How The Landscape of The NFL Is Shaping Up!

Posted: November 22, 2011 in NFL

So if you look at the NFL right now – it’s starting to take some real shape. It looks like the Patriots have got the division. Houston has got problems at quarterback but it’s better than Tennessee, Jacksonville and Indianapolis at quarterback. Matt Leinhart should be able to coast this team to the division title, it looks like the Packers and the Niner’s are home free. It looks like 4 divisions right now is wrapped up and then you also have some real tussles. Giants/Cowboys, Ravens/Steelers/Bengals and Saints/Falcons …you’ve got some real tussles going on.

But what I want to begin today with, is that I want to ask every sports fan to eliminate their favourite team…they don’t exist. As well, to eliminate your least favourite team…they don’t exist. So if you live in LA? Take out USC and take out UCLA. If you live in Pittsburgh, take out the Steelers and take out the Ravens. If you live in Chicago, take out the Packers and take out the Bears.

When fans do that – you’re all so smart, it’s amazing. But the problem is, you can’t do that. The problem is also that 90% of your time is spent worrying about your favourite team and your least favourite team. It’s why I have something that many of you don’t…it’s not knowledge; you guys have a lot of that. It’s discernment.

So if you take out your least favourite and favourite team…you are me! But fans can’t do that. Fans overwhelmingly obsess about their favourite team – the Buckeyes and their least favourite team, Michigan…and then you all go screwy. There are two things that make smart guys stupid! Sports and gorgeous women! We just do really stupid things.

So I’m watching this weekend – and to be honest, the answers are all right in front of you…but yet we struggle with them. Come on Cowboy fan! Everybody except you knew that Wade Philips was a marshmallow with a headset…we all knew it 4 years ago! Everybody outside of Denver knows that Tim Tebow is very limited. Everybody knows – who doesn’t love the Cowboys or hate the Cowboys, Tony Romo is really good. Is he Aaron Rogers or Brady? No…but he’s really really good.

So I’m watching the Bears beat San Diego Sunday night and doesn’t everybody who either loves the Chargers or hate the Chargers see that Norf Turner is awful? I mean, unless you’re a Charger fan or you’re a Raider fan who loves the Chargers – again, my number #1 rule, take out your favourite team and least favourite team. Sports answers are all right in front of you.

I’m not talking about picking games against the spread – by the way, I went 4-0-1, I’m not 34-20 on the year, I’m not talking about that. Emotion gets in the way of all these easy answers. So I feel that this morning there is just a few things that I need to say and your going to have to “get over it”. Lane Kiffin is a great coach, he’s not good….he’s exceptional, get over it!! Tony Romo can really play…get over it!! Norf Turner stinks…get over it!! Brady is better than your quarterback…get over it!! The guy who was pre-Lane Kiffin and Bobby Baterino, who ditched his school? He can coach too…get over it!!

When you look at the NFL and college right now – oh by the way, here is another one. That BCS system…it’s fine!! It’s given us for 10 straight years the right two teams. Quit making up scenarios in which it won’t work, let it play itself out and it will work. We’ll get LSU and Alabama – the best two teams in the country for the last 2 months and we’ve all known it. Quit making up boggy men “well if this happens…” it hasn’t! Let it play out.

So when you start looking at all these things in the NFL and college that are happening, you’ll knew they were going to happen, but we all got emotionally verclimped, we got all tied to stuff and we went haywire! No reasonable person thinks that Tebow is even in Tony Romo’s league…come on!! Tony Romo – I mean, I was doing yard work with my dad on Sunday and wasn’t paying attention, but apparently he was great again on Sunday. What Romo did on Sunday, 3rd down …but you might say “well it was only against the Redskins” who cares! It was a divisional rivalry game. I mean, the number #1 rule in Vegas “take home underdogs in division rivalry games” Romo is really good and if there are 1600 NFL players in this league and you were a GM and you had to start picking them… he’d probably be the 8th or 9th guy you took in the league. You wouldn’t take a receiver, there’s dozens of them! There’s not dozens of good quarterbacks in this league…look around! Good Lord, go look at the AFC West or the NFC West. How many great quarterbacks in those divisions? There is not many!!

So if you take out Brady and Rogers of the 1600 players…I got news for you, your blinded by emotion if you don’t see that Tony Romo is one of the next 6  or 7 guys you take in this league! He’s really good! He’s the only guy in this league who plays like Aaron Rogers. He’s not Aaron Rogers of course, but he plays like him. He can throw darts in the pocket, he can buy time, he throws it very well running, he may be a poor man’s Aaron Rogers but he’s a rich man’s Mark Sanchez. He’s somewhere in between and that somewhere is really good. Sanchez himself has gotten to back to back AFC championships…so “get over it!” All the numbers tell you everything: 18-2 Tony Romo in November, 4th quarter and overtime quarterback rating has been the highest in the league since 2006…he’s good!! Nobody is saying that he’s Aaron or Brady…who is?

So anyways, I went 4-0-1 this past weekend and my picks are 34-20 for the year – I’ve been trying to figure out the “Suerte Cinco” picks though I’m not sure, because I normally release them every Friday. But should I move them up to Wednesday? I mean like, why not!! Let’s do these “Suerte Cinco” picks on Wednesday starting next week earliest 7pm EST. So basically for that, I gotta be home on Monday early get all the lines and figure them out on the Tuesday and then unleash them on Wednesday…but it’s all good stuff!


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