Reactionary Monday’s…”The Cowboys Are Terrible!” Really?

Posted: October 24, 2011 in NFL

Everybody acknowledges –even fans admit this…your crazy! Fans overreact on Mondays. So far on the year – once again last week I had a winning week in my “suerte cinco” picks. I’ve won 20 games and I’ve lost 10, so when you get up to 65-70% against the spread, that’s pretty remarkable and I’ve sorta been lucky that way and the reason I’ve done it this year is that…I just bet against the public! The public goes nuts on everything, massively overreacting. Like they’ve overreacted to the Lions, so I said bet the Niner’s. “The Cowboy’s are terrible” I told you to take the Cowboys at +7. Once again, I had a winning week – if you count my true value pick, I went 3-1 and 2 pushes, so people overreact.

So last Monday morning everybody was like – first off listen, as I was telling a good buddy of mine Thursday night while having a couple of beers and watching Game 2 of the World Series, I own my own baggage. I had the Cowboys beating New England 33-30 and they lost by 4. I thought they’d go in there and move the ball more effectively, but I will say this…both defenses looked pretty good. New England’s defense looked pretty good. A lot better than what it’s looked all year.

Jerry Jones came out on last Monday, and the big question about the game isn’t who won or lost because it’s a long season, in my opinion they will both win their divisions, but the big question in the game was, did Jason Garrett make a mistake? He got the ball with like 3 minutes left, he ran the ball 3 times, burned the clock and then kicked it back to Brady. Now again, it was Monday during the NFL season, so the massive reaction is “Garrett is terrible, it’s a terrible call” But your all hypocrites.

If he throws a pass and it gets picked, there is not a single reader on this rant that is not crushing Jason Garrett. You are annihilating him!! You can’t have it both ways folks! You can’t demand progressive and then be outraged by mistakes. If you’re outraged by what Jason Garrett did, then did you ever write on this blog or email me during a Jets game and say “well, you gotta just run the ball there” You can’t have it both ways!! Jason Garrett did something, in my opinion, that is incredibly smart…he protected Tony Romo.

This is a long season and we’re 6 games in and Jason Garrett knows that he’s better than the Redskins – who they’ve already beaten, the Eagles were 1-4 and the Giants? You don’t know what your getting week to week, but their schedule over the next 2 months is brutal! So Jason Garrett knows that the Cowboys schedule, over the next 10 weeks is the softest in his division. It doesn’t matter if Dallas is the best team in the league; they’ve just got to win their division to get into the playoffs. Once you’re in the playoffs and you’re healthy, anything is possible! Heck, the Seahawks beat the Saints last year.

If you look at the Cowboys schedule over the next 2 months…let me list if to for you: Rams @ home, Seahawks @ home, Bills @ home, Redskins, Miami @ home, Arizona….see what I’m saying? So the big picture Jason Garrett, and before you annihilate him, Bill Belicheck punted the ball to Dallas with 3 minutes left, why didn’t he go for it? He punted the ball away!! Knowing that if Dallas got a first down, he probably gets the ball back with 12 seconds left and 80 yards to go. So Belicheck…he went by the book! He punted! Knowing that he may never get the ball back – even if he’s got the great Tom Brady! What Jason Garrett did, is say “alright, let’s look at the game. The last 4 possessions, New England has punted twice, fumbled once and we picked them off. We’ve been in Brady’s face all day. They’ve only got 2 minutes, they’ve got 80 yards…it’s a ton of pressure, we’re getting pressure on them…they haven’t done squat all day! So I’m going to roll the dice with that and not throw the ball, Tony throws a pick and I’ve lost him for the season emotionally. He’s going to be annihilated in Dallas, he will be annihilated on ESPN…I’m not rolling the dice. I’m going to go with my defense – which over the course of the day has stuffed Tom Brady” Especially as the game continued, they stuffed him even more! So the momentum is with you, 80 yards, 2 minutes…he rolled the dice! But he wasn’t going to put Tony Romo out there with a potential for a mistake and lose him for the season. He’s got a young team getting better and finally healthy, his offensive line is getting better – and they really are. He’s got young receivers, he just took the lead in that game, he’s got the easiest schedule in the division.

Jason Garrett said afterwards that his mind was made up! “you have to run the ball in that situation because of the time situation and our defense played very well. We wanted to force them to use their time out and to punt the ball down there and then hopefully we could get a stop, it’s one of the best offensives in the league. So you’re certainly challenging your defense in that situation but we believe that you have to manage the game in a way that we did.”

Everybody is week to week changing their opinion on the Cowboys – do you want them to be progressive or do you want them to be conservative? In this instance, I totally got it! You’ve been stuffing him, your pass rush was good, and they had to go 80 yards. Now people say, Andrew “but Tom Brady is the master of 4th quarter comebacks!” that’s not true! The Patriots rarely trail with 3 minutes left in games. Statistically, he doesn’t have that many “come from behind” wins, in 12 seasons he’s got only 25…that’s like 2 a year! He only had 2 last year.  He is not by any means John Elway; he’s not the master of coming from behind and winning. Brady is rarely behind in the 4th…the Patriots are rarely behind in the 4th and I totally got this!

This was Jason Garrett, big picture, “I am not willing to put Tony Romo on the spot and blow the season up because emotionally, Tony Romo is getting crushed. Tony Romo to his credit, came out afterwards and said, listen we’re only a third into the season here! “This team is continuing to grow and get better, we just need to finish out a game like today’s – and I think we will, as the season progresses. It’s a long season”


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