The New York Mets Deserve Our Respect…It’s Never A Bad Move In Life to NOT Sign A Horrible Contract!

Posted: December 6, 2011 in MLB

It’s funny – so Jose Reyes, and I’m not gonna spend too much time on this, but Jose Reyes is a shortstop for the Mets who had an amazing year last year. So he just signed with the Miami Marlins for 6 years over $100 million and people are honestly going to – if not already, freaking out in New York and say “oh my god, we let him go…” are you kidding me? Listen, it’s never a bad move in life, to NOT sign a horrible contract.

So Jose finally has a great year – in his contract year that is, let the Miami Marlins fall for that. A) He’s always hurt. B) His game is almost always predicated on speed and he’s getting older. C) Name another gigantic long-term deal that’s actually worked out? I’d argue that other than C.C. Sabathia – and that only makes sense monetarily because of the Yankee’s gigantic revenue stream – which the Mets don’t have despite being from the same city, because they Yankees make like $400 million on their cable deal every season, there is not a single long-term deal out there that makes any sense. Like the minute the Yankee’s signed the A-rod deal, they regretted it!

Go look at Jose Reyes’ numbers, let’s look at his stolen base numbers – 64, 78, 11, 30, 39…they’re going in the wrong direction! He’s a .270 hitter, .280, .290, .282, .280 and then in his contract year .337…why? because he obviously knew he was seeking a gigantic cheque and he’s one of the most selfish guys in baseball who sat – remember, he took himself out of a game, to win the batting title! I mean like the Mets have signed about 9 long-term deals! And they’ve all been terrible by the 3rd year…often by the 2nd such as Jason Bay, Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez…by the 2nd or 3rd year your like “what are we doing?”

This guy, self absorbed, selfish…let him go to Florida and by the 2nd year, they’ll be eating his contract too. It’s amazing!! Like if he’s so valuable – and he just had an amazing year and the Mets finished like 8 games under .500, in a division that includes teams you should pumble. I’ve said it a 100x before – if you’re a guy reading this and let’s say that a woman, for 8 years, treats you okay – inconsistent, not there for you, won’t play hurt. Then, let’s say you promise her a potential engagement ring in 6 months and then for the next 6 months, she’s gold!! Takes you to the airport, has got your back…do you really think that’s who she is? No! she’s doing it because what she can see in the future…the ring!

Jose Reyes saw the ring, he saw the big contract “I’m going to play through pain, I’m going to give you guys everything” that’s not who this guy is!! He is the classic Rashed Wallace – plays great for the contract, then gets it and goes into the tank! But the idea that the Mets are letting a star go – like I’m just looking at a list of the last 4 gigantic contracts the Marlins have offered: Carlos Delgado, Charles Johnson, Alex Fernandez…pfft, how did any of those turn out? Here’s the last 4 the Mets have done:  Jason Bay, Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, Carlos Delgado….how did those work out? The big contract guy is over-rated. ESPN MLB Analyst Buster Onley said on Sportscenter yesterday, the Mets had a certain number in mind for Reyes “they had thought a couple of months ago that there was a chance that Reyes was going to leave them. That they felt comfortably within their organization about offering him about 5 years $80million dollars and they thought that if someone blew them out of the water, that they would not compete with that…it looks like it’s going to be a long year in Queen’s”

You know what? That’s how you do business! The Mets had a basic number, they were not going to change their number based on somebody else’s opinion…that’s how you do a business! They said “listen, we’ll give you 5 years – it’s probably a year more than what we want, we’d rather give you  4 years, because we don’t want you to be in your mid-30’s by the end of the deal. We’ll give you 5 and $85 million” Well, the Marlins gave him $20 million more than that – it’s a classic example, like the Mets, give them credit. That for the first time as I can remember, they are not reacting to the Yankees nor to the market. They had a number, it was set in stone, and they weren’t going to budge off of it. I think 5 years $85 million is generous for Jose Reyes…that is generous! For a selfish lead-off hitter who is often hurt? And declining in speed?

The Marlin on the other hand, they’ve gotta sell seats. They’ve got a new stadium they have increased revenue – for them it makes more sense, but even for them I think they oversold it. But they’ll make Reyes the star of the team –unless Pujol’s follows him there, with Ozzie Guillen at the helm, it’ll be exciting and fun, he’ll run like crazy….stop crushing people who deserve our respect!! The Mets deserve our respect this morning. Believe me, the Mets don’t deserve it much – but in this instance, they are being prudent.


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