Always Have A Plan In Life – Just Like The Eagles, Falcons And Arizona In The NFL!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in NFL

Vince Young – I never want him as my starting QB, but I LOVE him as a backup QB because then, I don’t have to build my franchise around him nor have to give him 5 years. I can give him a few million for a year and have him grow up – he’s sorta delusional about his talent, he’s very immature, I’m not building my franchise around him, but is their a better backup QB in the league right now than the Eagles’ Vince Young? Same guy…I hate him for one position, love him for the other.

What the Philadelphia Eagles really proved to me this past weekend is something my dad tells my brother, sister and I all the time – have a plan in life and pursuit it. No little boy at 7 years old drives by a construction site and says “dad, that’s what I want to do for a living! I don’t want to be Derek Jeter, I don’t want to be a rockstar, and I don’t want to be a fireman…no, I want to sit on a roof at 104 degrees and pound nails” That’s a guy with no plan! That’s a guy that got out of high school and partied all night long and then went “holy crap, I gotta work! Mom’s kicking me outta the house…I gotta pay rent” have a plan and pursuit it!!

When you look at what the Philadelphia Eagles did this weekend…it’s amazing! They needed corners – they got the 2 best! They needed a pass rush…they got 2 studs and they needed a backup QB and they got one. As of this morning, they still have 10 draft picks for next year. They got into the Nnamdi stuff late – but they still had a plan. The Atlanta Falcons had a plan because they needed – no questions about it, more of a pass rush and they went and got Ray Edwards, they needed another big time offensive playmaker – outside of the hash marks and got one. What a shock! There GM came from Bill Belicheck’s camp.

Arizona had a plan as well because they’ve signed a couple of guys – they needed a QB, they needed a tight end, so they went and got 1 locally – Todd Heath from Baltimore who played at Arizona State. They had drafted a great corner so they could give up Cromartie Rogers. They had a plan worked out and Arizona, to me, is the favourite in that division. Seattle doesn’t have a plan, St. Louis is still young…Arizona now wins that division. When it comes to the Seahawks, the Bears, and the Miami Dolphins…I just don’t see a plan at all! Unless the Bears’ plan is “hey, who’s that guy with the Jets, who’s never had a sack since we drafted him from Ohio State…let’s get that guy!”

The Jets to me are interesting, I won’t put them in the “great plan” or “horrible plan” camp, but I thought the Jets were very interesting. I thought it was about ego, I thought they chased a headline. The New York Jets could’ve gone out and acquired Jonathan Joseph – a very good corner most of you have never heard of from Cincinanti for a lot cheaper than Nnamdi. Yet that’s what the Texans did – who had a plan. The Jets chased Nnamdi – who they didn’t really need because you can argue they’ve already got the best two corners in the NFL. What they could use is youth at linebacker, a really good safety, a pass rush…more help! The Jets look like they chased a name – got into it, fell in love with it and then in the end went “we’ll take that guy who was in prison, in his mid 30’s and will catch about 40 balls this year.” Its not a disaster – Plaxico is maybe better than Braylon, but he’s 34 and has been in the can for 2 years, maybe he’s not. But that’s not a great great plan…it was okay. The Falcons, Arizona and Philadelphia to me, did just an incredible job. The Patriots with Belicheck – they need an outside guy, Ochocinco, 65 catches last year, Brady will add 20 to 25 more for a weak draft pick. He fills a need, got value and production, bang bang bang, boom boom boom…all three. Have a plan!!

Like it’s really amazing what Philadelphia did – this is not something they dreamed up last Wednesday, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin…primer guys in the defensive line, premier corners. “But Andrew, they don’t have linebackers” but this is not a linebacker league. Who were the Saints’ linebackers when they won the Superbowl? Who were Arizona’s linebackers when they got to the Superbowl? By the way, I like Clay Matthews from the Packers, but it’s a QB/Receiver/Defensive line/ Secondary driven league. I’ll tell you who’s got great linebackers – the Houston Texans, yet they can’t make the players. It’s not a linebacker driven league. QB, Defensive lines…guys in the back! So Philadelphia blew me away!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I think Vince makes a good back-up on a team where he’s buying into the program, such as Philly. I don’t know if he’d be a great back-up if he didn’t get his choice of team.

    The Eagles added some depth to their corner position, but I feel DRC is overrated. He’s a big play corner, but that goes both ways. Nowhere near a shutdown guy. But if the Eagles pass rush can be fortified with their personnel additions, and more importantly with the coaching addition of Jim Washburn, their secondary will look better.

