A Recap Of A Crazy Week In NFL Free Agency Signings…Who Got Jipped And Who Got A Steal?

Posted: July 31, 2011 in NFL

So fans wants me to blog or for a radio host to come out and tell them “yeah, your team is great” pfft, it’s all hype really. Like I mean, if you go look at the city of New York for example and take a look at the last 12 big free agents that have been signed by all their professional sports teams – from Randy Johnson to C.C Sabathia to Carmelo Anthony, Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, Jason Bay etc – look at the last 10-12 big free agent signings in New York…only 1 is a superstar worth every penny of it, C.C. Sabathia.

I mean, Mark Teixeira has been pretty good, but you didn’t pay that kind of money for a .240 hitter, you paid it for a .288 hitter. But he’s good, hits a lot, works for the Yankees – and they’re loaded. But like, all the Met players have been nightmares – I mean, Stephon Marbury was a disaster, Carmelo is good not great and the reality is, people just love the headlines and they want guys in the media to tell them “man, you hit a bunch of home runs and your awesome” Yet check this out, want to know who hit a home run this past week in free agency that nobody is talking about? The Houston Texans! But that won’t get talked about today because they’re not sexy.

They went out and paid half of what they were going to have to pay for Nnamdi Asomugha, they went out and paid $8 million dollars a year, not the $15 million a year Nnamdi wanted, and they got a kid – Jonathan Joseph from Cincinnati who is a great corner, 3 years younger than Nnamdi, who’s had 9 picks in 2 years in a good division….yet that doesn’t make any headlines. So they get a guy that is 90% of Nnamdi for half the price – this league is built on value.

I’ll give you another team that stole somebody this past week. Andy Reid basically went to the Arizona Cardinals and said to them “give me your best player and I’ll give you a guy on our team that carries a clipboard…oh and by the way, give me a great draft pick too”. That’s stealing… that’s why Andy Reid is the best coach in the NFC…that is stealing!! They should arrest Andy Reid – for burglary! That’s unbelievable!! Andy Reid goes out and says to Arizona to give him their best player and gives them a guy that would hold a clipboard for them and asks the Cards to give them a 2nd round pick. Oh by the way, the Eagles draft too well with 2nd round draft picks, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Kevin Kolb. I mean please, somebody arrest Andy Reid for stealing…that is how you run this league!

Running this league is what Bill Belicheck did this week by basically saying “I’m going to take a guy with 67 catches – OchoCinco, who will catch 88 at our place” I mean…it’s unbelievable! He got Randy Moss for a salt and pepper shaker, get’s Ocho Cinco for a globe and a road map of Oregon…it’s just unbelievable! That’s how you do it though, because you don’t do it by paying Nnamdi Asomugha so much money that you gotta let go of Brad Smith, though you may let go of Braylon Edwards, you gotta redo L.T’s contract…that’s not the league!

The Patriots needed speed on the outside and a defensive lineman and they got both and paid nothing! Gave up crappy draft picks…honestly, it’s absolutely amazing. By the way, I’m not anti Kevin Kolb – I think Kevin Kolb works in that division. Kevin Kolb is a real splashy headline and yet people are saying “oh my gosh, what did you pay for Kevin Kolb…” you only paid $21 million and after 2 years if he stinks than you cut him – it’s the NFL, it’s not the NBA… you’re not locked into these guys forever. It’s not a Mike Hampton contract or a Barry Zito. You just shave the guy…see yah!  So they pay Kevin Kolb $63 million – he won’t see $63 million if he stinks? He’ll get $25 million of that. Is a QB worth $10-$12 million a year if he can provide you with a division title? Of course!!

You have $120-$125 million dollars to work with – I’ll pay a QB $10-$12 million if he can provide me with division titles. Again, you watch the video on Kevin Kolb…he’s doesn’t look l like Aaron Rogers nor Drew Breese…but he looks okay, and the feeling is with Kevin Kolb that if you can put Kolb, with a good coach like Whisenhunt + Larry Fitzgerald + a weak conference…they can fight for a division title that fills the stadium and that pays Kevin Kolb.

Let’s face it, in that division it’s about location, location, location! In that division, he’ll go up against Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, Sam Bradford and Alex Smith. Kevin Kolb is just fine. David Garrard, Matt Cassel, Kevin Kolb can win that division. I’m not going to spend that money on Kevin Kolb if it’s the NFC East where he has to face Michael Vick twice, Andy Reid twice, Eli Manning twice, Tom Coughlin twice or Tony Romo twice. Then Kevin Kolb is not worth the money! It’s like houses! If my house can cost this…it would cost 5x as much if it was in the middle of downtown Toronto, its location!! I’m willing to pay a lot of money for a house in Califorina yet wouldn’t pay that amount of money for that same house in Michigan.

Kevin Kolb, in the location of Arizona and in that division, is worth the risk. As long as you can go up for division titles, you can sell out your stadium. Derek Anderson…you’re getting 41,000 people, with Kevin Kolb? Your getting 59,000 – 18,000 x $50 a ticket + parking + programs….he pays for himself. As well, you were also signing Larry Fitzgerald because you’re showing Larry Fitzgerald – still maybe the best receiver in the league “we love you, we care about you and we want to get you help!”

So, I don’t think every single one of these signings is great, I think they make splashy headlines. In review, I totally get the Kevin Kolb deal…I think he’s worth the risk – I don’t think he’s great, I think he’s Matt Cassel, David Garrard. I think OchoCInco – I mean, look at what Bill Belicheck and Brady did to Wes Welker and Randy Moss’ career. Randy Moss was past his prime slightly, still had skills and malcontent. Ocho Cinco is also past his prime – I don’t see him as a malcontent, I just see him as kinda of a twitter crazy, paying attention to stuff that doesn’t matter type of guy. He’ll go from 65 catches to 85 catches and they’ll finally have what they haven’t had in a couple of years since Randy moss went sideways – they’ll have elite outside threat. They’ve already got 2 great tight ends, already got a great slot receiver, a hall of fame QB and a hall of fame coach and a good offensive line but what they didn’t have was a great speed guy. Somebody that forces Darrelle Revis to work hard and they went out and got him!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, the Johnathan Joseph deal was an underrated signing. He wants to be in Houston. He likes what they are building with their defense, and Bengals DC Mike Zimmer was very disappointed to see him go.

    The Cards definitely didn’t overpay for Kolb, I agree. DRC isn’t their best player, Darnell Dockett, Adrian Wilson and Larry Fitz are all better. He’s not a shutdown corner, he’s more of a big play corner (goes both ways, he’ll give up big receptions but alos jump routes to make big interceptions). Plus, their DC Ray Horton likes corners who can tackle, coming from the Pittsburgh system, so I don’t think they will miss DRC too much. Plus, like you said, you don’t need a great QB in the NFC West, at least not at this time. The Cards had an awful QB situation and still finished second in the division last year. It’s a whole new year with a whole new list of variables and situations, but a solid QB like Kolb should get AZ in the hunt.

    To be real, I don’t mind NE getting Chad too much. I think he’ll be an improvement for their intermediate passing game, but he’s no longer a deep threat and that’s what NE sort of needs. That was evident in their playoff game against NYJ. The Jets had no respect for the Pats going over the top.

    Also, I hope Haynesworth acts up :p

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