Being Rich or Poor Are Not Excuses For Poor Ethics, A Study Into The Miami Hurricanes’ Booster Problems

Posted: September 2, 2011 in NCAA Football

So during that whole Miami Football scandal that broke out three weeks ago – one of the lamest excuses people use all the time is “well, these Miami players are poor and so they took the payouts” That’s a lame excuse if you ask me, for lacking ethics. Being poor – rich/poor and morality are separate issues. The man Jesus was a popper, he didn’t care about material things and watches and yacht trips. The truth is A) you lack ethics B) and you’re poor. Nobody lacks ethics because they’re poor. There are millions of Canadians and Americans who are categorized as financially poor who have ethics and don’t take things that belong to them.

The truth is though, people don’t like to admit their faults very few people will ever own their own baggage, that’s why therapy is good for all of us. So people make excuses for doing things “I’m poor, so I took $30,000 from a booster” No, you lack ethics and you just happen to be poor because a lot of poor people don’t take money that isn’t there’s. I read an article recently about Michael Vick on GQ magazine, he goes “I grew up in an urban area and dog fighting was all around…” yet there’s millions of Americans and Canadians who grow up in urban areas who don’t violently kill animals! That’s a lame excuse by Michael Vick. You’ve got a screw lose, if you kill animals. It’s what I’ve always said about Michael Vick – he’s great, he’s exciting, he’s fun to watch but don’t want to build my football team around him…I just don’t want to.

But you have to own your own baggage! Don’t tell me I’m taking payouts from a booster because I’m poor. I’ve got news for you, there are poor kids all over college campuses, who if somebody walked about up to them and said “here’s $30,000 cash” they’d say “thanks, but not thanks!” It’s different if somebody buys you dinner, I get that. Like some of these Miami guys took $40,000 and $50,000, $8,000 watches, I’ve got news for you. If somebody offered me an $8,000 watch in college, first thing I’m asking is “what do you get for it? What do you want from me?”Big difference if one of your advertisers comes up to you and says “here’s an iPad” you’d probably take it, just as I would. What if they come up to you and say “Here’s 40 iPad’s” I’d be like “whoa, what’s going on here? What do you want from me?”

By the way with Miami, they recruited off a swagger! For 25 years the Miami Hurricanes have lived off of swaggers. They’ve always been hyper aggressive, self congratulatory, hip thrusting and cockiness surround the program. Their motto is “it’s all about the U” Notre Dame’s motto isn’t “it’s all about the Irish?” Miami football ran up scores on people, posed for cameras, hip thrusting, over celebratory, taunted – you liked that! Go watch the 30 for 30 “All about The U” ESPN Documentary by Billy Corben. Miami players weren’t embarrassed by that stuff! They were elevated by it, they thought it was cool! And this idea that “oh that stuff is everywhere…” no it’s not! Duke basketball doesn’t recruit that type of kid, Notre Dame Football, Stanford football, I don’t think Wisconsin football is ever going to have a booster booking a hotel room and having prostitutes all over the hotel for 30 players to have sex. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen with Duke Basketball or Wisconsin football, I’m sorry…I just don’t see it happening! I don’t think their cultures are like Miami’s culture.

Now, I’m not saying that stuff doesn’t exist – we all know it does. But with Miami, it’s institutional, it’s cultural and this is what they have lived and recruited off of for years. There was a sense of lawlessness at Miami…and the fans loved it! But now they’re outraged at how they’re profiled. You built the brand…deal with the repercussions of the brand you built, created, bragged about, sold shirts over. You’re responsible for your own brand! I mean, Rush Limbaugh can’t come out tomorrow and say “people are saying that I’m harshly right wing and sometimes not empathetic” that’s the brand you built and make a base salary of $50 million off of.

So, if you go watch – even with Ohio State and USC, they’ve never branded themselves as outlaws, they didn’t like that! USC was never seen as an outlaw school – it’s a private school, there is a certain dignity to USC, they have great players, but they don’t see themselves as outlaws. But you watch “It’s all about the U” the 30 for 30 piece and all the former players are like “yeah, its different here man…it’s awesome!!” Alright! I mean, most universities would distance themselves from Michael Irving, Miami embraces him “he’s our guy” okay then!  Now we’re seeing the repercussions.

Like schools I believe attract their type. Whatever type they are – kids that go to Notre Dame like Notre Dame, it’s just like smart people hanging around smart people, lawless people hanging around lawless people, lawful people hanging around lawful people. I mean, all you guys out there are you telling me that you guys who believe in following the laws of Canada or the United States, you’ve never met a guy who you thought was a little skivvy and you kind of distanced yourself from them? Schools are the same way! Schools attract themselves and they promote themselves. There was no school in the U.S. that promoted themselves as more lawless – and maybe it wasn’t the administration, but it was the fans and the media and “it’s all about the U”…that was your credo, that was kind of your mantra, that was on the marquee of the program.

So I think it’s kind of a lame excuse all the time – I think morals and poor are separate. This idea that “I’m poor therefore I’m going to take $30,000 that’s not mine” I don’t think it’s a legitimate excuse. Its one thing if you can’t feed your children, I get it. These were college football players!! These college football players don’t have to pay rent. Don’t think anyone at Ohio State can’t eat! Ohio State’s offensive line average is 325lbs; nobody is starving at Ohio State…anybody!! There is not a Buckeye player in 50 years, who’s ever died of starvation, come on…give me a break!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree that being poor doesn’t make you have poor ethics or justify morally wrong behaviour. I think what people are getting at is these guys aren’t used to receiving the material possessions that some of their wealthier schoolmates may have, so they jump at the opportunity to get them. Miami is also a private school, and it’s a highly ranked school as far as i know. it attracts some rich kids, and these players go to school with them. I also think that these players read about and hear about the money that football generates for the school; it pays for the other sports that people don’t really care about and even for some of the other sports that people do care about. So I guess they feel that it’s their right to get a piece of that pie (even though it’s not)

    Miami does perpetuate their style though, I agree. The brashness and cockiness doesn’t help them at all when they come under fire with allegations such as the recent ones. They are different than a lot of other schools, and they’ve been successful doing it that way for the majority of three decades. It may come crashing down now, but maybe the Miami higher ups would say it was all worth it for the five titles. But even with their image issues, you still have the same money problems that are prevalent at other schools with more class.

    With regards to the meal plans, I wonder what the meal plans are like for football players, especially guys who are on the fronts. Obviously, they shouldn’t be the same as the general student body’s.

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