Is Mark Sanchez A Higher Profile Version Of Chad Henne? Maybe!!

Posted: August 20, 2011 in NFL

So those of you who’ve followed this blog for a while, know that I’ve been a huge Mark Sanchez supporter (not because he’s latino at heart and plays for my Jets) but because I think he’s got the package, the looks, the aurora to strike it big time in the NFL, both dollar wise and statistics – and this despite the fact everyone is still suspect about him, and rightly so. I’d watch him on tv play for USC (most of their games), but at some point last year I just didn’t think he elevated like I thought he would at the end of the year.

Everybody says about Mark Sanchez “Andrew, he’s a gamer!” Well the definition of a gamer is “not a lot of great stats, but good in crisis” like in 3rd downs or the redzone. The problem is though, Mark Sanchez in the redzone last year was 28th in the league – he got worse! The previous year he was 17th and on 3rd downs  he was only 15th. So one must ask the question “is Mark Sanchez a good looking higher profile Chad Henne?” And before you think its ridiculous, they both have defensive minded head coaches that would vear towards conservative, offensively. Both have average tight ends, decent running backs, one star receivers. In terms of completion percentages, Henne 61% and Sanchez 54.8%. With respect to 3rd downs, Henne was 12th in the league last year and Sanchez was 15th. Redzone? Henne was 14th and Sanchez was 28th. In terms of TD’s Henne 15th and Sanchez was 17th.

By the way, Chad Henne is getting booed off the field at Miami, so we’ve pretty much given Mark Sanchez – because of the USC pedigree, because of the looks, because the team has done defensively very well in playoffs, we’ve given Mark a little bit of a pass – and I like him, but when I hear that he’s a gamer, please people….let’s not kid ourselves! 3rd down and Redzone, he is below average! He’s really in the Chad Henne category and it looks like – and I could be wrong on this, but I think you could make a pretty good argument the Jets have less offensive weapons now than a year ago, that would be my argument…so you gave him less , that’s why I thought the Nnamdi pursuit by the Jets was massively overstated.

They need to get more help for Sanchez, not less and Jerricho is now a Steeler, the Pats with Ellis should have a better pass rush and you’ve given Sanchez less to work with. Rex Ryan talked about Mark Sanchez before the pre-season battle with the Texas a week ago – listen, he obviously has to be positive “ We have a lot of young guys that are – in my opinion, ascending so you start with Sanchez…he knows our system so well now and he recognizes defenses , so I expect him to take a huge leap this year” yeah I mean, go back and look at Mark Sanchez last year in the playoffs. He had a 62 QB rating in that win over the Colts and he had one really nice throw down the sidelines. Had a nice game against the Pats, played it pretty conservative – they didn’t ask him to do a ton, but he had a nice game, he had a couple of nice TD tosses.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    In a sport that is so interdependent on situation and environment, you often see stark contrasts in results and perception between players who are of similar ability. I felt that was the case for Tom Brady in his early years in the Pats dink and dunk offense. He wasn’t much better than a Chad Pennington (before his shoulder surgeries), but the NE environment was much more conducive to success back then.

    As for Sanchez and Henne, the talent and ability isn’t much different, but I think what Sanchez does that Henne doesn’t is give his receivers a chance to make plays. Brandon Marshall said that when Tyler Thigpen came in to replace Henne late last year, he preferred it because Thigpen was willing to throw the ball to him and take chances. Henne was more gunshy of making mistakes. Of course, with the Jets running game and D, Sanchez can afford to make mistakes and has definitely made more than his share. But like you said, the pedigree Sanchez has affords him more leeway. Henne was a 2nd round pick, Sanchez was 5th overall. You allow for more lumps to be taken by a guy who you have invested so much in. Maybe that mindset will change with future QBs now that we have the new smaller rookie contract amounts.

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