Where I was Right and Wrong! A Look At NFL Predictions

Posted: October 12, 2011 in NFL

So here’s a new thing I’ll be throwing at you, It’s the “Andrew was right and Andrew was wrong!”

Where Andrew was right…

Here is where I was right, I said before the season that my Jets got older at wide receiver – which in 2011, makes you a worse football team. I also said that Mark Sanchez did not get enough credit in his 2 seasons but that he got way too much credit at the end of last season and during the off-season. He is right now, about the 21st best QB in the league, like he’s 3 for 11 on 3rd downs. I called it on the Jets – though I’m not selling all my stock, but they’ve been overhyped the last 2 years and doing it, sometimes, with smoke and mirrors.

Where Andrew was wrong….

This Kevin Kolb experiment is getting worse by the week. They’re averaging 3.8 yards per play in Arizona – he’s got 9 turnovers in 5 games. Now they’ve lost some close games –and I guess I could cling to that, but let’s be honest here. What bothers me about Kevin Kolb is that he looks small, looks overwhelmed and at times he looks lost. He’s got a decent, not a great arm, and we always knew that. But the schedule gets brutal next couple of weeks – Steelers, Ravens. I whiffed on this! I thought he would at least be solid and right now he’s a mess!

Where Andrew was right…

I said this a month ago; something is not right in Atlanta. I sold my stock on them after they lost to the Bears. They had an atrocious pre-season at 0-4, they don’t have enough playmakers offensively – even though they’ve got Julio Jones. Matt Ryan had 80 yards in his first two drives – but I would credit that to overwhelmingly clever playcalling. The Falcons’ play calling on Sunday night was brilliant play calling. Once the play calling went away, Matt Ryan went 87 yards the rest of the game. The Falcons are in trouble, I called it a month ago…this is not close to a playoff team.

Where Andrew was wrong….

Listen, Buffalo is not going to go 5-11. I didn’t buy this team at all for the first 3 or 4 weeks! But here’s what they’re doing that is exceptional and I don’t think it’s going to go away. Now their schedule gets tougher and they have gotten a gift from the league. They’ve got New England, Oakland, Philly…the 3 best teams they’ve played….those have all been at home though, that’s a gift! It’s going to get much tougher though and I now see this team as an 8-8 football team – that’s better than what I thought 2 weeks ago. The one thing that they’re doing, where I’m wrong, they are tremendous in the redzone! They’ve got an Ivy League quarterback. He doesn’t have the biggest arm! He’s not the fastest guy, but smart wins in this league in the redzone and Fitzpatrick is excellent when given the oppourtunity.

Where Andrew was right…

Stop judging the Cowboys cause they’re the Cowboys! Look around the division….they don’t have to be great to win it! The Eagles are now 1-4, the Redskins are pretty limited and the Giants have always been up and down. By not playing, they gained half a game and their schedule now includes home games against St. Louis, Seattle, Miami, Buffalo and a road game against Arizona. They’re going to win this division, they’ve got the most talent in this division, they have the greatest combination of capable quarterback and big/strong/fast athletes. I like Dallas, the nation is selling and I’m buying!

Where Andrew was wrong…

Listen, I wasn’t wrong on Tebow – I still don’t see him as an NFL elite quarterback and I still think you should trade him. What I was wrong on was Kyle Orten!!! I never in a million years thought it could get this bad, where he would have 6 yards on 3 drives. He can’t move the chains, he’s always a guy that needs weapons to be good, but it is not working out with Kyle Orten. It is not even close to working with Kyle Orten! At this point, I wonder if Tebows running game may be the team’s second best offensive weapon.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    The Jets run defense problems from the first half of the AFC title game have reared their ugly head. They are not fundamentally sound in run D, and Mark Sanchez’s security blanket ground game has struggled. He’s not a QB who can drop back 40 times a game week in and week out and keep his team in games. I hope they continue to struggle and get swept by the Bills.

    Yeah, I felt ARI made the right move to get Kolb because they needed QB help. But watching Kolb in the pre-season made me think he’d struggle this year. He didn’t look that good.

    ATL can’t seem to put back to back playoff seasons together, and Matt Ryan doesn’t play aggressively enough to take advantage of his pass catchers. Thomas Dimitroff acquired the pick to draft Julio Jones but the offense hasn’t clicked. ATL will probably finish 3rd in the division.

    I underrated the Cowboys and they have a great shot to win the division. I think the Redskins will finish up with a better record, but that MNF game could be key. You’re right though, they have good balance on both sides of the ball, although they need to get their ground game going.

    Yeah, Denver might as well try to settle the Tebow debate this season.

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