The One Stat Tony Romo Beats Brady, Manning, Brees and Rogers

Posted: September 20, 2011 in NFL

So clearly we all love football! It is amazing how often you hear something – and I guess it’s really not your job as a fan. But you hear something – and nobody does any homework on it, but again you’re a fan, you’re not supposed to. But even the media won’t even do the homework on it. I don’t know where this thing came from, where people are saying “Tony Romo is a terrible quarterback late in games!” Not really at all, to be honest with you.

Forget Sunday, it was absolutely unbelievable! With 2 broken ribs, a bad offensive line, missing his star receiver, on the road against an excellent young coach – Jim Harbaugh, he was 12 for 15, 201 yards and a TD in his last 3 drives…that’s unbelievable! But do you realize that since 2006 that with the Dallas Cowboys – a dysfunctional organization since 2006, and sporting a below average coach in Wade Phillips who’s already been fired, there is not a quarterback in the league – not Peyton Manning, not Tom Brady, not Drew Brees or Aaron Rogers – that has a better 4th quarter passer rating that Romo! He’s got the best in the league! So where did this myth come from that he’s a terrible quarterback down the stretch???

By the way, his 2 highest rated quarterback months – quarterback rating months that is, November and January. Now, you could argue that he’s not good early in the season, in September and October. Maybe he screws off in the off-season, wears his hat on backwards too much. All I know is that in November…it’s his best month! January? Small sample size, but he’s been great. Since 2006, not Peyton, Brees, Brady or Rogers has a better 4th quarter passer rating than Romo. By the way, since that time,  only Brees and Brady have more 4th quarter touchdowns than Romo and he’s thrown fewer 4th quarter interceptions in that time than Brees, Favre, Eli and Big Ben. Now, nobody in the world throws fewer interceptions than Tom Brady – so just get him off the chart. But, what Romo did this past Sunday was unbelievable! It was nothing shy of heroic and he not only went out and won the game – cause he gets hurt, leaves and Kitna comes in. But he throws to a guy who is on a reality football show. This Holley kid is that guy who was on that Michael Irving reality football show. They don’t go draft a guy, they get a reality TV star, Romo drops back and over time gives you that play….incredible!

Tony Romo has also thrown a touchdown pass in 20 straight games, not even Troy Aikman with great offensive lines, never did that! With a great coach…he never did it. With Michael Irving he never did it. Roger Staubach with a great coach and great line play…never did it either. Romo, with an aging line, which is now young, inexperienced and banged up …did it! He hit up a reality star for the winning touchdown.  So heck people, the man can people in the 4th quarter, get over it please!! Romo makes mistakes but somebody said this at a bar once and like nobody paid attention to it and checked it and your turning him into Matt Cassel…seriously! He’s got huge numbers in the 4th.

But what’s happened is that when you’re the Dallas Cowboy quarterback, people remember your bad moments and he’s had bad December games. He dropped that snap in Seattle in the playoff game, Parcell’s threw up in his mouth and then retired, Romo’s had some bad moments, but the dude can play!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    That’s interesting. You always hear about his unclutch play, and I guess it’s because first impressions really last. The fact that he had that mishold in his first ever playoff game really sticks. It’s the same reason why people still hold Tom Brady as a clutch qb and the guy you’d want in the final two minutes, even though he’s struggled in recent play. It’s also the same reason why Peyton is considered a lot less clutch than Tom, even though Peyton has had a better recent playoff history.

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