Albert Pujols: 10 years/ $250 Million Dollars! Perhaps The Dumbest Contract Ever Signed!

Posted: December 9, 2011 in MLB

So Buster Onley broke the news early this morning that Albert Pujols was going to take the Angels’ offer – 10 years/ $250 million dollars….perhaps the dumbest contract ever signed…and I’ll explain why. So Shane Battier is going to the Miami Heat and Albert Pujols, will not only go to the Angels, but he’ll buy the American League West. Arte Moreno bought that franchise for $183 million dollars and is now going to pay, one player, $70 million more than that…ahh Angels!

You know what happens in life – this is why Vegas is such a dangerous place. You have to be careful in life, when going to places, where you can dramatically change. Like you can take a business man, a husband, a father of three…he goes to Vegas, he’s around the baby dolls and stays up til 3am in the morning – which he never does back in Dayton, Ohio…has a couple of cocktails and suddenly he’s like “hey…how you doing baby…hey hey…” you sell life insurance back in Dayton, Ohio…go back to your room and fall asleep! Vegas is the one place in North America…where people change, where they forget who they are…and the Angles have now forgotten who they are.

So you go to the baseball meetings – and you know, baseball can be kinda sleepy, and you get all the TV cameras and have all the exec’s there, your high fiving, your having Budweiser’s, your eating steak dinners and then all of a sudden, agents start comparing each other and you get all worked up…you wake up and then you’re like “what the hell did we do? We just spent $250 million on Albert Pujols…holy mother of franchise money!!”

So I got a really close buddy, whom I still am housemates with – since 2007, and I always tell him “dude, you’ve gotta have a strong inner-scoreboard in life! You gotta know who you are” Like my dad, when going through his mid-life crisis…he never had a mid-life crisis car, or a second car, or a vacation home, or a Rolex watch, or has ever had all the digit toys, or purchased jet skis…he’s missed out on a lot of things in his life, that are probably a lot of fun, that he could obviously afford…yet the guys who make less, have tons of these things.

But you have to put a value on the things are important and you have to know who you are. People go to Vegas for a weekend walk by a jewelry store, they see a pretty girl, they get into relationships – they’re trying to impress the hot chick…and you forget who you are! Listen, the Angels have not done a thing at these winter meetings of note…like at this level of movement in the last couple of years, from what I can recall. I’ve been critical of them in the past for not stepping up…but I think – and I said this, the St. Louis Cardinals, over 2 or 3 days, just forgot who they are. Now the Angels, who’ve always been smartly run, just spent $25 million a year…for a guy who in his last 5 years of his contract, will be in his 40’s because Albert is turning 32 in January…wink wink, nudge nudge.

Listen, the Angels have passed on a million deals just like this one. Like they got into the Carl Crawford thing last year and passed. Short-term, in Southern California where it’s 43% Latino…you can make money on Albert Pujols. But here’s the thing with the Angels, just like the Cardinals….they don’t need Albert Pujols to sell the stadium out because the Angels draw very well and the Cardinals draw very well. For the Marlins, I understood it…I sorta said this to a baseball buddy I speak to often…I got it for about 4 years. If you could keep Albert for 4 years, perhaps have some Latino businesses become naming rights sponsors…then you could trade him after 4 or 5 years. That’s why the Marlins stood firm, where they would not create a deal without a trade clause. They didn’t want Albert for 10 years; they wanted him for 4 to open the stadium.

So I can imagine how everybody was today in Los Angeles…overwhelmingly happy, it’s unbelievable!! I think for 3 or 4 years, you’ll get a real pop out of this trade. Terry Francona, ESPN MLB Analyst, said this yesterday “As a manager, if you’re telling me that I was going to have to Albert Pujols in my lineup…I’d be thrilled! But as an organization, you’re looking at guy that is 32 years old – and there is a reason that we’re talking about this, because he may be the best hitter in baseball today [Jose Bautista I think can give him a run for his money] there is not getting around that, but the risk for the organization is so tremendous. Like, you look at these contracts…there is so much downside to this and if it doesn’t work, your knocking the organization back years!”

It’s interesting because I read the LA Times this morning – Mike DiGiovanna, he said that “the contracts of Tori Hunter and Bobby Abreu expire after 2012…” yeah great, but then you don’t have a center fielder! So, you can say to yourself “well if I sell this and sell that…and sell this, I can afford a Lamborghni. Yes! If I sell off my children and if I sell my first car, if I sell my life insurance policy…” yeah, but you need all those things! Listen, Tori Hunter? We’ll get rid of him…yeah, but then who’s going to play center field? Cause he’s a hell of a center fielder. Bobby Abreu has been a nice stick for you, Vernon Wells is hot and cold…you wish his contract came off the books!

So Shane Battier is going to the Miami Heat…I think it’s a huge huge pick up for the Heat! He is perfect with Pat Riley and Erick Spolstra – I thought initially that that was the signing of the day! Battier making $80 bucks going to the Heat…noo, it’s Pujols, then as I was writing this sources say Chris Paul had been dealt the to the Lakers in a 3 team trade…then a few hours later, the NBA blocks off the deal. SO you can be sure to expect a rant on this topic and my “Suerte Cinco” picks for Week #14 of the NFL, stay tuned!


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