Tim Tebow Is A Revision of Michael Vick Last Year…Vick is Fool’s Gold And Tebow Will Be Fool’s Gold

Posted: December 6, 2011 in NFL

In pro sports, be dreadful or be great! Get championships or great draft picks…but nope! Most teams invariably get stuck right in the middle! Welcome to my life! But let’s talk about the more pertinent team…the Philadelphia Eagles. They lost last Thursday night and do you want to know why they lost? They lost because of Michael Vick! “But Andrew, he didn’t play Thursday night….” Exactly!!

A year ago, the parallels between Tebow and Michael Vick are shocking! A year ago, the world fell in love with Michael Vick and they fell in love with all the wrong things. I contend that it is still a “sit in the pocket” and “throw vertical” league…that’s what wins! Today you’re in love with Tebow – who doesn’t throw vertically, who would rather move out of the pocket…that’s today, that’s Tebow!  A year ago it was Michael Vick. Now Michael Vick – in his entire career in November, December and January – who is occasionally a healthy .500 quarterback, where maybe it’s the fantasy football numbers or maybe it’s because he’s super exciting. But listen; there are two sorts of fans, where one group has perspectives, the other group is prisoner of the moment and the prisoner of the moment fans love Tebow and they love Michael Vick. One season, in 9 years, Michael Vick has started and finished every game, 1 in 9. Favre went 20 years and didn’t miss a single start! Vick is pretty good in September and October but in November, December and January he is 1 game over .500 and occasionally not even there….worn down and beaten up. The teams he’s a part of have gone 7-9, 9-6, 5-11, 11-5, 8-8, 7-9, 10-6 and this puppy is now 4-8 and imploding fast!

It’s not just about the two teams that have given him $100 million dollar contracts…which are just staggering! That you would think to give Michael Vick – never an elite thinker, acknowledges “I don’t really like film” never an elite thrower like a Brady, Rodgers and Manning…but he’s never been a leader.  When you get a chance to see Michael Vick in person, there are two things that stand out at you:  how small he is and how quiet he is. You see Drew Brees walk into a room…he immediately owns it yet he’s like an inch taller than Michael Vick, who walks into a room and disappears into the wallpaper.

DeShawn Jackson Thursday night was ripping people after the game, practicing with defensive players before the game, running half routes, alligator arms…where is Michael Vick??? Jay Cutler is not playing for the Bears this week, yet has been quoted 8 times. Peyton Manning hasn’t played all year – yet is on the sidelines, next to the coaches, wearing a head set. Michael Vick is fool’s gold!! And the prisoner of the moment fans always get fooled and Tim Tebow is fool’s gold! Prisoner of the moment…but he win’s guys games. Mark my words folks, in a year, Denver are going to be a fraud Tebow is going to get hurt, he’s going to be sitting on the sidelines and he’s just going to be watching all the great action.

But I watched the Eagles Thursday night and see Denver now…somebody is going to link him to a gigantic deal, fall in love with things that don’t matter. What matters is…sit in the pocket, smart, read defenses, throw strikes down the field and be able to win blow outs, be able to win low scoring games, be able to throw intermediate balls, be able to throw deep balls and be able to stay healthy. Tebow won’t be able to and Vick just can’t! In fact, there was an article in October, in a Philadelphia newspaper that basically talked about how the biggest thing that they are missing in Philly is attitude. Yes, he throws for 400 yards and can run for 80 yards, but the leadership skills of Michael Vick are going nowhere fast. He’s a fantasy player’s best friend, but intangibles like leadership, ordering around teammates…it’s never there. He’s the anti-Ray Lewis. The most fired up we’ve seen Vick all season – and this is written in October, was at a press conference where he was complaining about refs.

So when I saw that game last Thursday, it’s Vick “yeah, but Andrew he didn’t play!” Exactly!! Where is he??? Two teams, $100 million dollar deal…where is he? He’s not leading, he’s not playing, and he’s not anywhere…good luck! And I’m telling you right now… you impulse, prisoner of the moment fans, in a year with Tebow, you’re going to be looking back and we’re all going to be laughing at you because they are averaging 16 a game – and if it wasn’t for Denver playing great defense, Tebow would be 1 and 5. But you can’t score on Denver right now…you can’t score on them!! And it also helps that they’re playing at home and that they’re playing some bad teams. It’s shocking!! So they gave Vick another $100 million dollar contract…it’s just absolutely shocking!!

I’m not saying this now…I said it a year ago, I said it a year ago with Vick when he was great on Monday Night Football and the world fell in love with him – it is fool’s gold. Here are the Eagles becoming a puddle, a mess and Desean Jackson apparently thinks he’s invisible. Desean! These games are televised right? You’re trying to get a huge contract right? So Desean Jackson – Long Beach kid, USC never went after him, there was always concerns about his attitude. So, he’s trying to get a big contract…but apparently he forgot that the games are televised. So he’s practicing before the game with defensive ends, he’s pouting on the sidelines and running at half speed….Desean!! These games are on television!!! Then after the game, he goes into the locker room Thursday night…again, he wants a huge contract….do you want this guy on your team?

A reporter asks him “speaking with your teammates, was there any communication issues?” and Desean goes “I don’t have to say anything or answer that kind of question, cause my teammates know what it is and I aint gotta answer your question” Another reporter asks him “were you frustrated Desean with losing…” Desean interrupts the reporter and says “frustrating with losing?? Of course! I have to be frustrated with it” Another reporter asks him “what changes do you happening so that you guys can turn this around?”  Desean “All I gotta say is that we gotta get out there and play for the pride of the Eagles and the name on the back of your jersey, if you can’t suck it up and play for that…than I don’t know what happens” Reporter asks “Desean, you were spotted hanging out with the defensive linemen before the game while the receivers were catching the passes…is that something normal you do?” Desean goes “listen, I’m not answering any of those tough questions okay, if you’re going to ask something about the game then go ahead, but most of your questions don’t even mean anything…next question!”…and this guy wants a gigantic contract?

Desean, do you think you’re invisible? What GM and coach wants that guy in their locker room? He just quit on his team last Thursday night…just quit!! Like is his agent talking to him? You should be doing the opposite “dude, get out there and play your tail off! You’re going to be a free agent” yet he goes the opposite way “I’m going to quit on national television” amazing!!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    The big difference between Vick last year and Tebow this year was Vick was actually throwing the ball and helping the Eagles put up lots of points. Vick has regressed this year, but so has the team in general. I think they win that game against Seattle if Vick were in. And Vick has improved in his film watching.

    As for Timmy T, yeah he’s going to have to improve. But, I do think we could be seeing an era where offensive coaches are more liberal in their game planning and offensive philosophy. In the summer, Chan Gailey said “Whether or not you want to believe, the college spread/offensive system is coming…” Had Cam Newton fallen to 3, the Bills would have taken him and I believe they would have tailored the offense to Newton’s strengths. With so many offenses geared up to stop passing attacks and not geared to stop the run, it’s so tough for them to adjust to the offense Denver is running. Will it last? I dunno, but if Tebow can improve his passing ability, then it’ll be incredibly hard to stop a multi-dimensional attack. I guess that goes without saying, though.

    I guess the key thing is whether one believes Tebow can improve as a passer, though.

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