Week # 8 Moneymaker Picks for NFL

Posted: October 30, 2011 in NFL

Record After Week # 7 is: 25-10-4 *note: first 5 picks were all college picks

Alrighty, I like some dogs this week, let’s start with this one first

Vikings (+3.5) over Panthers

 So the Vikings go on the road and they get +3 ½ points – everyone loves Cam Newton, how do you not like him, he’s good looking, he’s got the smile, he can throw a million miles…but its covering up the truth that Carolina is a sloppy mess and they make a ton of mistakes. They had 13 penalties last week, until that game Carolina was -5. They have bad special teams and they are atrocious stopping the run. The Vikings’ Adrian Peterson is playing as well as he has in the last 2 years. I’m telling you right now, there is nobody worse in the league, maybe the Eagles, at defending a great running back than Carolina. The Vikings love to use two tight end sets and they may even go to 3 tight end sets this weekend. Carolina on the other hand, has struggled. Last week, Fred Davis former Trojan, had a big weekend. I know everybody loves Cam Newton…I get it! But I’m getting a team with more star players who now have Christian Ponder – let’s be honest; they played Green Bay tough because Minnesota has got talent!! And now they have Christian Ponder, who can air it down the field. The Panthers though, do one thing very well… they run it! Minnesota has got a tough front 7. I’m taking the Vikings, though I’m not sure if they win, couldn’t pass up the points, although 24-23 Vikings with the win is my prediction.


Seahawks (+3) over Bengals

 Seahawks don’t’ have the record but they may be the better team than Cincinnati and Andy Dalton along with a young offensive line and young wide receivers are going to the nosiest stadium in the NFL. Plus, they don’t have Cederic Benson to lean on…not good news for a rookie quarterback. As well, they don’t have middle linebacker, former Trojan Ray Maualuga, the Seattle Seahawks haven’t been home in a month and they play inspired football there. They are also excellent defensively there and have covered 4 out of their last 5 home games. They are better on special teams with Leon Washington and Red Bryant blocked two field goals last week. Outside linebacker Chris Clemons, who is one of the best in football that nobody is talking about, and Seattle is a tough place to play as the noise level could be an issue for Cincinnati’s pass protection. By the way, Clemons had 2 sacks last week against Colt McCoy. Take the 3 ½ points, it’s probably the best bet of the weekend. Seattle beats the Bengals, 17-16.


Patriots (-3) over Steelers

I like my dogs, but I’m going to take a favourite here, in New England at -3. Jerod Mayo may be back for New England and they are healthier up front and we’re seeing a little defense now. The Steelers by the way, their far more important game is NEXT WEEK against division rivals Baltimore. Meanwhile, in 3 of the 4 crucial categories (quarterback, offensive line and coach) I believe that New England is substantially better than Pittsburgh. We also get Bill Belicheck off a bye – though byes don’t mean much this year because of the collective bargaining agreement that limits practices and forces players off. So bye week’s don’t mean as much anymore, but if it means anything to anybody, it’s means something to Bill Belicheck. So how do you beat Pittsburgh? You do it the way New England has done it, and the way New Orleans has done it and the way Green Bay has done it…SPREAD THEM OUT! Spread the Steelers out. In their last 7 games against the Green Bay Packers or against the Patriots, they are 1 and 6. I’m going to take the Patriots to win it – not easily mind you, but 31-23 to cover the spread.


Bills (-6) over Redskins

You know, I think the Bills are a little over-rated, but in this spot, it’s taking money from a baby. Rex Grossman is out, John Beck’s in. Washington has two starters missing on the offensive line. Receiver Santana Moss – they’re only deep threat is out. Running back Tim Hightower is also out and now with an all new quarterback, Buffalo can score! I don’t think they are a great football team…but they can score! Ryan Fitzpatrick is the least sacked quarterback in the league and they are 4th in rushing. The Redskins are good on the edges but they are not great through the middle. In fact, the Redskins against the rush are one of the worst teams in the league. So I get a healthy Buffalo, off a bye, they’re better at quarterback, more offensive weapons. I’ll personally be at the game to see for myself what this team is really about…I like Buffalo easily, 27-13


Cowboys (+3.5) over Eagles

 I told you to get ready for it, that’s if I’m not making you sick to your stomach already. But I get the better quarterback…face it! Romo is better than Vick. Vick is more exciting, maybe he doesn’t lose that game in the 4th quarter. But Vick has got 9 TD’s to 8 picks. I also get a significantly better defensive to coordinator. Right now in Philadelphia, it is a complete mess from the coaching side of the ball. I get Rob Ryan! By the way, who is the last defensive coordinator to shut out Tom Brady twice? What have been the last two bad games for Tom Brady? Cleveland last year and Dallas this year and in both instance, Rob Ryan was the coordinator.  I also have a Dallas team that can pound the football with Felix Jones, Demarco Murray…all sorts of depth at running back and Philadelphia fans know that they can’t defend the run. They are a mess on the defensive side of the ball. Dallas wins the game straight out, I don’t even need points outside of special teams; they’re a better football team.


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