The Beginning of the End In Denver…Courtesy of Tim Tebow!!

Posted: October 25, 2011 in NFL

Losers sometimes win and winners sometimes lose! Ryan Leaf started 2-0, Vince Young and Tavaris Jackson and Jimmy Clausen have won games. But the truth is that the overwhelming majority of my emails yesterday were this “god he was awful…but it was great television!” and I concur with them….for once! I would double my investment on the “Tim Tebow will never be elite in the NFL”….heck I would triple it this very instant! I never let brief failure or success change my view.

When Wade Phillips got hired by the Dallas Cowboys, I had to “eat it” for a couple of years as he went 13-3 and 11-5….but I knew from the very beginning and every one of my sources said, every one of my instincts said “he’s not going to work” When Norf Turner had initial success – I knew I was right. When Kobe and Shaq broke up, I knew the Lakers got the right guy – they got Kobe, the harder worker, the better long term guy. Short-term I had to eat it with Shaq.

Now, in the Tim Tebow situation, Sunday did not validate the Tebow worshippers, it actually validated everything most NFL analysts are saying “he’s not even close to Christian Ponder!” Forget Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady or Drew Brees. I would say today that Tebow is not even close to Andy Dalton, Cam Newton and Christian Ponder. But he’s great television, it’s fantastically dramatic, I can talk about it on this blog and get like 600 hits in a week! Tebow is good for the NFL, he’s great for the league, he’s great for radio, and the media absolutely loves him, but god he’s never going to be an elite quarterback!!

“Andrew, give him credit!!” I’ve never been in that business, that’s what Visa does, that’s what Mastercard does, that’s what banks do. I’m not in the credit business, I’m in the honesty business – and honeslty, I’d triple my bet on Tebow today that he won’t pan out…but it sure as heck was damn good television. I couldn’t turn it off!! I said to a friend last week that it was the only game in NFL history where the winner would potentially be  a loser and the loser a winner! Think I’m wrong? People were cheering “GOAL” going through the upright in Miami!! One step closer to 0-16 and the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

So yesterday morning – and it’s not many of you because you fans have become smarter than ever, but for the guy out there saying “Tebow is the man” folks, he’s a mosquito flying towards the blue light, he’ll eventually be zapped! In the end, it was nothing more than riveting telelvision, everybody in the world knew on that 2 point conversion that Tebow was going to run it. You knew it, I knew it, Miami knew it, Denver knew it…and he still scored, it was unbelievable television!

For the record, I had Denver and Tebow as one of my best “suerte cinco” picks – which by the way, I went 4-1 again this weekend. I bet Tebow last Friday – not because I think Tebow is great long term. Never let market fluctuations make you pull money out of the market – I’m in the stock market for 30 years, bad years and bad months come and go, it shouldn’t change how I think about it though. It’s a better place to put it than in real estate – in my opinion. But it was dramatic television! Just off the charts good television. Listen, Denver/Miami was going to be the worst telecast in league history, it became one of the best 3 minutes ever!! I’m all good on that!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, anyone who watched the whole game knows Timmy has not arrived. It’s nice to get a win, buth e’s got a long way to go. I’d like to see him do well. I think he can be a solid game manager if Denver can get a suffocating D and a very god running game. I don’t think he’ll be a top 10 guy, though.

  2. Jose Patino says:

    Have faith man Tebow is the man

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