Dont Confuse A Great Story And A Great Kid…For A Great Quarterback! The Tale of Tim Tebow

Posted: November 19, 2011 in NFL

If you think the media is self absorbed and if you think the media is arrogant – like surveys show that nobody likes the media…then why is it that the media hates Tebow? He’s ratings gold!!  I’ll show you how popular Tim Tebow is., after games on Sundays, they do game recaps. Not only are Denver’s games the most downloaded in the U.S. but they double the Jets/Patriots from this past Sunday. They double the Patriots/Giants…this is Tim Tebow and Denver!

He is the most popular player in the league, Aaron Rogers isn’t even close!! And yet he’s second in popularity. Heck, you don’t have to speak English and could find yourself stumbling upon this rant and read the read the title “Tim Tebow…” you’d stick around and try to read the blog for a bit! He’s Favre x5!! He’s completely polarizing. He’s a broadcasters/bloggers dream!! It’s like before Larry King retired, he’d bring on Michael Jackson “[Larry King voice] Albuquerque, go ahead…” caller says “Michael I love you!!” and Michael says “I love you” ….heck, you could just sit there and take calls for an hour! Nobody is going to turn it off!!

I mean, Tebow is a dream!! You don’t even have to work! Like I don’t expect to have an audience for because they think I’m always right (or to get paid in the media for being right for that matter), I’ll get paid and will have an audience for being interesting! And when I’m not or the media isn’t’…Tebow is interesting. Secondly, nobody hates Tebow…he’s like hating puppies! It’s hating a free ride to the airport from a friend, it’s hating ice cream in the summer…nobody hates Tebow! How do you hate Tebow?

If somebody said to you “I hate Tebow” I’ll literally think “buddy, you’ve got a screw loose” If you came up to me and said “I hate Tebow!”If I had kids, I’d move them away from you. Broadcasters don’t hate Tim…they’re all lazy! He gives them a great segment, he gives them a great hour, he gives them a tune-in and he’s the nicest kid in the world. Did you hear him after the game Thursday night? Like, how in the world do you hate this guy…so he’s talking after the game Thursday night, about former ESPN analyst and former Eagle Hue Douglas saying “I probably will tweet Hue Douglas because I did hear that he said that if – and let me get it right, that if we won, he was going to church on Sunday! So I’m going to tweet him…he better be in his Sunday vest, so…I hope he can sing praise and worship too so, we’ll see.” Like how do you hate that?

 NFL people and the media may be arrogant and may be cynical. They don’t believe Tim and the options are sustainable …long-term, but that’s about it! That’s all they believe! Sometimes it feels personal because maybe you’re a Christian and you’re a Denver fan and you combine the Christianity and Denver and he’s your guy…nobody in their right mind can hate Tebow.

Listen, for the record Denver had eight 3 and out’s, 6 first downs until the final drive. This offense – even when it wins is awful! But fans are fanatics, they live in the moment…. and today, Tebow fans are saying “We’re right!! Andrew, we’re right!!” Well you weren’t right when Wade Philips went 13-3 in Dallas? And I didn’t like him then! Norf Turner went 13-3 in San Diego! Yet I still call for his head this very day. Vince Young went 30-17 and for 3 years “.com” investors all thought they were rich. The answers in life don’t always come immediately…it’s about perspective and patience. I’ve never been a day trader and I never will. But I’ve been investing in the market for 5 years and my dad for 25 years. Remember after October 08? “The end of capitalism is here! Wall Street is over!!!” and many people sold their 401K’s

As strongly as Tebow believes in his faith is as strongly as I believe that Tebow is limited, long-term, as an NFL quarterback. Don’t confuse a great story and a great kid with a great quarterback! Eight 3 and out’s, 6 first downs and couldn’t move the ball until the Jets put in the prevent defense, which as the old cliché goes “it just prevents winning”

He is the opposite of Jay Cutler, he smiles every time we see him! He seems to be having more fun than any of us. He’s humble and likeable and an A+ human being. That is really inspiring!! In a country with social questions, economic stigma’s most of us just don’t get. It’s a confusing world yet Tim makes it simple. “I love God, I love my parents, I love football” In a sport with a sporting galaxy – where NBA players, who are averaging $5.1 million per player want more money…Tim Tebow just wants a chance! And to me, that is incredibly powerful!!

In a sports world of greed…like we’ve got a stories on a Syracuse basketball coach with inappropriate behavior, we have a plane crash on Friday…where somebody died from Oklahoma States’ prestigious athletic department, greedy athlete’s, ticket prices are threw the roof…Tim Tebow just wants a chance! It’s incredibly watchable…nobody hates him! If you do and you’re in the media…you’re an idiot!! He’s absolutely gold! You get one of these a decade. We just don’t get Tim Tebow’s in this type of business every time.

Don’t confuse a great story for a great kid and a great kid for a great quarterback. I am still not a believer in Wade Philips, Vince Young, Norf Turner or long-term, Tim Tebow! But it is fun to watch!! And then you start hearing stuff like magic and all. Never forget that David Blaine doesn’t really levitate and David Copperfield did not make the statue of liberty disappear and nobody really gets sawed in half…okay? Magic is explainable. In both the Miami and Jets games, the Jets held the Broncos in check for 54:06, how? A base 3-4 defense! But the Jets strayed from that formula on the final 12 plays when they put an extra DB into the game. Remember, nobody really levitates! It’s not really magic…it’s explainable.

I’m not here to break your heart or kill your story…but it’s really explainable. Both the Dolphins and the Jets did the exact same thing. And in this league, which is offensive motivated and offense-generated, you give a team the ball; in a prevent defense with a minute and a half…you are begging to get beat.

Tim is even handling his meteoric success well. You know, Thursday night he’s talking about building a hospital in the Philippines and how that’s far more important that winning a football game. I mean, he’s just incredibly refreshing!


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