    Contrary to a lot of people, I like what the Bears have done for the most part. i wasn’t a fan of them dealing “G-Reg” Greg Olsen, as he was Jay Cutler’s favourite target, but I guess Mike Martz has a system that he believes in and the tight end is a blocker in that system. G-Reg’s skillset doesn’t suit the Martz O’s tight end role, so the Bears got rid of him. Besides the G-Reg deal, I like what they did with their additions. Vernon Gholston sucks, and he looked like a bust coming out of OSU. However, I felt at that time that he’d be a better 4-3 guy than 3-4. in a 4-3 he can just rush the passer, especially in the Bears Tampa 2 scheme. In NYJ, he had to worry about more things as a rush linebacker, and when they tried to play him at 3-4 DE, he simply didn’t have the size to handle the responsibilities that come with being a five technique. Further, I like the acquisition of Amobi Okoye. He’s another guy who seems like he’ll be suited to play in a Tampa 2 scheme. His body type fits the one gap penetrating DT role that the Warren Sapps and Tommie Harrises were when the Bucs and Bears Ds were dominant. Lastly, I love the Roy Williams pick-up. Back in the day, Roy Williams wasn’t a name you would ridicule. He started off hot as a rookie and had a better rookie year than Larry Fitzgerald. He also had a 1300 yard year in the Mike Martz offense in 2006. Just like last year when I loved the Mike Martz addition because he’d be paired with Jay Cutler, a quarterback who shared the “i don’t give a dang, I’m throwing it” mentality, I think the fact that Roy and Mike will be on the same page will do wonders. Plus, Cutler hasn’t had a receiver of Roy’s calibre in his two years in Chicago, He finally got one.

    The NFC West is usually a boring division, but this year it looks very fun. I feel that it’s a three horse race with the 9ers being out of it. I like what Pete Carroll’s doing with the Seattle program. If Russell Okung stays healthy and the ‘Hawks interior line plays well, they could be the winners of that division. The Seahawks now have the luxury of running double tight end sets with two athletic pass catchers in John Carlson and Zach Miller, and Sidney Rice and Big Mike Williams on the outside will make for some nice matchups for Tarvaris Jackson to throw to. I feel he will exceed (the low) expectations many have for him. He’ll be playing in a familiar offense too, since Darrell Bevell moved from the Vikes OC job to the Seahawks OC job. I suppose it says something that Bevell would go to Seattle and give the endorsement for his old (and maligned) quarterback. As well, Rice is Jackson’s old teammate, so we could see some old Viking chemistry in the Emerald City.
    AZ was up and down last year, but the addition of a quarterback who should be at least somewhat competent should give them a huge boost. Moving from the atrocity of quarterbacking that was the play of Derek Anderson and Max Hall would give hope to any team (John Skelton did show some promise, though). I still don’t know if the AZ pass rush is going to help out their subpar secondary, though.

    The Rams were a competitive team last year, and they say the biggest improvement in a player’s career comes between his first and second season. If so, Sam Bradford could propel the Rams to a division crown, especially when you add in Josh McDaniels as head coach and the return of Mark Clayton, who was an early favourite target for Sam before Clayton went down with an injury. The Rams also made some additions on defense, the most notable one being DE Robert Quinn. The St. Louis DEs played a *ton* of snaps last year, so getting a talented player like Quinn should help keep the Rams pass rushers more fresh this year.

    I agree with your point about the Jets sort of chasing a name. They really didn’t need a cornerback as good as Nnamdi. Their big issue defensively in last year’s AFC title game was horrendous tackling early on. Rashard Mendenall was running wild in the first half. Plus, like you said, they still could use that great pass rusher that some of the 3-4 Ds have. Getting into the Osi Umenyiora sweepstakes may not have been a bad thing, assuming they feel he can make the switch to being a rush linebacker.

    I like what the Falcons have done. Thomas Dimitroff has done a great job building that team. They’re aggressive and if they believe they need something or someone, they’ll trade up or pay big money to do it e.g. trading up and reaching for Sam Baker in ’08 when they felt they needed a blindside protector for rookie Matt Ryan or signing (the slightly overrated) Ray Edwards because Kroy Biehrmann just wasn’t getting to the QB last year.

    Anyway, with respect to the Eagle linebackers, I agree. In a 4-3 scheme, you don’t have to spend that much money on linebackers, especially if you are a team that feels its offense is explosive enough to score early and quickly. The Colts don’t put too much money into their linebackers, even when they’re good, opting to let them go in free agency (Marcus Washington, Mike Peterson, David Thornton etc.) The only exception was Gary Brackett. The Colts feel they that linebackers are replaceable and because they feel they’ll be up on the scoreboard, they choose to get guys who can rush the passer and play defensive back because the opposing teams will be in obvious passing situations fairly early in the game. The Eagles probably feel the same way. However, in a 3-4 scheme, OLBs are a big deal. Clay Matthews III, James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, DeMarcus Ware, Terrell Suggs and hopefully Shawne Merriman in Buffalo 😉 all help make their respective 34 defenses go. I guess it can be argued that 3-4 backers, especially in rush heavy schemes are glorified defensive linemen, though.

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