When Is Replay Too Much Replay?

Posted: November 8, 2011 in NFL

So I was reading an article – Jason Cole wrote this from Yahoo Sports where he talks about how helmet to helmet calls should be reviewed. He writes a column saying listen, the NFL has got a huge issue; there are too many misinterpretations, regarding of how defenders can hit offensive players. A couple of Mondays ago, Ravens safety Bernard Pollar became the latest player questionably penalized, he says that “the call needs to be subjective to review” and I totally disagree with him on this. It’s a good column; go read it Yahoo Sports Jason Cole (http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=jc-cole_direct_snap_bernard_pollard_personal_foul_102511). I look at instant replay, and to a large degree all of sports, on how we treat human beings. When you’re born we celebrate your life, when your dead we celebrate your life…the stuff in between? You become a meth addict? That’s a you problem!! Handle yourself; I’m not holding your hand!! When you are born, we put on a new diaper, when you die; we put on a new suit. We take care of you with both! Stuff in between happens, I’m not holding your hand!

Same thing with sports! At the start of the game “do we all know the rules?” let’s meet at mid court, let’s meet at center ice, let’s meet at midfield, and let’s meet at home plate. “Do we all know the rules?” In the end, when it’s the ball in the hoop, puck in the net, ball in the net and football over the goal line, take care of that…how you finish! Everything else in between? Its sports…stuff happens! I’m a beginning and an end guy, treat replay overwhelming how we treat life. We put you a new diaper and when you die we put you a new suit. In between? Take care of yourself…be a grown up! Nobody is going to hold your hand. In sports, let’s all meet at center court…do we all know the rules? Go play!! When it comes to scoring? How you finish?  Let’s have a replay on that stuff. Like goaltending late in the game? Replay!! Ball over the goal line? (Michigan State /Wisconsin a couple of weekends ago) let’s have a replay! World Series…down the foul line, home run…fair or foul? Let’s have a replay!! NHL Stanley Cup finals…did the puck go into the net or not? Let’s have a replay!! That’s where I want replay…even in the NFL I think we have too much replay.

I’m not a believer that you need it constantly – now I do believe that if you have technology at your disposal you should always use it or the big stuff. But there are limitations…like you do need a cut off, just like with human beings. Like I’m not going to hold your hand for 88 years, so like I think those helmet to helmet things…its part of sports, you go with it! What? are you going to go to replay on that helmet to helmet hit and breakdown by like saying “oh it was at an 8 degree angle, or it was at an acute angle, it was sorta the butt of his head…” it’s just too much stuff! Heck, just let them play and face it, you’re going to have to live with some error.

By the way, we’ve always known this in football – you can call holding in the NFL on every play! We all know that! Not a single fan would argue that…you can call holding on every play in the NFL. So interpretation is a huge part of football and we all believe that football uses replay better than anybody! Even with football, we know that they miss stuff all the time and they only allow review on a hand full of things. You don’t get it in pass interference; I don’t want it on helmet to helmet hits. I want it for Michigan State/Wisconsin at the end of the game, that’s what I want it for! I want it for two minutes to go, Brady down the field to Dion Branch…did he catch it or trap it? That’s what I want it for. Other than that, players make mistakes and coaches make mistakes!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I like replay for helmet to helmet personal fouls because they are very game changing calls. If they want to have players respect player safety, they should get calls correct. Otherwise, players may become disenchanted and simply hit however they want (ie. helmet to helmet) because they feel that they will get flagged whether they hit helmet to helmet or if they hit shoulder to shoulder.

    I also thing more measures should be taken to protect defensive players. Right now, it seems that the league is worried only about offensive player safety and/or future class action lawsuits from offensive players.

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