Foul Mouthed Schwartz Is Upset Cause Harbough Foul Mouthed Him?

Posted: October 23, 2011 in NFL

Who is really bothered by big egos? People with big egos! So for Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz – whose got the foulest mouth arguably in the league and maybe the most intense guy in the league…for him to be offended by Jim Harbough’s foul mouth and intensity, that’s like a hippy being offended by body odour…give me a break!! Jim Schwartz and Harbough meet after the game and here’s what Schwartz said – now in case you didn’t watch it, both coaches bumped into each other… yes Jim Harbough was a little over the top, Harbough’s been doing this since he coached at San Diego and Stanford. He’s not an old school coach; he’s not the late Tom Landry. He is a chest bumper, he is a high-five guy…was he over the top? Yes. Harbough is always over the top, he’s rubbed a lot of coaches the wrong way.

But for Jim Schwartz – I went and looked up an article from like 3 weeks ago on Jim Schwartz, this is an article written on him by, “he’s a mad man, he’s caught on tape cursing at officials, taunting opposing players, creating a post-game fist pump that has risen to cult status in Detroit. During the game against the Cowboys, at the end of the 3rd quarter, he took exception to Dez Bryant’s trash talking during a break in the action. He screamed at him “hey, how about that! Incomplete you mother #$%&er”

That guy is offended by swearing?? That guy is offended by Jim Harbough?? This is what Schwartz said after the game “I went to congratulate coach Harbough and got shoved out of the way and then didn’t expect an obscenity at that point, so it was a surprise to me at the end of the game” Listen, It’d be one thing if you’re a classy Joe Gibbs or the classy Tom Landry, but this would be like Jimmie Johnsons’ “how about them Cowboys!!” and having him get upset if another coach said “how about them Redskins!!” Give me a break!! Even the play by play guys for KNBR –everybody was saying Monday morning “oh, this is serious” pfft, this is just two boys being boys. It’s the two most intense guys in the league, the two biggest trash talkers in the world and they bumped into each other and when you spot it, you got it!

Let’s not make too much of this! I mean, it’s not worth follow up rants –even the KNBR guys, the announcers for the niner’s, the home guys, were laughing about it “[announcer 1] Jim Harbough is jumping up and down in the middle of the field, leaping as he comes across to shake hands with Jim Schwartz, who did not appear to share quite that enthusiasm…now Schwartz and Harbough are now jostling as they get off the field, Jim Harbough got a little too enthusiastic there and Jim Schwartz is now being separated from Jim Harbough”

Yeah I mean Jim Harbough went over the top, but Schwartz being offended and overreacting and chasing him down the field. I mean listen, A) Harbough is a little over the top and I don’t think any coach in the league would’ve liked it. But Schwartz reaction is silly! Chasing him down the field for a guy that’s got the foulest mouth in the league, is Mr. “Fist Pumper” is Mr. “Trash-Talker” that guy can’t be offended by Jim Harbough. That would be like Derek Jeter saying about A-rod “you know, A-rod is a bit of a playboy for my taste. I wish he had more family values and had children. Heck, that guy is out every night partying with different beautiful woman” I just love guys who are offended by guys who are the same guy….that’s what Schwartz is!

Harbough to his credit, owned his baggage – is he being completely authentic here? No, but I mean, he’s arguing with the Detroit media that’s obviously taking the side of Schwartz….Harbough owned his own baggage. “It was totally on me, I shook his hand too hard and I really went in and it was a strong – you know, kind of a slap/grab the hand and shake it type of thing. Same as I have been doing with Costanzo and a few others of the other guys. So that was on me, it was too hard of a handshake there.  So yeah, the handshake there was on me…it was a little too hard”

It was sorta authentic, kind of a smartalic about it. If you watched the HBO piece on Jim Harbough, you’ll know that that’s who he is. So, the other thing that is funny about this is that when you’re a super intense guy, sometimes it’s very difficult to  for other people…I mean, Harbough is the kind of guy who will pound a couple of beers after a big game, he’s one of the dude’s! Did you see him bring his shirt up as he ran over? He brought his shirt up – he’s like one of the dudes!

This happens during March Madness and Reality TV shows all the time. Where you just won a million dollars and you’re in the middle of your celebration and you’re suppose to stop for the loser. You ever watch March Madness? It must happen like 15 times during March Madness. You’re the winning coach, you win a shot at the buzzer –you know, you coach for like Gonzaga and you’re like “yeahhh!! We won at the buzzer!!!” and you look over and the losing coach walks over to you – and you’re suppose to flip a switch and go “yeahhhhh….oh, sorry for just ruining your life…..yeahhhh” Harbough was going nuts and Schwartz was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He shakes his hand and like, he can’t ask Harbough to flip it off completely, he’s lifting his shirt up and beer bumping his offensive lineman. But that’s just who he is…he’s over the top, but he owned his baggage.


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