A Recap of Game 6 Of the World Series…Baseball Is the Overall Winner In This One!

Posted: October 28, 2011 in MLB

Well, I don’t know how Texas overcomes that! I don’t know how you can be 1 strike away twice from the World Series, gag like a cat on a hair bag and come back and win Game 7, it feels like St. Louis has got this puppy wrapped up. But, it’s the strangest World Series I’ve ever seen because after every game I felt like the winner of that game was the best team in the series. After Game 1 I thought “uh, Carpenter is pitching 3 games this series” and then Texas wins in St. Louis and your thinking “well, you know they’ll win at home” and then St. Louis comes out and blows them out. Every game I’ve got a different feeling.

But this time I’m absolutely sure, I swear to you St. Louis is most likely going to win Game 7. The emotional letdown, the bullpen is rattled, it’s in St. Louis. They get Chris Carpenter. It feels like it’s theirs. Can I say this though, have you ever met that guy – and these kinds of people drive me crazy. Like, you go see a really good movie and you’re like “omg, I saw a really good movie!” and they’re like “oh, I like the book way better” or they say “Excuse, I think the movie was stupid” or the guy who is like “I’m hillbilly. I can’t keep up with words and books, I just watch pictures!” Have you ever met that guy? There is always “that guy”

Like, have you ever met baseball purist? “oh really, I like the one hitter…I like dual simultaneous no hitters for like 38 innings cause I’m exceptionally smart and your stupid” really? That game was 10-9 and nobody could get anybody out…that’s one of the best baseball games I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m tired of you baseball purist telling me that nothing is great baseball. Like that game last night was unbelievable! It’s okay to like the movie better than the book.

I mean like, don’t you like it when your wife tells you she loves you instead of writing it on a card? It’s okay!!! It’s okay to like a baseball game where nobody can get anybody out. If you did not see the game last night, it was absolutely riveting!! It’s as good as American sports gets. By the way, the Cardinals are the only team in the history of the World Series to score in the 8th, 9th, 10th and the 11th …I didn’t know that! Something called the Elias Sports Bureau looked it up this morning. There were like 9 records set last night. It was the 8th inning, the Cardinals were down by 3, the game is in St. Louis, they’re toast, they’re done and then Allen Craig steps up and homers to left field and made it 7-5.

So it’s okay now for St. Louis, they’re getting back…then we got to the 9th inning, it’s still 7-5 Texas with 2 on and 2 out and they’re trailing by 2 runs….it’s been a great season, thanks everyone…it’s been a great year!! David Freeze comes up, two strikes; it’s almost over and then hits it to right field, goes off the wall in towards the infield. Pujols and Berkman score and it’s a triple for Freeze and ties the game. “Oh wait a minute….season is not over!!”. Then in the 10th inning, Texas’ Josh Hamilton jacks one out and its 9-7. Alright, well now the season is officially over, it’s really been a great run. I mean they gave us everything they had. Bottom of the 10th Lance Berkman, its 9-8, so they’ve cut into it a little bit, but the season is pretty much over, thank old Lance Berkman steps up…he hits a blopper for a basehit and they tie it again! 9-9. like, what in the name of Stan Musial is going on here!! The season is not over…then we go to the 11th, the Rangers go in order and now you’re thinking “it’s getting late, Joe Buck’s voice is killing him, McCarver is like 70 so he must be tired! Let’s get this thing over with” David Freeze is up with a 3-2 count and he comes up big again homer to straight centre field and wins it in the 11th…I was getting goose bumps listening to play call this afternoon.

So the game ends 10-9, it wasn’t brilliantly played, defensive lapses, the Rangers bullpen couldn’t get anybody out…that is absolutely great sports. I told a buddy this couple of weeks ago – and he laughed about it, I was telling him how everyone goes like “oh I love defenses in football” nope, you love your own defense and you hate everybody else’s. If I said tomorrow, USC/Stanford 6-3, wanna go? But if I said 33-30…you’d be like “I’m in!” We don’t really like defenses, we just like ours, and we don’t like to watch yours.

It’s like your kids or your future kids “I love my kids…yours I could do without! Mine I absolutely love!!” Last night – I don’t care if there were errors or if there was lousy pitching, that’s American sports at its best! I honestly don’t know how Texas overcomes it. I don’t hate baseball…heck I love drama!! Make games matter…I’m not gonna watch stuff in June, I’m going to the beach. Last night was incredible!!

Now Ron Washington talked after the game and he makes a good point although I just don’t know how you overcome that. “It’s not that easy to win a World Championship as we found out tonight. We had the right people in the right spot and they beat us to it. You have to give them credit because they fought tonight; they came back and won the ball game. We’ve been in some tough situations before and we’ve always responded and I expect us to respond tomorrow”

Well Chris Carpenter…the rain out helps out a little bit he’s gonna be pitching tonight. Chris Carpenter, you could argue, it a little bit like Curt Schelling in that he’s got about 145 career wins – that’s not the plateau you have to have to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, but he’s been soo good in the postseason, he’s 8-2. Like a lot of people say about Curt Schelling that he’s not a hall of famer because he doesn’t have 255 wins yet he’s like 4-1 in the World Series and 11-2 all time. To me, for Chris Carpenter…every playoff win is equivalent to like 5-10 wins. Like you can beat the Pirates all day long in June, this is why Chris Carpenter makes million and millions of dollars, he goes tonight for St. Louis cause it just feels like to me – I’m not shocked very often in sports. Like I can count on one hand the times that I’ve been shocked – OJ and driving that white bronco on the LA freeway….shocked! Andre Agassi “I did meth” …shocked! Like that one literally came out of nowhere. I think I’d be shocked if Texas won tonight. It just feels like it leans heavily towards St. Louis but this is why it’s been absolutely great baseball.


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