More Thoughts On Tim Tebow And What To Make Of Ndamukong Suh !

Posted: December 8, 2011 in NFL

It’s funny you know these things with Tim Tebow – people are confusing reasonable criticism with hatred, especially on this blog. Like I sat and watched – well, almost the entire Denver game, I can’t watch Tebow in the first half. In the first half…it’s just awful! I thought Christian Ponder looked good, like he can really throw the ball and run and you can really build an offense around Christian Ponder – though I just don’t think that you can do it with Tebow…long-term. One of the numbers that I always give – and fans tend to be prisoners of the moment, is that Tim Tebow has had 5 comeback wins in his first 10 starts and people are like “omg, only Elway has done that…” No, you know who did that? Tim Tebow tied a record held by Scott Brunner and Mark Wilson….settle down people!

Every time that people are prisoners of the moment…they are like 0 for 800. You’ve never been right when you’re a prisoner of the moment…it never wins on this blog…ever! With no exception. There has never been a time where overly zealous fans have over-reacted to an initial uprising or a gain…and you’ve been right. Quite frankly, you won’t miss one…because if you give the league a while to figure out the assignments and alignments – like even thought Tim is improving, there are some limitations I do believe. But he is improving and it’s fun to watch, but there is absolutely no hatred here.

Rush Limbaugh was apparently reading an article on Tuesday on his show and mentioned Tebow by name, that there are some who don’t like him because of his faith…I honestly couldn’t even give a rip, I don’t even know what 99% of the athlete’s faith is – now, Tim Tebow wears his on his sleeve. Like I mean, I’m sure he’s a really nice guy and perhaps 100% genuine, that there is not a fake bone in his body…I don’t care what guys’ faith are, at least Tebow is honest about his. He’s not like one of these Sammy Sosa’s…going up to the plate and giving the catholic sign and then he’s using corked bats and it being deceptive to fans, deceptive to ownership…that’s what I have a problem with.

 The other thing that I have a problem with is Ndamukong Suh…dirty player, fact! Dishonest guy, fact! He’s quickly becoming what the NFL does not want, fact! First off, multiple cheap shots on camera, fact. Head stomp on camera, fact! Lied about it on camera, fact! Car wreck…tells girl your fine and ends up at the hospital, fact! Multiple witnesses and had to amend the police report in Portland, Oregon over the weekend, fact! He goes to the hospital, fact! Former college teammate who is now in the NFL, calls him a “psycho”, fact! Former teammates say that Suh had anger issues and was not well liked at Nebraska, fact! Had a similar car accident, allegedly, two years ago…can’t trace that as fact. So like, we love this guy and we hate Lebron.

Like right now, we know that he is dishonest, we know he’s dangerous and we know that he’s a cheap shot artist. It’s one of those things where “well, he’s soft spoken and he’s articulate…” well, I’ve got news for you…nobody ever knows who the bad guy is until he’s the bad guy. I mean, even serial killers “I swear to god…I had no idea he was cutting people’s heads off. I lived next to him for 48 years, he works at the post office.” I mean, just because somebody has a soft voice and they are articulate, doesn’t mean that they can’t be a bad guy. There are all sorts of bad people in society who can manipulate it and fake it.

But if I’m Subway sandwiches or Chrysler …I don’t want any part of this guy! Like Mike Tyson, out of the ring, was polite, soft-spoken and playing with pigeons. Inside the ring, he was like criminal…biting people’s ears. So for Ndamukong Suh…it’s ugly!! He has fallen through the floor. Form most liked guy in the league, to just absolutely lying and dishonest and cheap! So, unless you live in Michigan and unless you’re a die-hard Lions fan, no reasonable person can watch the video tape of Ndamukong Suh and defend that!! You just can’t!! I mean, even the league – who would love for him to play, kicked him out of the league for two games…just kicked him out of the league!

Listen, nobody is disputing that Ndamukong Suh is a good football player…nobody is disputing that! But now, your finding him – like this past weekend in Portland, he gets into a car wreck, lies to the cops, says everybody is okay, two woman end up in the hospital – one does and one becomes a witness. Like, now your involving citizens! If you want to be a cuck on the field , I don’t agree with it but  people can be cuck’s on the field…but now you’re dealing with citizens, regular people…citizens, witnesses, lying to cops…you’ve gone to a really dark place.


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