Tim Tebow Is The Luckiest Guy In The World….Literally!!

Posted: November 21, 2011 in NFL

So yesterday Jay Cutler gets hurt for the Bears and all I can think about is “Tebow is the luckiest guy in the world!” Think about this…So Tebow is awful against the Miami Dolphins – I mean like, vomit in your mouth bad! End of the game, Miami wasn’t in the groove – special teams, Denver recovers an on-side kick, tebow get‘s a chance…they win the game! I mean…come on!! There was definitely some luck involved with that – Denver recovers an on-side kick.

Then, who did they play next? The Raiders – who had just lost their quarterback for the year and Darren McFadden is out the week Tebow plays then…they are now 2-0. Then they played lousy Kansas City – but that’s not luck, Kansas City is that bad. Then they get the Jets, coming off the shortest turnaround that the NFL allows where they played a Sunday late night divisional rivalry game on the east coast. They get one day of practice and then have to fly out to Denver – high altitude, and they fall a part in the end.

If you go look at Denver’s schedule – now Jay Cutler is out!! They also have to go to San Diego, where I think that team has literally decided to quit on Norf Turner. Then they go to Minnesota, where they have the worst offense in the league. Only New England – and watch something happen to Brady the week before they face them. Now, Tebow winning is like Buffalo winning in the first month, you know it had very little sustainability, you knew Buffalo couldn’t win long-term, you know they don’t have really good players, you knew that Tebow would eventually have to throw the ball forward to win big in this league.

So either with Buffalo or Tebow there is a ton of sustainability – the suckers bought Buffalo and bought into Tebow, but you know what? You can go some ways in terms of breaks and scheduling. I mean, Buffalo led the AFC East for a while on scheduling. They were at 5-2 right? Late October they were tied for the lead in the AFC East. SO I look at this thing with Tebow and god I love the kid but – and now, to even show more luck, the Raiders get no breaks.

They have to go to Miami who are now red hot, to Green Bay, they face a Detroit that is now finally healthy…it’s like Tebow is…my gut feeling today is that Tebow and Denver, in that division, don’t have the talent of the Raiders, but it seems to me that Tebow and the Broncos know what they are.


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