The Boat Is Not Sinking…Yet! How Bout Them Under .500 Cowboys!!

Posted: October 31, 2011 in NFL

The boat is not sinking, yes it took in a bit of water last night, it hit an iceberg, but the pump is working…we’re going to get it to the dock. Now, it would be nice if our crew – namely Rob Ryan the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys stopped promising wins over heated rivals “it’s not the first time, that I might’ve said something and then gotten my $*& kicked, but you know, I never say anything that I don’t believe, so hopefully it’ll be the last time that happens but you know, whatever happened out there it’s all my fault.” Thanks!! But our captain is Captain Jerry Jones – an experienced Mariner and a worthy sea individual. Listen, he’s weathered this before, he got us through Hurricane Wade did he not? “There is absolutely no alarm in the clubhouse today. This can happen in the NFL. We had a lot to gain, we came up here to win this ball game and we lost, but we still have a lot to gain and we understand that. They [Eagles] played outstanding and we did not play good at all”

That’s right, there should be no time to panic…deep breathes, rocky waters, long season. Jerry got us past the storms of HBO’s hard knocks did he not? “I’d be concerned if I did not think we’d win more football games when we get back out there, but we will. This is not about re-examining everything that we do. This is about being disappointed in not winning this football game” No reason to freak out yet, I feel most mostly really good…how bout them under .500 cowboys! Now I know most you think the Cowboys’ quarterback is very Gilligan and a mistake prone goof! I see him more as Merrill Stubing’s, steady hand, flawed. But I’m believing that everything is going to be okay, we’re going to get through this thing together, everything is going to be fine…it was just a little rough last night. I give Philadelphia, a desperate team, a ton of credit for the way they came out last night and played.

Michael Vick has never been great because of his size, throwing over the middle. But Michael Vick last night was outstanding, as he got 18 of 20 between the hash marks. Now, I think off a bye is over-rated. It use to matter off a bye, but now with a new collective bargaining agreement, players get guaranteed games off, you don’t get the days to practice in pads…you can’t do it any longer. In fact, Andy Reid gave the entire team the week off, but I thought Philadelphia played with a relentless zeal and Dallas couldn’t match it and it was just ugly, yes it’s inexcusable, but I think it’s going to be okay…I’m mostly sure of that. I’m almost 74% sure that the Cowboys are going to be okay.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I don’t think it’s time to press the panic button, but I think Dallas will miss the playoffs. It seems like the season will shape up with the division coming down to a two horse race between the Eagles and Giants. I think Philly’s getting hot and will take it.

    Vick made some great protection calls and the Eagles o-line was magical. If they keep it up and are able to keep Vick clean, it’ll be very hard to stop all of the Eagles weapons.

    I can’t wait for the Eagles-Pats game. The Eagles have the DBs to cover the Pats’ spread and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of gameplan Bill Belichick throws at Philly’s O.

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