My “Suerte Cinco” Moneymaker Picks for Week # 4 In The NFL

Posted: September 30, 2011 in NCAA Football, NFL

Bears (-6) over the Panthers, Result: Loss

Take the Bears at -6 ½, Vegas usually doesn’t make a ton of mistakes, but they made one here. Cam Newton is a great talent but he is prone to mistakes and these are going to multiply as teams get more film on him. Vince Young was great as a rookie as well, though by his second year you knew the book on him. The reality is that we are going to get more information – lots of hitters in baseball have good first halves as rookies but then the second half comes up, and it’s their second time around against a rotation – they’re not running the football whatsoever! DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart have only compiled a 150 rushing yards in 3 games. For all his early promise, Cam makes mistakes as he’s been picked off 4 times and this is the best defense he’ll face, on the road. Jay Cutler – listen, against teams without a great pass rush and that are beat up like Carolina is, they’re going to be fine. Chicago holds a huge advantage on special teams as well. Outside of the offensive line and maybe the receiver – the Bears are better across the board. From coach to quarterback, all along the defense…swallow the 6 ½ points, it’s a mistake by Vegas, the Bears roll 28-9.

Falcons (-1) over Seahawks, Result:  Win

I can’t believe this line! It was a one point -1 and now it’s about a field goal and a half at -4. Whatever it is, under a touchdown I like it! Atlanta let’s say at -3 ½ or 4 over the Seahawks. The Falcons are desperate and Seattle is a puttered offense, forget last week! They’re averaging about 214 yards per game – that’s lousy! That is unbelievably bad!! They have one of the worst offensive lines in football. They have maybe the worst quarterback in the league and Marshawn Lynchs’ great run against the Saints last year – he didn’t have one before and he hasn’t had one since. These teams met last year and Atlanta barbecued them at home. Let’s be honest about Seattle – they were a lot better last year than they are this year. Now, Atlanta has played Chicago, Philly and Tampa…those are playoff contenders. This is a huge drop down in class with huge significant advantages at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and offensive line. Atlanta goes into Seattle and hammers the Seachickens 27-13.

Patriots (-4.5) over Raiders,  Result: Win

Listen, Patriots defense can’t stop anybody, but here is something to know about the Raiders. As much as I like their front seven and Richard Seymour, they’re secondary right now is a mess! 4 safety’s alone on the injury report. 4 safeties and 3 corners for Oakland on the injury report and the Patriots’ offensive line has been excellent at protecting Brady with 3 sacks given up this year. The Raiders are tough but they’re 28th in pass defense and this offensive line will give Brady time to throw. The Oakland offense is pretty pedestrian through the air and that doesn’t even count! The banged up wide receiver position, Jacoby Ford Ltd, Lewis Murphy didn’t practice. I’m only having to swallow 4 ½ points. Brady and Belicheck are tremendous off losses; the Raiders come down after their most emotional win in 2 or 3 years. Swallow the points; New England wins it 31-21.

Jets (+3.5) over Ravens: Result: Loss

I tell you, this game is going to be low scoring! I get a field goal and a half in this game? I’ll take the points all day long – I’ll take the 3 ½. Now, I don’t know if the Jets win, but last time they played it was 10-9. Now, one of the things the Ravens do – Terrell sucks on the right hand side, it’s a nightmare! But D’Brickashaw Fergueson at tackle for the Jets neutralizes one of their great core strengths. People forget this about Joe Flacco – he’s got a lot of new targets! He was never the most accurate guy to begin with but folks, he’s completing a very mediocre 54% this year. This Jets defense has been told for a week that they’re soft, they’re finesse and over the hill – they will be breathing fire in this game to prove that they’re still an elite team. Mark Sanchez has quietly been engaging in a very interesting game of improvement with Plaxico Burress, they are starting to really connect. That throw against the Raiders last week in the endzone for a TD was the best throw by any quarterback in the league last Sunday. I like the Jets – I don’t know if they win, but I’ll take the points…I’m going to take them to win it 21-20. Flacco is still a guy that I don’t believe see’s the entire field well.

Utah (-7) over Washington, Result: Loss

Another favourite here, Utah is giving up 7 but they are at home. Now, they’ve had 2 weeks to prepare after thumping their rival BYU and they’re healthy. Washington, vulnerable in the trenches, has to go on the road after really tough physical games against Cal and Nebraska. Utah’s Jordan Wynn spreads the ball around! 11 different receivers have caught the ball and the Huskies right now, a rebuilding program, are not very good at linebacker and are very poor in space. Utah can spread you out and get it to different guys. Kyle Whittingham has never lost a game in the regular season off a bye! He’s 11-0…swallow the points, Utah well rested beats the Huskies 34-23.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Carolina’s rush ends, Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy, have been very good this season. I think the Panthers will find a way to get to Cutler. I agree that the Panthers haven’t been able to get it going on the ground, which is why Newton’s good start is so impressive. However, he’s been erratic with his throws sometimes, and the Bears will be sitting in a zone looking to pick those off. Still, I think the Panthers will do enough to stay close. Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey will find some holes in the Tampa 2 zone to move the chains. Also, Chicago seems to be a team in disarray. Cutler is unhappy with his protection, Forte wants a new deal, Briggs wants a new deal etc. Carolina comes in more unified and I think they’ll steal a win. Panthers+6.5

    Even though Seattle is a much better team at home and ATL struggles a bit on the road, I’m going to have to go with ATL minus the points here. I think Mike Smith’s team will come out fighting after last week’s narrow divisional loss to Tampa. Seattle simply has trouble putting points on the board, and even ATL’s bad defense should be good enough to cover the spread. Falcons-4

    The Jets often play well in “us against the world situations”. Like you said, they’ve been facing a lot of heat recently. Nick Mangold is a game time decision, but I think he will play and handle Mount Cody. Anyway, I don’t think Ravens rookie Torrey Smith will have anything near a repeat performance of 3 TDs this week. There’s a stark difference between the Rams and Ravens secondary, and Smith won’t be able to run freely like he did last Sunday. Jets +3.5

    I don’t know much about the Utah-Washington matchup, so I’d go with the home team laying just a fairly small number.

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