The End Of An Era For Randy Moss, What Category Of A Player Was He? The Rarest Kind!

Posted: August 5, 2011 in NFL

So it’s been a couple of days since Randy Moss decided to retire, a few days after  the supposed retirement, reports leaked that he had been contacted by the Eagles and had been offered a shot to play for them – but since that failed to really materialize, I thought it’d be appropriate to drop this rant about Randy. So I was reading the headlines this past Tuesday morning and one read “Randy Moss – an all time mystery” Well, not really if you ask me cause for me, Randy Moss is a rare talent and I’ll explain just how rare he is.

Math and Science are hard subjects to master for the masses, yet why are their so few smoking hot gorgeous woman in Math and Science? (pfft, saw it first hand at waterloo lol) Why? Because they simple don’t have to work that hard! That’s not a criticism, that’s a very human trait. We all work about as hard as we have to work, to make a nice living – that’s about it! Your guilty of it, I’m guilty of it – like we all work about as hard as we have to, even in sports. To me, there are 3 levels, 3 categories of professional athletes. The 1st category is the “gifted but kind of unfocused and unmotivated” type. That’s not Randy Moss – that’s like Michael Vick early in his career, and like Kenny Brit…but those guys don’t become hall of famers.  Then there is the “not as gifted but works his tail off” type. I’d put an Art Monk of the Redskins, Tom Brady – these guys don’t make the hall of fame, with very few exceptions of course and Brady is one of them. Then there is the “gifted and motivated” – that’s Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning…you don’t get many of those, Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, you don’t get too many of those…they are the legends, 1st ballot hall of fame guys cause they’re gifted and motivated.

Randy Moss – now obviously if you’re not gifted and you’re not motivated, you’re working at Denny’s – you’re not a pro athlete because you’ve got to have at least something! But there is the very rare category which Randy Moss, to me, is in – and I mean in the history of sports, there’s not many of these guys. I’d say perhaps 5 maybe 8 at best. So few exist that it’s not even a category! I’d put players like Manny Ramirez, Randy Moss, Clyde Drexler and Charles Barkley where they’re “gifted, often totally unmotivated yet still 1st ballot hall of famers!”

Most of your hall of famers are either guys who just worked their tails off or were totally gifted and motivated. But Moss is in that rare group that’s so rare; we don’t even have a category! It’s sort of like spontaneous human combustion – reportedly years ago people died because of that, but it happens so infrequently, under causes of death…they don’t even have a category for it – that’s Randy Moss! At some point, Barkley, Drexler, Moss and Manny were motivated enough to elevate their skill to an elite level.

But something clicks for a Peyton Manning, something clicks for a Brett Favre or an MJ where they want to be a legend, it not just about the money – I’m not exactly sure what that “it” is for Peyton and MJ and Kobe and Favre and these amazing guys who are gifted, like “through the roof” talented and then totally motivated, to be iconic. Whatever that is, Jerry Rice had it and Randy Moss didn’t. Randy worked hard enough to get open about 10 times a game. Randy Moss worked hard enough most of the game to make plays when it counted as if he worked for a really good team.

Since we mostly work as hard as we have to and very few people work so hard and are given such gifts, that they become the icons – and in the history of sports there are probably 20 to 25 of them. Even Randy Moss – whom I don’t have a problem with; I’ve never thought of Randy Moss as “mysterious” to me, he’s just rare! He’s in that Barkley; Manny, Drexler, Moss class where these dudes didn’t even work hard, yet were so gifted and automatic 1st ballot. Clyde Drexler never developed the left hand…come to think of it; I don’t think he ever used his left hand in the NBA. He literally only dribbled with his right hand his entire career, was a horrific practice player, laughable it’s been described by some.

He got the job at Houston as the university head coach; he’d show up right before tipoff…seriously! Barkley would be the first guy to admit that he hates practice…he hated it!! But is a 1st ballot hall of famer. Randy Moss – not even Randy Moss can really describe Randy Moss “I don’t even know! I really don’t even know how I want to be remembered. I think that as a football player, you know, I just want to be remembered as a guy who really took his job seriously. You know, I cared about the game and I’ve always cared about the game of football and I don’t even know what, if anything, I want to be remembered by!” That was Randy Moss, before the Patriots/Giants Superbowl.

You know when a guy is really great – because even like great players acknowledge “oh, he’s better than me” I mean, Charles Barkley came out, Magic Johnson would come out and they’d say of Michael Jordan “ well I mean, Jordan is different. Yeah there are the rest of us – we’re all great and stuff and then there is Jordan.” I remember talking about this like 2 or 3 years ago; Dion Sanders was so fast in college – this was 20 years ago when he played college at Florida State, Miami and Florida State were the best college programs in the country at the time. Miami had nothing but 1st round NFL guys, superstars, Michael Irving type players. Dion Sanders – and you can probably YouTube it, got a punt for Florida State – against the Miami Hurricanes, and as he broke away on the punt, I think for a touchdown, he was high fiving it, prime timing it and pulling away from 1st round Miami Hurricanes as he was showboating…that’s Randy Moss!

Randy would glide his way to a 4:28 on a 40, Randy shows up at a combine – hasn’t worked out in a week and scores a 46 on the vertical. Randy would catch it with one hand like you would catch a nerf ball during a game against Revis. I mean, Chris Carter – one of the great receivers of all time, much like Dion much like Magic or Barkley would describe MJ. Chris Carter said how good Moss was “He is the best wide receiver, talent wise, that I’ve ever seen – and I’ve worked with every wide receiver that has been in the NFL for the last 25 years and none of them can compare to Randy. None of them can do what Randy could do on the football field when his mind and his body were on it, and he wanted to do it – so, for me to have played with him, it was surely a pleasure, and I’ve never seen a man do what he could do. So if this is the end, what an unbelievable career”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, he was amazingly gifted physically. During high school, he was apparently great at basketball, great at baseball, and extraordinary at football. I think he did take plays off, but I think his work ethic was underrated a bit, because people saw him take plays off during games. There are some youtube videos of him doing some off-season training work that looks gruelling. Plus, Brady and Belichick said he was a very hard worker, at least during 2007 undefeated season, and Brady said Moss was very into film study. I guess the big issue is that he wasn’t consistent with it.

    What is so remarkable about Moss is that in his first seasons with the Vikes and Pats, those teams broke the NFL single season points records. When he was on, man….

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