Presenting The Next Head Coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes…Urban Meyer!

Posted: November 23, 2011 in NFL

The first story today – and this is something that has been in the works for like weeks and months now, is that Urban Meyers is going to become the next head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now this is just according to what my research has led me to believe. I read that he was calling the Buckeyes – the legendary Buckeyes, over the last week. He wanted to make sure that the entire family was in and that he was going to need their support. He’s basically, through agents and different connections…he’s setting it up! He doesn’t want to talk about it out of respect for the fans and out of respect to Luke Fickle – who he, by the way, is going to keep on the staff, which I think is awesome!

Listen; here is the way it works. Christmas isn’t until December 25th, you don’t want to talk about it until then with your kids or family members on what they’re getting, but the present is already made, the present is already wrapped – it’s the same thing! It’s a done deal! Nobody is going to talk about it; Urban isn’t going to talk about it because he doesn’t want it to be a distraction. Ohio State plays Michigan @ Michigan as a touchdown dog this weekend, I totally get it. He’s going to go to the SEC and take a couple of co-ordinators from there, it’s all done. In my opinion – I think ethically and morally, Urban doesn’t want to sign on it until after the Michigan/Ohio State game because 10 years from now, he doesn’t want anyone to say to him “see you signed on…” he’s going to wait until the game is over before he signs the deal.

But, you know, the infrastructure is in place, he’s setting up his coaching staff and it’s going to be great! Now Ohio State fans have absolutely no perspective (including myself I guess) so I’ll try to add some. He will dominate the Big Ten, much like Nick Saben is doing in the SEC. Now, it doesn’t mean that he’ll go undefeated every single year. Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin have very good coaches and infrastructures and at least at home, they’ll be able to beat Ohio State. If you lose a game in the Big 10, which is not even close to the SEC, in my opinion, and not as good as the PAC-10 or the Big 12, then you’re not getting to the National Championship game. What Urban Meyers really translates into is dominating the Big 10 – losing occasionally, but dominating the Big 10…and I think he will.

Now, the SEC is not going to get any worse because they still recruit better players in more talent recruiting areas…USC is back baby! Oklahoma is too! Oklahoma has to win 1 or 2 big games a year and they’re in. While Ohio State is going to have to win 3 or 4, so USC has got to beat Oregon – other than that, they always have better players than everyone else in the PAC-10. If USC goes unbeaten, I’ve got news for you, they’re getting in. So this doesn’t mean that Ohio State is going to National Championship games every single year. What it means is that for the next 10 years, they’re going to win a lot of football games, they’re going to get to a lot of BCS bowls, and they’re going to get to National Championship games very regularly. But you know Buckeye fan, with zero perspective, has them going to the next 9 National Championships and that’s simply not the case.

Urban Meyers is fantastic! Listen, God doesn’t make you great ever at 3 things, rarely at 2 things, generally at one thing. He’s a great football coach, he’s okay on television, but he’s a great football coach. The most impressive thing he’s ever done is that he rebuilt 3 programs. His record in college football is 104-23, 7-1 in bowls…and that’s rebuilding. Fans and media often confuse records. Bill Parcell has only won 56% of his games in the NFL, but he took over rebuilding jobs. Wade Philips has a higher winning percentage than Bill Parcells…don’t be confused by that. He took over 3 really really messed up programs. Bowling Green was a mess at 2-9, then the next year their 8-3. Utah was sub.500 in a crappy conference, the next year; they’re 10-2 and then 12-0 the following year. Florida was a mess at 7-5, Ron Zook took over for Spurrier, couldn’t get it done.

Within 2 years, they’re playing for the National Championship. He won before Tebow, won during Tebow, he won after Tebow. His last year at Florida unraveled; he had major health issues and his coaching staff left for better jobs. That’s one of the vagaries of building a national power, you lose top assistance. Ask Mac Brown…it happens! But Urban Meyer will eventually be the coach at Ohio State because he’s a really classy guy, he’s not going to sign that contract until after Ohio State/Michigan battle this weekend. He doesn’t want to be a part of that; he’s not going to sign it. A lot of times in life folks, stuff is going to happen, you’re going to get a divorce, you don’t have to have it on paper…it’s understood.

I think it’s – as I’ve said for years, I like national powers. I don’t want TCU playing Hawaii in a bowl game. I want Ohio State to be great,  USC to be great, Oklahoma to be great, Alabama to be great, Virginia Tech to be great…I like national powers, so for me, this is great! We get the Buckeyes and Michigan – both appear to have great coaches right now. I mean it looks like Michigan and Ohio State – the rivalry is back and it’s awesome!! You know, I don’t want the Orioles winning the American League East, I want the Yankees and the Red Sox’s to be battling it out, that’s why I’m a proponent of the Wild Card. So if the Red Sox’s go into the toilet – like this year, they’d still make the playoffs. I want more opportunities for more great BCS bowls, World Series, NFL playoffs…I want the legends in the game. Think I’m wrong? How’s golf been without Tiger? Not very interesting at all which is why College Football is better when Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama are good…that’s what I like!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    He has a history of quitting prematurely and citing health and family reasons. Let’s see if he can make it the trifecta.

  2. Mike Crack says:

    I agree. It’s nice to have the traditional powers dominate. I’d like to see Michigan and Ohio State be the focus again. At the same time, it’s nice to see smaller schools come up every now and then. But only in moderation, which makes their stories much more special.

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