The 4 Football Teams Whose Schedules’ Is Worthy Of Being Fool’s Gold!

Posted: August 21, 2011 in NCAA Football, NFL

So I was looking at NFL schedules this weekend – actually I was looking at both NFL and college football schedules, and what happens a lot of the times is that you get fooled – you think your team, like in college it happens all the time. You think your team is a lot better than they are, like in the Big 10. You think your team is really good because they beat Youngstown State and then they hammer through an incredibly pedestrian Big 10 team and your 9-1, but you’d probably be 5-4 in the SEC or 6-3 in the Big 12, you can be fooled very easily in college football believing your team is great because you play lousy teams.

Now in the NFL, the difference is that the gap between the good and the bad is much tinier than in college football, so it’s harder to get fooled. But there are a couple of teams in the NFL this year, where their fan bases are going to go nuts. Let me give you my 4 teams that are fool’s gold – now I’m not saying these teams don’t end up being okay. But by the beginning of November, all these teams are going to be getting great press, people are going to be saying “ they’re unbelievable” and all I’m saying is “there’s going to be some fool’s gold”

The Denver Broncos are a great example of this. They start out with Oakland, Cincinnati @ home and Tennessee on the road. Denver – with Kyle Orten or with Tim Tebow could very easily go 3-0 and finish the year 4-12 or 5-11. Denver Broncos’ schedule tells you “good start…bad team” Another team is the Kansas City Chiefs, start off with Buffalo @ home, Detroit, Minnesota, Oakland in the first month and a half, everybody in Kansas City is gonna say “You’re on Andrew, Matt Cassel is great! This franchise has turned it around” then from November 21st to mid December: @ New England, Steelers, @ Bears, @ Jets and finally Packers. Kansas City is going to fool a lot of people until late November.

Keep your eye on the New York Giants; their schedule at the end of the year is brutal! Starting November 6th: @ the Patriots, fly cross country to San Fran, Eagles, @ Saints, Packers, @ Cowboys, @ Jets and end off at Cowboys. But before that, from September 11th until October 30th they are going to fool a lot of people: Redskins, Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks, Bills and Dolphins. Kansas City, Denver Broncos and the Giants are going to fool a lot of people early. The one college team to keep your eye on – they’ll probably start the season 7-0 and will have a chance to lose 4 of their last 5 is the University of Stanford. They get a bunch of dogs early: Duke, Colorado, San Jose State and Washington State yet their last 5 games are: @ USC, @ Oregon State, Oregon, Cali and Notre Dame. They could lose 4 or all 5 of those games, so keep your eyes on these teams that will get a lot of hype early, but as I always say…schedule’s matter a ton.

  1. Derek Mayo says:

    LoL i agree Denver’s schedule looks easy at start but hey its better to win than lose i guess. i think Cassel is better than what people think, and i am not saying that because he went to USC. Jamal Charles is projected to have an amazing year and so is Bowe. I really think K-City has turned it around but i could be wrong. what are your thoughts on Pryor? do you have any sleeper teams? I am picking Detroit

  2. Mayo, On the Pryor issue, two words sum up his future in the NFL “horrendous accuracy” I think he still has a spot in the NFL, but don’t know if he can sustain it as a QB. He’s arguably the fastest QB to come out of college since Vick, but Vick has better mechanics and read on the game, even if he does run a lot more than I’d want my QB to. Sleeper teams? I predicted Detroit would be the sleeper team in my NFC standings rant! Also, i’ve been really impressed with Colt McCoy this pre-season, I had them at a 6-10, I think I’d put them now at 8-8, keep your eye on the Browns!

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