Why We Miss Football (College or NFL) So Much! There Are 2 Seasons In Life…The Off-Season & The NFL/College Season

Posted: July 28, 2011 in NCAA Football, NFL

One of the reason’s as to why we’ve become a more football oriented society – both the NFL and college football, obviously the NFL is much bigger, is because society has gotten faster, people are busier so A) football is once a week and B) every game matters, there is a real sense of urgency. The 1st week of the NBA season – first 3 months for that matter are irrelevant, hockey’s irrelevant, 1st week of baseball is irrelevant. Yet look at the 1st week of the NFL and college football starting September 3rd 2011 where you’ve got Oregon @ LSU in Dallas (Arlington to be precise) which could decide the national title, Boise State at Georgia – I’ve penciled in Boise to play for the national title. Those 2 games could very well decide that national championship and then the next Saturday you’ve got Alabama @ Penn State, Notre Dame @ Michigan …absolutely huge games!!

Then the first week of the NFL – Saints @ Packers and that’s the kind of game that decides home field advantage later in the playoffs. You’ll back to say “remember Week 1? When the Saints beat the Packers on the last second field goal?”  Then you’ve got Steelers @ Ravens in the first week as well. That again, could end up deciding who gets home field advantage in the division game. Colts @ Texans  where many feel, especially last year, when they finally beat Indy in a game that this is the year where the Texans and the desperate staff sign Nnamdi (though rumours as of yesterday to be heading for the Jets), upgrade their secondary, Eerie Coubiak, Matt Shawb, put it together with a desperate staff…they finally beat the Colts. Then you’ve got the Cowboys and my Jets – that’s AFC/NFC, but it’s a big game for my Jets in a very tough division, likewise for the Dallas Cowboys. So there are 8 must-watch football games in the first 8 days…college and pro, God I can’t wait for football!!!!

Once again, Oregon @ LSU, Boise State @ Georgia, Alabama @ Penn State, Notre Dame @ Michigan in college. Then Saints @ Packers, Steelers @ Ravens, Colts @ Texans, and Cowboys @ Jets…you’ve got to watch those football games! I absolutely can’t wait…especially after last week , where it was like 120 degrees Fahrenheit , I’m dying for 79 degree, a cocktail, turn on the RedZone Channel, turn on football in September…I can’t wait!! It can’t come fast enough.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, football games are an event. You miss em, you’re missing a huge chunk of the season. An NFL game is worth ~10x what an MLB game is worth, and ~5x what an NHL or NBA game is worth. Football games are must see TV, especially in the NFL due to parity. In college, you get the 55-0 games often, but in the NFL, even the upsets aren’t *that* surprising.

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