The Tail of The Epic Collapse By The Boston Red Sox’s

Posted: September 29, 2011 in MLB

By the way, Boston fans were all over the blogs and twitter today and were saying stuff like “I’m okay with it, I’ve come to terms with it….we have other great teams…” ohh please stop!!! Can you at least for once in your life be authentic you Sam Adams-drinking-fist-fighting-rebelling-happy-eating-the-yankees-exhaust-third-place-phony….it hurts badly!!! Eat it!  For seven or eight years you’ve had a great run…it’s over! The Celtics are old, the Patriots are unbalanced and the Bruins hit the lottery…it’s not going to happen again. You had a great run, now take your rightful place in the world…eating lobster rolls all day and beating up your 5’3 ½ brother!!

Boston is the most provincial major city in the United States! Not overly diverse and certainly not sports diverse. It’s one of the only cities that won’t watch anything that is not Boston. So eat it hard…a lot of us revel in it. Go back to your duck boat you side-hat-wearing-Ben-Affleck-loving-chower-worshiping phony!!! I thought it was absolutely great! Not a leader in that clubhouse in this $160 million dollar payroll. Conversely, Tampa’s got no money!! They’re at $40 million bucks! Yankee’s payroll is $205 million, Red Sox’s $160 million…Tampa? $800,000 in cash and they’ll give you a pizza parlour on 3rd and Vine in Lakeland…they’ve got no money and yet all they do is win.

I’ll say this, Buster Onley nailed it – you know what? It was great to see Baltimore compete…good for Baltimore! The winners write the stories folks, not the losers. Baltimore could’ve easily mailed it in. Yet they played with everything they had, good for Baltimore. Buck Showalter and those guys in game 162 of the season – which meant nothing to them and yet they played like it was Game 7…that was awesome! When you win, you decide how you are going to celebrate.

Boston, you can’t blame a goat, Babe’s gone, Bartman wasn’t yours…blame yourself! Buster Onley on the Mike & Mike Show on ESPN radio this morning was talking about how there are some real questions in Boston saying “They’re ownership has spent around $340 million dollars over the last 2 years and what do they have to show for it? Zero playoff appearances and the greatest September collapse ever seen in the history of the game. So whether it’s Theo Epstein or Terry Francona or a bunch of coaches or others, I don’t think any of it – at this point, we should be shock by” Unbelievable!! Like at least when New York spends money, they win!

I’ve always said this, Kentucky basketball may do some things that are skivvy but they win, Baylor basketball cheated for a decade and they still stunk. Like I mean, at least when the Yankees spend money, they win! The Cubs and the Red Soxs open the vault up and play like they’re on a 6 day meth bender! At least show up and have some heart!! It was absolutely unbelievable. Listen, Boston is short and angry when they wake up every morning…now, they just piled another level of anxiety. Unbelievable sport I tell you!

And for all these people ripping the Yankees – and they’re saying you didn’t compete and that they tanked it, excuse me? How many at bats did Jeter have? He had 3, Granderson? He also had 3, Texiera? Had 4, Cano? He had 4 as well, Swisher? He had 3. If your mailing it in, your not sending you’re All –Star’s up that many times!! The Yankees led 7-0; they didn’t trail 7-0!! That’s a ridiculous argument.

The bottom line is that Joe Girardi was using guys like AJ Burnett for about 8 pitches and then they ran out of guys in the back end, but the Yankee’s told us “listen, we’re not going to use our 7, 8 and 9 guys; we’re just not going to use them! We’re the Yankees” The Yankee’s have always been the Lakers where it’s not about getting into the playoffs; it’s about winning World Series titles. That’s the way it works for the Lakers, that’s the way that it works for Duke Basketball, that’s the way it works for the Yankees.

To show you the difference between the Yankees and everybody else, Joe Girardi would’ve been fired driving home last night if the Yankees had collapsed like the Red Soxs did. He would’ve gotten the call from the Tampa area code, picked it up and they would’ve said “we’ve already boxed your stuff, don’t come back!” Francona may survive. So even the Red Soxs – the level of expectation is a notch lower than the Yankees. So it’s all about – like once the Yankees wrapped it up, it’s all about getting ready for the Detroit Tigers or the Rangers, but now it’s the Tigers…that’s all its about. Don’t tell me they tanked it for nothing.

Listen, I stayed up last night way too late, but if you did not see what happened, here you go…there is not a nicer guy in baseball than Joe Madden, he’s goofy! If Tampa was a rock band, it would be the “Joe Madden and the Overachievers” and their #1 single would be “Unloved, unwatched and winning” but if you didn’t watch it, it was 7-0 Yankees and Girardi is just going through pitchers, “here’s another guy to bring in” I think he ran out at some point. So it was 7-0 Yankees, but I sit and turn to my buddy and I’m like “I don’t know who the Yankees have left to pitch!” so I changed the channel for about 4 minutes and come back to it and its 7-6 and it’s just a wild wild wild scramble by Tampa, then they have a 6run 8th, led mostly by Longoria’s 3 run homer.

So it’s 7-0, you get 6 runs in the bottom of the 8th and its 7-6 then in the bottom of the 9th you still trail, 2 strikes, Dan Johnson…and what do you know! He homers and it’s tied at 7’s. Then they go to the 12th tied at 7 and here they go again! Longoria goes deep on a walk off home run, his second of the game…unbelievable!! They pay their players in crackers, he lost his 8 highest paid players….they gutted the franchise – they can’t afford any of them and they come back and they can compete annually with the Yankees and the Red Soxs. God, it’s really an unbelievable sport – there is nothing like it in sports. It would be like having a University of Alaska college football team and they’re like beating Ohio State every year. How in God’s name do they do it!!!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I didn’t catch the greatest 129 minutes in baseball history, but it is nice to see Boston not having all of the success that they had in their 10 years of prosperity.

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