Not Selling Tony Romo Stock Just Yet, He’s Still Elite!

Posted: September 15, 2011 in NFL

I don’t expect you to have perspective – you’re a fan! It’s not your job; it’s my job as the self proclaimed sports analyst. So everybody on Monday morning was like “we gotta sell the Tony Romo stock! He’s terrible!” No he’s not, he’s still great. Like look at what’s happening in the NFL. You can make all sorts of mistakes and still win the Superbowl. Eli Manning’s got 39 picks in the last 2 years along with 14 fumbles…he’s got a ring! You know who doesn’t? Matt Cassel! Big Ben has got 2 rings; he’s a mistake waiting to happen – especially in September. Favre is also a mistake guy, yet he’s got a ring. Jay Cutler is full of mistakes yet has taken his team to the NFC championship. The league has changed because the rules are now all about offense; it’s not about playing by the book anymore. It’s about “Can you elevate to a level, like Aaron Rogers, Brees, Brady,  and do some of the things Cam Newton did this past Sunday. Can you do what Romo can do?”

Tony Romo went into New York Sunday night – and you just don’t do this under Rex Ryan. He went in and dominated – threw the ball around the yard on the Jets. They may have the best corners in the league yet he threw the ball around the field. His quarterback rating was 102!! You don’t do that against the Jets’ defense, especially on the road. They crushed Brady last year when he went into the Meadowlands! You just don’t do that. It’s not about mistakes because the league has changed so much, especially in the last 7 or 8 years, you’re not going to win a Superbowl the way Trent Dilfer won it or the way Brad Johnson won it…your just not going to win it that way anymore! The way the Ravens and Buccaneer’s won it; you could basically hold on and get a camel ride from the wide receiver for 19 yards down the field…everybody scores! So I can live with Tony Romo’s mistakes. Now Sunday night, it cost them the game. Alright clearly Cowboy fan is not happy, it’s not good to see this early on…you go ahead and sell all your stock,  but I’m telling you the dude can still make plays that 90% of this league can’t.

Go look at the scores from Week 1 starting on Thursday. 42-34, 27-20, 34-31, 41-28, 33-27…this is not your dad’s NFL. Eli makes mistakes…yet has a superbowl ring. Big Ben makes a ton, has 2 rings, Favre has a ring, Cutler – who’s an absolute mess, and get’s you to the NFC championship. It’s not about the mistakes, Matt Cassel never makes a mistake…but he never takes a chance either. So Tony can do things that other guys can’t do. I look at quarterbacks the way I look at Hollywood producers…there is a ton of them. But the guys you know are the guys who create Two and a half men or Survivor. It’s not about hitting doubles, it’s the opposite of how we invest….play it safe, hit doubles, and aim for 9% and you’ll be fine. The NFL quarterbacks today is just the opposite…roll the dice, take chances, make plays, do what Cam Newton did on Sunday – get out of the pocket, make plays, do what Aaron Rogers does, what Peyton and what Brady do. Those are the guys winning games! Cause it’s no longer a 27-13 league, it’s a 34-30 league and in that, as long as you can throw for 400 yards, I’ll live with your stupid stuff. But give me the up side. Eli gives me an upside, he gives me 4000 yards a year, and Big Ben gives me the upside.

Now ideally, you want the up side with no mistakes – that’s Brady, that’s 1 of 90 quarterbacks in the league.  That’s one guy that gives you the extensive up side and his name is Brady, congrats! That’s the outlier. The reality is though that everybody makes mistakes. So I’m watching Romo Sunday night, and let me give Romo credit. Here’s what Romo said after the game Sunday night – at least Romo owns his baggage, he doesn’t hide from it, he comes out and says that he stunk! “I cost us the football game tonight, that’s frustrating, it’s disappointing, you work very hard to make sure that you put yourself into those positions to win the game – and when this happens, it’s tough to swallow” Yeah, Sunday night he did. You go ahead and sell all your Cowboy stock; you wanna know who they play in the next 9 weeks? The Niners, the Redskins, Lions, Rams, Seahawks, Bills, Redskins, Dolphins and Arizona…I’m buying their stock! And I no longer look at quarterbacks as I use to 10 years ago. As long as you can do these things that the top 10%, the Eli stuff, the Peyton stuff, the Brady stuff, the Rogers stuff, what I saw Cam Newton do on Sunday…if you can give me that, I’ll live with your garbage because the rules have changed.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Romo is the same Romo he’s been since he became the starter part way through the 2006 season. He makes some great plays, he makes some not so great plays. You know what you get with Romo. I don’t think he’s an elite qb, he’s behind Peyton, Tom, Drew, Aaron and Philip, but he’s in the next tier.

    The Cowboys next nine looks palatable, but to me, all but the Seahawks are games that Dallas could legitimately lose, especially if their secondary problems continue.

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