In The MLB, Post – PED’s and Steroids, You Don’t Need A Roy Halladay To Win Baseball Games…Nobody Can Hit!!

Posted: July 28, 2011 in MLB

So, it was so hot last Saturday that I watched the Mariners get spanked by the Red Sox’s and A’s and Yankees. What is unbelievable to me – now with all the drugs out of baseball, PED’s…nobody can hit! I mean, the Yankees, Red Sox’s, and the Rangers can hit a little bit – other than that, half of the sport is hitting under .250 and a lot of the sport is hitting under .240.

You don’t need Roy Halladay to get people out – you need Roy Halladay to win the World Series, but I’m watching the Mariners who have 2 ace’s and I’m watching the A’s  who also have 2 ace’s , yet their one of the 2 worst teams in baseball. Meanwhile every Red Sox pitcher has been hurt….they’re in 1st place. The Yankees have C.C Sabathia and cross your fingers…and they’re in 2nd. You don’t need great pitching to win your division – that doesn’t mean the Phillies won’t win their division, but nobody can hit in the sport outside of the Yankees, Red Sox’s and Rangers.

It is amazing to me that the Seattle Mariners, the team I grew up watching (my dad loved watching Randy Johnson in his heyday out West) they’re basically a triple A baseball team outside of their 2 ace’s…it’s a triple A baseball team! They don’t even look athletic. And Ichiro could quit in any season and retire – he’s got $100 million dollars, he’s about ready to retire. Why in the world Seattle wouldn’t go to the Yankees and say “give us your 2 best prospects, a Jesus Montero and Brandon Layaird” 2 starters for 5 years…the Mariner’s are un-watchable! It’s a triple A baseball team. Who gives a rip that you have King Felix, he’s every 5th day and in between that you’re a triple A baseball team.

And all the Yankees care about is winning the World Series – who cares about prospects! You go buy the best players. So to me the Yankees and the Mariners, who played against each other this past week, God, you both saw where you stand against each other…make a deal! Honestly Seattle, what in God’s name are you waiting for? You’re a triple A baseball team, who honestly gives a rip if you’ve got an ace. The other 4 day of the week you look like….Calgary or like Tacoma! I don’t get it – and nobody can hit, nobody can hit in the sport. There’s only like 3 teams that can hit! Get rid of your ace’s at the bottom of the American League West – the Yankees are a team that could use an ace – it’s irrelevant for you.


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