Week # 7 Suerte Cinco Moneymaker Picks For The NFL

Posted: October 22, 2011 in NFL

Record After Week # 6 is: 21-9-4 *note: first 5 picks were all college picks

Alright, so let’s start with my one favourite that I like this weekend in the NFL

Colts vs. (-14) Saints

This is a huge number for the Saints and this is also the Colts’ second of three straight road games. Drew Brees has finally got a healthy Marques Colston. He’s got an emerging star in Jimmy Graham and that’s with him just becoming a star in this league – he’s kinda like Antonio Gates from about 4 years ago. The Colts surrendered 28 points to Matt Cassel and 27 points to Andy Dalton, now they get the league’s number # 2 offense… and that spells trouble. Don’t forget, Drew Brees and Sean Payton have both been great after losses. Their last 6 losses – the Saints have bounced back with wins. The Saints’ defense has had to deal with Aaron Rogers, Matt Schaub, Cutler and Josh Freeman. Now Greg Williams, the defensive coordinator, gets Curtis Painter…they will unleash the hounds. Few teams in this league play better at home than the Saints. This is a major step down in competition for the Saints who finally get a weak quarterback and a weak team. They have an edge at quarterback, offensive line and coach. The Saints’ defense is vulnerable to elite quarterbacks…no question! Curtis Painter is not one of them. Swallow the points; blow out by the Saints 33-13.

Chargers vs. Jets (+1 ½)

The number has moved, three two and one…but whatever the number is, it’s about 1 ½ or 2 right now, I like the Jets to win the game straight up. The Chargers are a soft 4-1 and they’ve struggled at times against the Vikings, Chiefs, Dolphins and Broncos. Philip Rivers is not having a great year; I continue to argue that every year with Norf Turner, there is some erosion in the team. Last year it was the special teams, this year it’s the turnovers as they are -5, it’s another sloppy Norf Turner team. In the last 9 quarters that the Jets have played at home…they haven’t given up a touchdown! I think the Jets team is desperate and they are a different team at home. They’re desperate, at home and have a coaching advantage and a defensive advantage. Mark Sanchez has gone 2 games with no picks…they’re becoming the Jets of late last year again. The weather cools; a little more formidable…I’ll take the Jets to win the game outright 23-21.

Broncos (+2) vs. Dolphins

I’m getting points and I get the better team with Denver! Oh, Miami is not that much worse than Denver, but they are worse …and they’re going in the wrong direction. Meanwhile the locker room for Denver right now is energized with Tim Tebow. 3 starts last year, he gave you 200 yards passing, 60 yards rushing, but he gave you 7 all purpose touchdowns and that’s what Tebow does…cause he’s not Aaron Rogers. But one thing that Denver does well…they can pound the ball! They have 3 capable guys who can run the ball, Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno and Lance Ball…add a fourth with Tim Tebow’s legs. All I know is this… I am going to get an energized Denver team that is formidable running the football. I get nothing that is formidable with the fish. By the way, Brandon Marshall – who has a case of the drops this year for Miami, he’ll be neutralized because Champ Bailey is a lockdown corner. I’m taking the points; Miami is going in the wrong direction. It is a locker room that is splintering, Denver wins the game, and I’m taking the points 23-21.

Falcons (+4) vs. Lions

You know, Detroit is a nice team…but as some people have sort of suggested…they’re a little over-rated. I mean Detroit is 4th in the league in penalties, atrocious on 3rd downs and they can’t stop the run. I get the veteran quarterback Matt Ryan and I get four points. The Lions are 26th against the run – they can rush the passer, but Adrian Peterson has given them trouble and now I get Michael Turner – and by the way, because the Lions are all banged up in the secondary, Tony Gonzalez is going to have a field day because they Lions’ safeties can’t rotate much to help on Gonzalez because they have to respect Roddy White and Michael Turner in running the football. By the way, yes Atlanta lost big on the grass to Chicago and Tampa, but those were grass fields, that are an off-surface for the Falcons…they’re a very nice dome team. They are a nice turf team and that’s what they get in Detroit; they are desperate to win this game because Tampa and New Orleans right now are winning their games. I get a little more urgency, I get the veteran quarterback, I get the team that can pound the run, and I get a younger team coming off a tough emotional loss to the Niner’s. Now, I have Atlanta winning, just take the 4 points…I’m not sure if they win, I’ll go 23-21 Falcons.

 Steelers vs. Cardinals (+4)

I’m going the other way on this! I’m going to go Arizona at +4 on this. Pittsburgh – I get Ken Whisenhunt, he knows Pittsburgh people. I get Ken Whisenhunt with a bye week, they are desperate! The season right now for Arizona is this game. I get a Steelers team that for the past 4 weeks has been 1-3 against the spread, are beat up physically, Troy Polamalu, you’ve got all kinds of guys hurt: James Harrison, Casey Hampton and Aaron Smith. You have a Pittsburgh team right now that is sloppy, Big Ben has been sacked 18 times, they’re -10 in difference in turnovers…this is not a Pittsburgh Steelers team right now that is healthy, playing great football, that is tight and that is efficient. You get an Arizona team off a bye, it is their season…I think they have a chance to win this game, whether they do or not, just take the 4 points – it’s too many to give a desperate team against a banged up Steelers team,24-23 Steelers is my predicted score.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree that the Saints should roll. After three straight games on the road, they will enjoy the friendly confines of the Louisiana Superdome. Like you said, Indy’s D has struggled against lesser offenses, so as long as Drew Brees’ takes care of the football, the Saints should put up big numbers. Saints by 20+.

    While the Jets won by a lot last week, I was not impressed that much. Revis’ numbers looked good, but I don’t think he had a great game (held or PIed on the pick six, Marshall dropped a TD). Revis faces another big physical receiver in Vincent Jackson this week, and he’s more sure-handed and focussed than is Marshall.Also, the Jets struggled to get a first down deep into the second quarter, IIRC. The Dolphins offense couldn’t take advantage of those defensive stops, but I believe the Chargers O will. The Chargers are coming off of a bye and Antonio Gates had full participation in practice. Maybe getting that security blanket back will help Rivers’ inability to take care of the football (although he threw picks even when Gates in the lineup). I like the Chargers to win by a poessession.

    There will be lots of Tim Tebow fans in the crowd on Sunday and it may not feel that much like a home game for the Dolphins. I agree, Denver is a better team than Miami right now and Tebow’s ability to help move the ball on third down will help. I like Denver with the points in a close win, maybe by 3.

    Yeah, I feel the Lions’ sky may be falling. I was not impressed with the Lions win on Monday Night a couple of weeks ago. The Bears played with them, but allowed a few big plays to really determine the game. The Lions still can’t protect the quarterback well, and it’s manifesting in Stafford struggles. He’s also missing wide open guys even when there isn’t any heat on him. I’m expecting a big game from John Abraham against Jeff Backus, who has struggled to pass block this year. Plus, Detroit is very one dimensional on offense, as they have had a tough time consistently moving the ball on the ground. That’s going to add to their pass pro’ problems. I like Atlanta in the “upset”. Falcons by 10.

    The PIT-ARI game is a tough one to call. Pitt isn’t that good, but I feel Arizona won’t be able to stop them consistently. I feel a Mike Wallace big grab here and a Rashard Mendenhall scamper there will provide enough for the Steelers to win and cover the spread.

  2. Mike Crack says:

    I have had a change of heart wrt to the Cards-Steelers game.

  3. Gary says:

    Nice job on the picks this week, Andrew!

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