One Of The Biggest Myths About Tebow And The NFL!

Posted: August 16, 2011 in NFL

So I was reading some stuff on Tim Tebow this past weekend – and he was 6 for 7 for 90 yards, I thought he almost turned in one of the plays of the night, it was a wild scrambling effort, Tebow runs all over the field, the problem is though there were 3 Denver penalties including Tebow stepping over the line of scrimmage before firing an incompletion. I read a tweet during the weekend that said “Tebow is going to kill himself or somebody on the field, he’s just going 100mph, doesn’t have a lot of composure”

Now, John Fox is the new coach at Denver and he talked about that one play – where Tebow’s literally running everywhere and all over the field, guys offside, Tebow offside and Fox talked about it “Well I think at the end of the day the players are competitive and he’s trying to make a play. I think at the end of it all, he even came over and told me that the timing of the play perhaps wasn’t the greatest but like any football player, they’re trying to compete and win and you can’t fault the kid for that”

Listen, if you go look at the NFL’s best quarterbacks, the one thing about Tebow that nobody can argue – he looked out of control. If you look at the NFL’s best quarterbacks: Brady, Brees, Ryan, Rogers, they always look – even in duress, under control, they’re controlling the classroom. You know, you have the school teacher controlling the classroom while the substitute teacher never has control of the classroom and one little bit of crisis and the substitute teacher is just unraveled. Tebow looks like the substitute teacher – he is trying to make things happen, he is sort of a mess and it hard to quantify but when I watch Tebow – and I want you to read what John Fox said, he talks about Tim Tebow and it sounds good, but it’s one of the myths in the NFL about quarterbacks.

“ Timmy is that kind of guy, I mean the memo when I got here was that he does ad lib song and you never want to take that away from a player and he’s a young player that I think is going to get better in time” That’s the misconception! Like, I’m all for scrambling if it’s clearly the 3rd option, so you have to exhaust your other options. This is not flag football where you can ad lib your way to the end zone and I’ll give you an example. Michael Vick – much faster and more explosive and dynamic than Tebow ever thought of being, if you go back to Michael Vick…let’s go back to his last year in Atlanta. It was a good year for him in 2006, “but Andrew, he had a 1000 yards rushing, 2400 yards passing…Andrew your on!” You can ad lib and run your way to success yet do you know what the Atlanta Falcons were in 2006 with the great Michael Vick? They were 25thin the NFL in points per game at 18 ppg.

The myth is then that these scrambling guys are great in the redzone yet the reality is – go to your top 7 guys last year in the redzone: Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, Drew Brees and David Garrard to name a few – not a lot of sprinters in there if you ask me. So the myth is that scrambling quarterbacks are great in the redzone…no they are not!! In the redzone it’s all about IQ, its efficiency and its accuracy because you have less space and more congestion, so decision making, accuracy and judgment is huge. Schaub, Manning, Ryan, Brady and Brees…that’s what scores in the redzone, so in this league – I don’t care about your yards, Michael Vick is not as accurate and is not a thinking man’s quarterback, though to his credit he did look pretty good this past weekend.

Like, he’s a guy you would think “oh, he’s great in the redzone. Vince Young? Pfft run it in” yet it’s just the opposite…it’s a myth. You need higher IQ, more accuracy, more efficiency and less running in the redzone – more than ever it’s about getting the ball to the guy in the craves. So even though Tebow can make things happen – he’s going 100mph, but he is completely out of control and ultimately it’ll cost you!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, Tebow needs more composure. It’s tough coming from the spread option where you aren’t making many reads. But it is possible to change your style. Not everyone can, but we’ve seen Steve Young, Randall Cunningham and now Michael Vick do it successfully.

    But yeah, in the redzone, the field is much smaller and being a running quarterback who can’t pass won’t help. However, being a quarterback who can run it does help. QB draws out of the shotgun are huge in the redzone, and we’ve seen guys like Josh Freeman, Ben Roethlisberger and Steve McNair do it successfully. The key is that those guys also have/had the threat of an accurate pass too.

    Also, with regards to Vick not being a thinking man’s quarterback, I disagree. I believe he was too reliant on his legs earlier in his career, and he admittedly didn’t digest the playbook as well as he should have. However, nowadays, he’s picked up the playbook and has taken the jobs of leader and example setter that come with being a franchise signal caller to heart. The west coast offense is a pretty cerebral system, and Vick had a magical year last year. I think his intellect is underrated and he’s getting better at understanding schemes.

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