Why Tim Tebow Is Still Not My Quarterback….But Put’s Denver On The National Spotlight!

Posted: December 1, 2011 in NFL

I do believe that it’s – again, this doesn’t change my opinion about Tim Tebow long-term, he’s not my kind of quarterback. Like I mean, in the last 3 games he hasn’t completed more than 10 passes…it’s just simply not my style. But I was thinking about it – and remember, he’s in the AFC West. You’ve got poorly run Oakland, strangely run San Diego and Kansas City has got average personnel.  If Tebow can go 9-7 annually and be in the playoff race – and in that lousy division you can be, as an owner…that is very interesting. 

Remember this, Denver isn’t a championship city – it doesn’t have a super intense media, they don’t have super intense high expectations. There’s more of a West Coast sensibility to Denver. Out West, outside of Laker fan and USC fan, being good is good enough. Denver to the west, I counted this morning, there are 26 professional teams. Only 1 – the Lakers, demand championship…only 1. The West Coast – Denver to the west does not demand championships.

USC football will fire you 3 years in, if you’re not winning them or getting them really close. The Lakers will fire you in 2 years if you’re not winning them or getting close –that’s how they do it in New York, Boston, Philadelphia…how they do it in the SEC, how they do it in the Big East and the ACC in basketball. That’s not how they do it out west , big space, lot’s of land, few people, lot’s of mountains, outdoors, better weather, no winters, no humidity, it’s an outdoor living sensibility, it’s a “let’s have perspective” region. People move out west to retire, to chill out and not to be intense but just the opposite.

So outside of the Lakers and USC, you’re not going to win championships! Now John Elway wants to win them championships and John Fox does as well – they’re employees, the owner is Pat Bowlen, so to be 9-7 and hover with that record for 6 or 7 years with Tebow – and by the way, Tebow makes you a national team. You could have a better quarterback than Tebow, but Denver is isolated! Denver is an isolated city…it’s in the mountains okay!! It really is.

So for the owner of that team, they can be a national team that helps with merchandising, I’m on television every  week , I’m selling a ton of shirts, vests, helmets, jerseys…I’m a national team…and I’m competitive! So in a dysfunctional AFC West where the Raiders aren’t particularly well run, the Chargers aren’t particularly well run and Kansas City doesn’t have a history in the last two decades of being championship material.

I gotta tell you, I think Pat Bowlen is sitting there in his office thinking “there is only one way were a national team, and that’s with Tim Tebow. I’m getting on Monday Night Football 4x a season, I’m getting on Sunday night football and on ABC 4x. I’m not getting that if I’m getting Matt Barkley at USC. I’m back to just being a good football team.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    You make some good points. The marketability factor of Tebow is huge. If they can keep magically winning, then they;d get the best of both worlds.

    What’s very interesting is that today’s Broncos-Vikings game was the major 1pm game for FOX. Falcons-Texans featured two teams that are better and actually have shots at their divisions. Broncos-Vikings featured a hot team, but the Vikes are done. Tebowmania has taken over. It’s unfortunate though that their defensive play has snuck under the radar, though. Today they didn’t play that well, but they still managed a pick six and were playing without arguably their best defensive player, Von Miller.

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