13 Different Winners In 13 Golf Majors…Wow, Golf Really Needs Tiger Woods!

Posted: August 22, 2011 in PGA

So let’s talk about the fascinating Keegan Bradley (sarcasm intended) Listen people, we’ve had 13 different winners in the last 13 majors and a lot of you were saying to me “Andrew, why can’t you just enjoy it!” People, don’t get me wrong…it’s fine, but he’s the 108th ranked golfer in the world and you know what it tells me when the 108th ranked golfer in the world wins a major? And it’s the second time in a row the winner of a major ranked outside of the top 100…it tells you where golf is without Tiger…soft! Anybody can win cause nobody has the “it” factor to crush the field. It’s a bunch of soft country club kids taking turns on dads convertible.  It out there for anybody to seize, including the legendary Rory McIlroy lol and none of them are seizing it.

It’s nothing against Keegan Bradley, but let me ask you this, if the 108th best college basketball team ends up making it to the NCAA final 4, do you know the back story? Are you involved emotionally? No!!! if the 108th best college football team ends up in the Rose Bowl, are you going to watch it? No!!! So you can’t expect casual fans, people with a life – and I’m not talking to golf purist, that guy…networks already own that guy, they are not worried about him at all. They are worried about guys like me, who are casual golf fans, who come in for great stories. But when you give me the 108th golfer…I mean, did you see the leader board on the last day? It looked like a bad law firm…you’ve gotta give me somebody I’ve heard of. “well you’re a sports junkie…” I’m a human being man! If I’ve got no emotional connection to a kid from Vermont I’ll never see again, I’m not as emotionally involved.

Even when Mike Tyson was 9 years past his prime, he’d go on pay-per-view or when Oscar De La Hoya was past his prime, he’d also go on pay-per-view and get a huge number. People are busy, they have lives, they certainly don’t go on the internet all day looking up golfers from Vermont. So you can’t expect the masses, the majority of people, to have some emotional connection with a golfer that 15 days ago you’d never heard of. Keegan Bradley, by the way, he acknowledged that he hopes he’s not a one-hit wonder “ I don’t want to be one of the guys that kind of disappears, I’d love to be up in a category with, you know, the best players  and be next to Phil Mickelson, whose one of my idols. I hope I don’t disappear and I don’t plan to and I think I can hang out…I honestly think I can.”

Well let’s root for the kid, he seems like a nice kid but, like one of the guys looked like an overweight of Rory McIlroy and you’d never heard of that kid from Vermont – and by the way, it’s the longest streak a first time major winners in modern major championship history…13 different winners in 13 different majors. You can’t expect the average person reading my blog who is busy as hell, has 2 kids and they’re playing soccer, has a wife/husband…you can’t expect them to emotionally sit in a couch and just suddenly know a kid from Vermont, they’ve never heard of…that’s all it is, that’s all I’m saying.

Like in can be fun in the moment, but you know…sports is just about emotional connections. Why are you a Giants fan? Cause your dad was a Giants fan and your dad’s dad was a Giants fan and you’ve been watching the Giants for 28 years – that’s why you’re a Giants fan. If you wake up in the Bronx tomorrow, why aren’t you a Cleveland Brown’s fan? You have no emotional connection!! So that’s all sports is. I mean, some people were upset that UConn – the 9th best team in the Big East, won the NCAA tournament, but I’m suppose to say that the 108th ranked golfer is great?? Heck, at least I’ve heard of UConn.


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