An Analysis Of The Interview With Jerry Sandusky

Posted: November 17, 2011 in NCAA Football

Like most of you, I watched that whole Bob Costas interview with Jerry Sandusky phone interview on the NBC rock centre on the Brian Williams show. I have to tell you, it’s creepy…like rule #1 of PR: don’t do grainy phone interviews and Jerry is a guy that kind of has a wobbly voice and he struggled with basic stuff. I am shocked that you wouldn’t angrily and definitively, not only dismiss the charges, but deeply defend yourself.

Jerry Sandusky, who in my opinion, has lived a life of lies and manipulation, really didn’t adamantly defend himself or definitively do it. But what really jumped out to me was the one question – and I want you to pay attention to this. Bob Costas asked the question, and look it up on Youtube or something, but listen to how long it takes him to get to the answer. Now put yourself in the chair of Jerry Sandusky…like if Bob Costas asked YOU this? How you would react with these claims? Listen to the question and answer. Bob Costas asked “Are you a pedophile?” Sandusky after 5 seconds says “No”. Bob Costas asks “are you sexually attracted to young boys, underage boys?” and Sandusky says “Am I sexually attracted to young age boys…sexually attracted? …like I enjoy young people, I love to being around them….but no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys” I counted that…it was 17 seconds!

It took Jerry Sandusky – and I just timed it, 17 seconds after pausing and repeating the question, searching for an answer to say “no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys” he struggled with the word “attracted” Just the fact that he struggled with the word “attracted – listen, I love my father and I admire things about him, I enjoy time with him but I am never attracted to anything my father does. Attracted my friends, is not a confusing word! If you came up to your best friend, a guy, and said to him “Bob, I’m attracted to you!” it would almost immediately be awkward…in any context! Nobody would confuse that word with meaning anything other than “physically”.

Jerry Sandusky…17 seconds, is confused by the word “attracted” that is an absolutely huge red flag! When was the last time you used that word –even not in the context of people…like, you never say “I’m attracted to the couch” or “I went to a car dealer…I’m attracted to that car!” Even if you said “I met this girl and I’m really attracted to her personality” the immediate assumption is that it’s step 1 toward a sexual relationship. Other than 6th grade science when you’re talking about magnets…you don’t use “attracted” unless it’s a deep emotional feeling about people and we’re just programmed to use it in terms of physical relationships! Heck, you don’t even use it with close friends!! The best guy friend you’ve had, the best girlfriend…you don’t use the word “attracted” unless it’s the building blocks for something beyond just deep feelings. Listen to this again…17 seconds!!

First of all, when Bob asks him “are you a pedophile?” it is not an angry “no” or a definitive “no” or a “hell no!” it’s a wobbly “no”, pauses, repeats it…17 seconds! It’s similar to using the word “involved”. If a buddy comes to you and asks “are you involved with her?” Involved, in that context, has one meaning…physical! When somebody asks “are you attracted to a certain group or person…it’s not up for interpretation!! You don’t struggle with that word!! He struggled for 17 seconds…with a wobbly “no” and a pause…repeats the question, which is what you do when you’re searching for an answer.

So when I watched that, I think Jerry Sandusky is forgetting something. Even his attorney acknowledged it on The Today Show yesterday morning. That in 1998, there was an incident and in 2000 a janitor saw him with a boy. In 2002, it was Mike McQuarrey. Even his attorney said “listen, he didn’t use a lot of common sense because obviously you had a warning in the 90’s in the 98 situation and certainly should’ve seized it then…showering with kids certainly doesn’t make him guilty though.

But in retrospect, he shouldn’t have been there! But I think Jerry Sandusky is one of these guys who still doesn’t realize that you can do 10,000 goods…it’s all wiped out by one evil! You can live 60 years of peace yet one murder throws all of that out the window! I mean, nobody is disputing that Jerry Sandusky, for over 30 years, probably did help out some kids, like Joe Pa did some wonderful things. I‘m sure Sandusky did some positive things!

But I don’t think he understands that one evil wipes that out! So the moral of the story is: don’t do evil things to people! Most certainly children. Mike McQuarrey by the way, who will become the star witness in this saga in my opinion, NBC news released an e-mail that he sent to people at Penn State this past weekend. Saying that he broke up the encounter he saw back in 2002. Now, that goes against….contradicts his testimony in the grand jury…so let’s clear that up!!

#1A) McQuarrey did see something and did report it….we know that to be true. B) It was sexual in nature….we know that to be true as well! Even Joe Paterno admitted that! C)  Two Penn State officials, the President and the Athletic Director, lied to a Gran Jury and said that “he didn’t say it wasn’t a sexual encounter”.  Now the confusion is, what did he do during it! He told the Grand Jury that he was horrified and left. This weekend he said that he was horrified and broke it up!

Either way, it doesn’t eliminate the incident and it does not invalidate in any way what happened and what he saw in 2002. Did he email something this past weekend because of all the heat he was taking in the media, radio and television? Or people were saying to him “what were you doing” and he saying nothing and then calling him a creep, a weak link, you’re a small person!! Did he email people to slow that avalanche or train down? Possibly! But it’s doesn’t to me, invalidate what he saw in 2002…it can’t! He saw what he saw and he reported it.

I watched the whole thing and I thought Costas did a good job. Bob didn’t ask tough questions, he asked easy questions to answer if you’re innocent. “Are you a pedophile?” Oh hell no!! I’m repulsed by it. “What do you make of what you’ve done?” I’m horrified! I’m absolutely innocent, I’m terrified personally, I’m getting death threats, and it’s all untrue. But Sandusky sorta wobbled around; paused, repeated the questions and I thought the pedophile question just jumped out to me! As a guy that was searching for an answer that he thought would be the right answer!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yea, the delay was unsettling. He didn’t help himself out. It’s amazing….

    LOL at the grade 6 magnets attraction…Haha.

    I wonder if McQueary tried to save himself by saying he broke it up, instead of just calling his father. He has taken a lot of heat for not intervening, especially since he was, what, 28 years old at he time?

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