Bring Back The 30 Yard Line Kick Off In The NFL!

Posted: August 16, 2011 in NFL

Can I just say this? In life, you’ve either got to commit to stuff or not commit to stuff. Like, don’t join a gym, go for a week and then not go again. Join a gym, commit to it or don’t sign up at all. Fast food places do this all the time with salads. Commit to decent salads or stay out of the salad business –don’t give me 3 day old lettuce and a cut up old tomato and say “hey, [insert name of fast food chain here] we love salads” your just doing that to appease somebody, you’re not really committed to salads, either be committed or get out of it! That’s the way I invest, that’s the way I try to live – either commit to something or don’t commit. Now the NFL is doing something that drives me nuts – they are wishy washy!

So they have moved the new kick off to the 35 yard line – now for years it’s been at the 30 yard line, now they are moving it to the 35 yard line, why? Because they want fewer teams returning less kick-offs which spell less violence – I say, take it away then! But don’t be mickey mouse, don’t move it up and have a kick off where everybody in the league can kick it to the end zone – commit to it or not.

Listen, I get the argument that the NFL is trying to cut back on some of the violence in the sport – it’s smart. I read an article this weekend; I think it was The New York Times, and they were saying that the NFL is great and all – they were talking to Mark Murphy of the Green Bay Packers, and they were debating about what down the road, could be a danger spot for the NFL and the big one is that if you get too violent, as players get bigger, stronger and faster and players are now increasingly more violent – if you don’t carve out rules and change rules, you’re going to eventually have 30 players a week on the injured list.

You know meathead guy will be like “yeah man, I wanna kill’em” the guy is a meathead, that guy doesn’t run society because you gotta have smart guys running the business. Smart guys realize the danger for the NFL, the weak spot, is in 30 years if the game is less athletic because moms won’t let their sons play football. That’s why the smartest people in the NFL, like a Roger Goodell along with the smartest owners are like “as athlete’s get bigger, stronger and faster, we have to kinda alter some of the rules” Now I personally get that because then you won’t be left with these profound injury lists. Smart people understand that, meatball fan saying “hey!! kill’em…what? Are you wearing a skirt?” you have to protect your star especially, so I get it.

But you can’t take away the kick off in the NFL because it makes no sense! It’s innate; it’s part of the game. Listen, the PAT is boring sometimes, but guys shank them when they shouldn’t. You can go for 2 points in crucial spots. The NFL just doesn’t put a point up there and that thing is 98% guaranteed…kick offs matter! They matter a lot. How many times have you watched a football game – your team takes the lead with a 1:12 left in the game, your kicking the ball now – so the situation becomes incredibly strategic. Do you squib it? Do you line it? Is your kicker gonna send it out of bounds? Now, it’s not that big of a deal many times, but late in games it can sometimes become incredibly strategic.

The NBA did this years ago and the NFL should do this…just admit that you made a mistake! Remember when the NBA – David Stern, smart commissioner, introduced the new basketball? They’d been using one basketball for like 35 years. It comes out in the off-season and they introduce a new basketball. Like an hour into it, players we’re like “it’s slippery and it stinks!” David Stern, to his credit, pretty much said “I made a big mistake” he was on ESPN radio the next day and pretty much was saying to the audience “do you want to buy any basketballs? Cause I’ve got truck loads full of them in my office” But David Stern came out and said listen, we tried it, we had recommendations – we tried and made a big mistake, we’re going back to the old ball.

The NFL needs to – this morning just go “you know what? This is not working, this is stupid!” I understand mitigating violence, I get it. Big picture, you wanna keep your stars healthy; the smartest people in this game understand that the bigger, stronger athletes create more scary physical situations – I get it! Now, I’m not faulting anyone for trying because I myself am a risk taker, I’m all for risk taking. But when you try something and its wrong….get out of it! Don’t have a big ego and just bail on it.

This kick off thing to the 35 yard line hurts the game! It’s ridiculous and the Chicago Bears – to their credit, kicked it off twice from the 30 yard line and Lovey Smith said afterwards “I can’t learn anything about my team kicking it into the end zone. I’ve got players here that could make my team based on special teams. I want to keep kicking it from the 30” but then the NFL stepped in and said “ Lovey, we’ve got rules…follow them!”


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