A Recap Of Week # 3 In The NFL…Over-Reactionary Monday’s Are Back!!

Posted: September 26, 2011 in NFL

Monday’s are prized possessions for my blog, because the texts get sillier, the emails get nuttier and today I swear to God that 90% of you think the Bills are better than the Jets and that the Raiders are going to win the Superbowl – though the Raiders were pretty impressive! So they have that coaches fan approval rating thing on ESPN, #2 is now Chad Gailey where 95% of you think that Chad Gailey is great! This is a guy who was a disaster in Dallas and is 22-28 lifetime in the NFL. You’ve got Hue Jackson, where 92% of fans think Hue Jackson is awesome!  By the way, people thought Lebron was a bum yet 82% of you think that Pat Sherman is a wizard! You guys think he’s Lombardi!

Yet Belicheck is now at 54%, another good coach Rex Ryan is at 53%, Pete Carroll is a 33% and he’s significantly ahead of Andy Reid, who is 119-74-1 and has a winning playoff record! Ohh man you gotta love fans! At least we all agree on this though…that Todd Haley guy is not working out in Kansas City, haha!! Chad Gailey people!!  The guy is Lombardi …wow, it’s amazing what I’m hearing…clearly its overreaction Monday.

Now here’s something that I won’t overreact about. Listen, speaking about overreacting…remember last year when Michael Vick went all out against the Redskins? They beat them like 59-28 and Vick had like 4 TD’s and ran wild and he’s always been “occasionally spectacular” But after that Monday night football game, the emails I got were ridiculous! I received hate mail for 2 weeks. I mean, it was just absolutely ridiculous, I said “folks put on the brakes, have some perspective! Don’t blow just because the wind blows” it’s a Monday night football game; it’s the only game on television so we go nuts on Tuesday morning.

I basically told people “listen, I’m never going to let Michael Vick be my $100 million dollar quarterback. On and off the field I don’t love his judgment, he runs too much and passes too rarely, he’s too small, he doesn’t read defenses after the number one receiver is covered – even he acknowledged that last week, and he’s just got a history of dumb decisions, though he’s “spectacular” on some days.

Yesterday – a year later from that Monday night football game, it’s all comes true. He is just too small, he is occasionally spectacular, and there is no question when he’s on the field that Philadelphia is a better team but I’m not spending a $100 million dollars on him! There is just no way that I’m doing it. I want my Brees, my Brady and my Manning, I want my guys in the pocket as the NFL has become more increasingly violent…I just don’t want my quarterback out there! 

The NFL is about 90 years old…no NFL running quarterback has ever won the Superbowl and that’s when the game was slower and defensive linemen were 240 lbs. Now they are 320lbs and can run a 4.6 and can bench press a Delaware.  I don’t want my quarterback running around. Sal Palantonio said the big issue in Philadelphia was this “…this is the big headline, that they have given $100 million dollar contract to a quarterback who can’t stay on the football field and who is now 1-4 in his last 5 starts with a completion rate of 58%, taken 13 sacks and has 6 turnovers in those last 5 games. 1-4 Michael Vick in his last 5 starts!”

That was Sal Palantonio on the Mike & Mike Show this morning on ESPN radio. That’s it! But that’s always been the story on Michael Vick, but yet we fell in love with him because of that Monday Night Football game because he’s “occasionally spectacular” They say Michael Vick is nice, quiet but that he is rather small in height. He’s probably my height, about 5’11 and weights like 208lbs. Has tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny frame. Question, do you want the tiniest quarterback in the league taking the most shots? Answer is no!!

Good God, Big Ben can barely stay healthy and he’s gigantic! He’s got a big old balloon head, he’s 6’5, weighs like 260lbs and he’s always banged up!  You could fit Michael Vick in Big Ben’s pocket. Then Vick comes out and says that he just doesn’t get the flags! “Every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground! Or get hit in the head and I don’t know why I don’t get the 15 yard flags like everybody else do. But hey, I’m not going to complain about it, I’m just making everyone aware of it. The ref has to do their job – and I’m not blaming the ref by any stretch. So, let’s not get it twisted here. There is no reason for me to go into a big dissertation about why I’m not getting the calls. The refs have got to do their job as well so…”

But a lot of that is because Michael Vick is just small. It goes back to my “Shaquielle O’Neal” theory where everybody is like “ohh everybody’s getting fouled by Shaq” yah but Shaq gets fouled more than any other player but you couldn’t notice it because he was so large. Michael probably doesn’t get hit anymore than Big Ben does, like I mean the Steelers’ offensive line is no good especially at the tackles. But the truth is that Big Ben takes a lot of shots that don’t really bother him. Yet all the shots bother Michael Vick because he’s a small athlete. So this is why I would never make Vick my franchise quarterback.

I will tell you though that on an overreaction Monday where everybody is going nuts! That it was a nice win by Buffalo, not a shocking win to be honest, but it was mildly surprising. I sorta had New England at #7 in my power rankings. If you can’t get people off the field – and New England can’t, then you can get beat by any team with a capable quarterback in this league, clearly Buffalo has got a capable quarterback. I don’t think Fitzpatrick is great, but he’s certainly capable. He’s certainly better than the bottom 8 – 12 of the quarterbacks in this league.

