, but they’re over the cap, they have to shred $16 million and then they’ve got to upgrade that secondary in my opinion. They think they’re secondary is okay…I’m not sure it is.

Be very weary, people lack perspective….lot of bling, lots of shiny stuff “oh my word, look at that guy…” this and that….slow down!! It’s still a QB driven league, Matt Hasselback – past his prime, a year or two left in this league…is still more valuable than 90% of the guys out there. Get your QB figured out, teams can sign their own free agents today.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Thanks for the shout, b.

    I don’t know if we will ever see the day where Favre retires. While people get sick of his saga every year, I find it funny and interesting to watch. I’m not a big Favre fan, but I like watching him play. The league would seem weird without him.

    As for overpaying for free agents, I guess this is a year where some teams will have to, such as Tampa. I guess they might as well do it on quality players. I wonder if they will go for Nnamdi, though. It looks like Aqib Talib will be able to play out the season, and in the Tampa 2 system, spending so much on a corner may not be advisable. Still, if they have to spend, it’d be good to spend it on a quality player who is also a quality individual off the field.

    Anyway, I think signing some mid-level free agents to serve as complements to your stars is the way to go, as you said. I wouldn’t mind the Bills making a run at Tyson Clabo to fill our void at RT, or picking up Todd Heap to play some snaps at TE and run some two tight end sets with Shawn Nelson. I wouldn’t be for signing a big name player right now. I think that should be reserved for teams on the cusp of greatness, like a New York Jets or Philly Eagles.

    Anyway, while I think Hasselbeck can still play, I think John Schneider and Pete Carroll believe they have a lot of time to develop their program. I guess they would prefer to try to develop someone who can a franchise signal caller for the next few years. I don’t think TJack is that guy, but the Seahawks new OC is Jackson’s old OC, Darrell Bevell. If the Titans get Hasselbeck, they should be able to compete. Their o-line is excellent, Chris Johnson would provide him with a ground game not seen by Hasselbeck since 2005, and if Kenny Britt can stay out of trouble, Matt would have one dynamic player to throw to downfield.

    I do agree that it is a QB driven league.

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