Tom Brady’s Greatness, Regardless Of The Playing Field

Posted: September 15, 2011 in NFL

There is always going to be contrarian guy, I got an email from a friend of mine and he writes “Andrew, show me a pass that Brady threw that Matt Cassel or any top quarterback couldn’t have thrown” haha I mean, folks! I wish you all could read my emails I get…this is my audience. What do you want me to say to that bud? I can only say that Brady is great. You either get it in life or you don’t and guys that don’t get it generally don’t get that they don’t get it in life…sorry, Brady is good.

But you know, the problem that becomes with New England is that – as great as Brady was, he threw for a zillion yards, that game with 5 minutes left against Chad Henne…was a shootout! Once again, the problem with the Patriots – they’re the fanciest team, they are the smartest team, they’re the most efficient team…you gotta stop people though! They don’t stop people very well. Had 4 sacks but they don’t stop people.

One of the things I’ll say about Brady is that – well, this is a great feeling because I’m a Brady guy and it’s not that I don’t recognize other quarterbacks, but even other good quarterbacks in the league, don’t have the one quality that Brady has. Like I would consider Matt Schwab a really good quarterback, but he has a winning record at home yet only 18-31 on the road. His quarterback rating is different from home and the road. At home, he’s mid 90’s; Matt Schwab on the road is mid 80’s. Joe Flacco is an unbelievable 19-5 at home yet on the road he’s 13-11. I mean, Matt Ryan I would consider him to be an elite quarterback, he’s 20-2 at home yet basically .500 on the road. His quarterback rating at home is 96.5 yet on the road it’s in the 70’s. Jay Cutler has a winning record at home yet a losing record on the road, but you don’t get that with Brady.

The great thing that Brady gives you – and very few guys in the history of the game give you this, is that you get the same quarterback no matter where you go, be it Cleveland, New England or San Diego. In fact, Brady has more touchdowns on the road than at home, how absurd is that? Brady averages 20 more yards a game on the road than at home. Quarterback rating is about a 95 home and away. Be it in a dome, snow, turf, grass, home or away…he’s the same dude! Completion percentage? 63 ½ home and away. Now obviously everybody does a little better at home because teams generally play a little better at home and Brady’s record at home is better. As well, most quarterbacks historically, throw more interceptions on the road. That’s true with Brady and all quarterbacks.

But what Brady does – even the good quarterbacks in this league. The Matt Schwabs and the Matt Ryan’s and the Joe Flacco’s…those are good quarterbacks, A- or B+ guys…they’re all different quarterbacks home and away. Brady? He’s the same dude. It’s like the difference between a really good restaurant chains. Like I remember when I went to Flemings in the States last year – I’ve been to a Flemings every time I’m down south…same steak every time. That’s a well run restaurant chain, same steak, same quality, and same service…every Flemings I’ve been to. Like have you ever gone to some restaurant chain where it’s like good at one place and spotty at the next? I’m not even going to mention them, but the really well run places are great everywhere I go, that’s a well run company. That’s what the Patriots are and that’s what Brady is.

The other thing that Brady does better than any other quarterback…he’s the answer man! Like when you’re a fan of a team and you go on the road – you know how like momentum swings very quickly? Like you’re playing very well and your teams playing well and then the other team scores and the crowd goes nuts and you can just get the “ugh god…my team is falling apart on the road” feeling…don’t you hate that as a fan? It never happens at home, but on the road, you could be dominating a game – like the Cowboys this past Sunday and then just one play gives you that “ugh god…my team is falling apart” feeling. You don’t get that with Brady. Go look at what Brady – this is so Brady; Miami comes down, starts the game and scores. Then 3:28 minutes later Brady marches down the field and throws a TD….answer!

Miami scores 3rd quarter, they’ve got momentum…nope. Next New England drive, boom, Brady provides an answer! Miami kicks a field goal, 3rd quarter it’s getting close…nope, New England next drive scores in 3:30. Nobody answers like Brady! Nobody in the league answers like Brady. You score – and you fans know, when you’re a fan, like a Cowboy fan, or you’re a Giants fan or a Redskin fan, what you really want to really do on the road is kill the crowd…you wanna quite the crowd. I argue that nobody in the league does it better than Tom Brady. You score and 3 minutes later he’s scoring on you. It’s seems like virtually 4 out of 5…now you’re not going to do it every time, but the fact that he did that on the road against an above average defense, the Miami Dolphins, that he answers every time.

Now Belicheck was his usual grumpy self and could find nothing in the win “we gotta go back to work and it’s first game of the season, we’ve got 15 more in the regular season, so hopefully we can improve on a weekly basis because that’s what we really need to do. I mean, we’re a long way from being a good football team right now” Yet I gotta be honest with you, I thought they looked pretty good Monday night…but that’s Belicheck for you.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, that was a virtuoso performance by Tom Brady on Monday Night. He made some great throws. His guys were getting very open, but the thing about Brady is he doesn’t miss when given time and receivers with separation. While he made a bad throw on that quick screen, other than that, he was money..including on some balls that were dropped, including that deep ball to Matthew Slater.

    Anyway, like you said, even with all of the yards gained by the NE offense, Miami was still in position to tie the game late, so I can see why Billy B wasn’t too thrilled in his presser. Of course, he’s always ‘pessimistic’ in those, partially because he plays the media, and partially because he legitimately does have concerns with his teams. One thing NE did well last year en route to their 14-2 record was make big plays when they weren’t on offense. They forced fumbles and intercepted the ball on D, and blocked kicks/punts and scored return TDs on special teams. It’s very hard to rely on such plays week in and week out, and if your D can’t stop people, you’re in trouble. We saw that when their D, which was ranked 25th in the league, couldn’t ‘stop a nosebleed’ in the divisional round against the Jets.

    I truly believe NE still has stuff to worry about, especially since they gave up a ton of yards to a Chad Henne-led offense that was pretty doggone one dimensional. If a team like the New Orleans Saints, with the perennially good Drew Brees and revitalized running spearheaded by the beastly Mark Ingram, comes into town, I don’t know if the Pats could stop them. The same goes for an offense like the Packers, Chargers, or even the Texans. To add, the Dolphins were without their top two corners for parts of the game, so the Pats were able to have their way with that secondary.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Chargers-Pats game on Sunday. The Chargers D did a great job against the Pats O last year, and we’ll see what they can do this season. Hopefully the Chargers can keep the turnovers to a bare minimum.

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