So, not shocked by it, surprised mildly – but not shocked by it at all, people…New England is over-rated! For the sake of the blog, I’m a homer for the Patriots – I had them at #7 in the league last week. Heck, they can’t get anybody off the field! Now, Jet fans were freaking out this morning “oh we’re terrible” Not necessarily, but the Jets have 2 things going on that are not good. They’ve gotten older defensively and they are not very dynamic offensively. That means the Jets are going to be in a lot of close games – they can’t pull away from better teams and they’re not going to be this brick wall which they were years ago with Rex Ryan. So the aging of their defense – and its really not as good as it was 2 years ago, don’t kid yourself! It’s not.

So the aging of the defense and the lack of robust running game and dynamic skill people means that the Jets are going to be in a lot of close football games. They’re going to be like a better version of Miami – winning 19-17 a lot and yesterday they were on the road and lost and didn’t get that Sanchez TD call late. But the Jets are nonetheless still a great football team.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Chan Gailey is very underrated. He’s a great offensive mind and has installed the most imaginative offense I’ve seen since I became a Bills fan. The reason people are giving him credit is because they ragged on us for having such a terrible roster and put us in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes. Those who know the Bills knew/know we’re better than that.

    Also, Gailey’s tenure in Dallas was not a disaster. He took over a team that went 6-10 under Barry Switzer in 1997 and brought them to the playoffs for two straight seasons (10-6 and 8-8). Also, Gailey is coach with an offensive background and was the play-caller in his two years in Dallas. The Cowboys had the 25th and 22nd ranked scoring offenses in 1996 and 1997, respectively. When Gailey arrived, they were boosted to 9th and 11in in 1998 and 1999, respectively. What happened after Jerry Jones fired Gailey after two playoff appearances? The Cowboys went 5-11 in three consecutive seasons under Dave Campo. Their scoring offense? Reverted to 23rd, 30th and 31st in those three seasons. You may say that Gailey never won any playoff games as Dallas’ head coach, but not even Bill Parcells did so in his time, and he left on his own terms. He wasn’t fired. To add, the Cowboys have won just one playoff game (2009 wild card win over Philly) since their wild card round win in 1996.

    One of the annual big potential head coaching candidates, Bill Cowher, previously stated that if he were to receive a head coaching job, he would choose Chan Gailey as his offensive coordinator. He and Gailey had success in Pittsburgh in the 90s. Cowher even recommended Gailey to the Bills when they were finding a replacement for Dick Jauron.

    Anyway, the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” kind of league, especially when you consider that a game is played once every seven days. There’s lots of time for chatter and discussion. So I guess you’re going to get those overreactions.

    With regard to Vick, it’s interesting that his concussion resulted from him staying in the pocket. To add to that, his most famous injury (the one where Adalius Thomas injured his leg in the 2003 pre-season) also came when he was in the pocket. I think Vick’s injuries have more to do with his build, as you’ve mentioned, than they have to do with his running. Plus, traditionally, Vick hasn’t had good pass blocking offensive lines. For a good chunk of his career in Atlanta, Alex Gibbs was the offensive line coach and he loved to employ smaller, more athletic linemen in his scheme. They weren’t the greatest at pass blocking, particularly when the quarterback would do a straight drop back as opposed to a rollout. Combine that with Vick’s less than great blitz/pass rush recognition skills and you get a qb who is susceptible to some big shots.

    I also believe Vick isn’t the beneficiary of the roughing the passer calls that we see almost every other signal caller get. We’ve seen Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jason Campbell, even another mobile qb in Cam Newton receive calls that seem ridiculous. Vick doesn’t seem to get even the legit calls.

    Vick is struggling, though. Last year, the offensive line played better and allowed time for the Eagles to hit on big plays. With a more porous offensive line, Vick has to be quicker at hitting his receivers. A QB can have a huge impact on how well an offensive line looks, with his pre-snap reads and recognition of coverages/open players. Vick needs to get back to last year’s level and improve upon it too.

    As for New England, yeah, a chink in their armour has been exposed. Last year, they managed to mask it because they were incredulously good in the turnover battle. Brady was incredibly accurate and their poor pass D managed to get the interception bounces their way. Generally, teams can’t sustain that kind of turnover ratio, and if the Pats don’t make those timely interceptions this year, their D will be exposed. Miami was very close in the first game of the year, and the Chargers took them to the brink. The Pats lost the turnover battle yesterday and after two INTs that bounced of Bills receivers hands, their D couldn’t do much. If Oakland takes care of the ball, the Pats could leave the Black Hole with a .500 record.

    As for your Jets, not having a consistent run game when your QB is Mark Sanchez is dangerous. He is putting up good passing yardage numbers, but it seems that in this year’s NFL, at least early on, passing yards mean nothing.

  2. Mike Crack says:

    Also, Jerry Jones said this about Gailey:

    “I regret just giving Chan [Gailey] two years,” said Jones, the Cowboys’ owner and general manager. “When you really look at what he’s done since he’s left here and look at what he had done here – he took us to the playoffs twice. And I’m not talking about the fairness of it. I’m just talking about how I should have worked hard on some things where we could’ve made adjustments that were meaningful.”

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