Week # 13 Moneymaker Picks in The NFL

Posted: December 4, 2011 in NFL

Atlanta v Houston

You’ve got the Falcons at the Texans, Atlanta -3. The Texans have beaten some ordinary teams this year like Cleveland, Tennessee, Tampa , Indianapolis, Jacksonville twice…good luck beating a healthy, hot and rolling Atlanta team with a 3rd string quarterback, T.J Yates. Basically the Texans now have no downfield passing attack. Even though they have match up advantages on the outside against Atlanta, T.J. Yates is not going to be able to get the ball to those players. The Falcons have also shown a real maturity on the road by winning their last 3 road games. You have a huge advantage, to me, with special teams? Atlanta, quarterback? Atlanta. The thing that Houston could do – if Matt Schwab was healthy, you can’t do this week. Swallow the 3 points, I get a team playing for – this is right now, Atlanta has got to win out because New Orleans isn’t losing, you’re talking about a team that needs to win every week. Atlanta 28-10, swallow the points.


Dallas vs. Arizona

It’s a weird line, which scares me, but the Cowboys are at -4. Arizona is a mess at quarterback. John Skelton is not really an elite starter, I’m not even sure he’s a starter and Kevin Kolb may play – but if he comes back, he’ll be rusty and he wasn’t much to begin with. Huge advantages for the cowboys at quarterback, offensive line and defensive line. Dallas has been running the ball with DeMarco Murray, about 40% of the time – that a very balanced NFL attack in 2011. That allows Tony Romo to throw on play action. One of the Dallas Cowboys’ biggest problems this year is redzone defense. Again, their problem won’t be a problem because Arizona won’t be in the redzone much. The Cardinals have struggled to protect their quarterback, which is bad news against DeMarcus Ware and Dallas. One of the best pass rushes in the NFL. So Arizona, to account for that, is going to go for double tight ends and chip full back blocking…what does that do? Is makes your offense – which is vanilla ice to begin with, even more vanilla ice. Keeping guys around the quarterback. This just looks like a football game in which  I get huge advantages in the trenches, at quarterback and a team playing to win the division. Swallow the 4 ½ points, Dallas 27-17.


Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

 You know a lot of people like the Steelers because Cincinnati is banged up, but don’t forget that the Bengals get 7 points here and all 4 of their losses have been against teams with winning records. Now I know that Cincinnati’s banged up, but so it Big Ben, who left practice Thursday with an aggrevated thumb, that means they’ll try to run the football….good luck! Cincinnati’s running defense is absolutely excellent. Troy Palumaleu, concussion like symptoms against the Chiefs…it not at 100%. Pittsburgh’s also one of the sloppiest  teams in the league at -8 in turnovers. Nobody except 3 other teams in this league, has fumbled more in this league than the Steelers this year, they’re going to have to rely on the run with Big Ben thumb and I just don’t see it happening. As well, A.J. Green has a huge advantage over Taylor on the outside for Cincinnati, it’ll be cold but it will be clear and not that windy. Dalton can throw the ball


Vikings (-1.5) vs                Broncos

[check back later for info]


Redskins (+3) over Jets


[check back later for info]


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